Cool Valorant Crosshairs New Profile Codes + Circle Crosshair Settings

When you have a good aim, all you need to have is a crosshair that can do justice to your abilities. The Cool Valorant Crosshair that we have for you can help you get the kills and more!

Check out all our Funny and New Crosshair Codes below with
our Circle Valorant Crosshair Profile Codes for you!

cool valorant crosshair

Funny, Good, New Cool Valorant Crosshairs Profile Code

The FPS game experience comes alive when your shots can connect well. So, we have a list of funny Valorant crosshairs that you can try to bring some novelty to your games and match rounds.

Check out all our new and cool Valorant Crosshair settings codes below.

1. Knights Templar Crosshair Code

The best Valorant crosshairs can also be big, and the Knights Templar is one of them. Try out this big crosshair or shrink it to your preferred size. It’s good for use with Spectre, Guardian, Ghost, Bucky, Shorty, and Judge. Look extra cool if you get enemy kills by one tap with Vandal using this crosshair!

Knights Templar Crosshair Code


2. Big Fish New Crosshair Code

Appear like you are, the FPS aim god with the Big Fish Valorant Crosshair. It is similar to what you can see in aerial drones and jets from games like Call of Duty. Its firing error further gets you more feedback for every bullet that you shoot, giving you a true-to-life FPS feeling.

Big Fish New Crosshair Code


3. MS Paint Eraser Crosshair Code

If you are from the 90’s, you need no introduction to MS Paint. Its eraser or rubber was fun to use for most, which can be enlarged to your desire. Now, you can have it by the mercy of Riot in your Valorant games and match rounds. It may be far from a good Valorant crosshair, but it is good for when you use lineups. Erase them all!

MS Paint Eraser Crosshair Code


funny eraser valorant crosshair

4. Large Fractal Crosshair Code

In the list of the cool dot crosshair Valorant players use, the mention of the large fractal is vital. It’s odd, but the symmetric shape is perfect for the one taps or to let loose like BRRR via Ares or Odin to get the kills. Any gun that you may want to use fractal is the perfect FPS crosshair, Period.

Large Fractal Crosshair Code


funny valorant crosshair fractal

5. RIP Crosshair Code

If you like to T-bag your kills, the RIP crosshair is perfect and better. Its shape of a wreath will make your allies KEKW after you score the Ace or own the clutch scene. Try any custom colors, if you will, but know that it’s a good way to respect that smurf you just owned.

RIP Crosshair Code


rip valorant crosshair wreath

6. Snowflake Crosshair Code

Who said that only agents could be pretty in Valorant? Among the beautiful Valorant crosshair codes you can try, the Snowflake takes the top spot so far. With its unique shape, you can use it as is to get your HS% high or make it smaller for extra precision. Whatever you do, give it a go to see the beauty in action!

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Snowflake Crosshair Code


snowflake valorant crosshair

7. The Orb Crosshair Code

It is a one-of-a-kind type of dot and Valorant circle crosshair and a big one! You should already know Orbs in Valorant, and this code is perfect to look like a 5head on your stream. Extra cool Valorant crosshair points if you use it when you main as Sage, Reyna, Astra, or Omen. Do try the Black color since you will be farming the enemy souls.

The Orb Crosshair Code


orb valorant crosshair

8. Shuriken Crosshair Code

Yes, Valorant now has shuriken in it, as one of the best Valorant crosshairs that you can carry. If you are at the Silver or Gold Rank, this crosshair will get you maximum praise, but only if you can claim its glory. Do it by tapping heads left and right, best used for Jett Mains.

Shuriken Crosshair Code


new crosshair valorant shuriken

9. Life Crosshair Code (Medic)

Arguably the only cool Valorant crosshair that trumps others is the Life Crosshair. If you play a healer in Valorant like Sage or Skye, rock your role with the Life Code in matches. More power to you if you use the red color to display – You have your team’s backs.

Life Crosshair Code


Life Crosshair

10. X-Men Crosshair Code

If you are done with funny circular dot crosshair Valorant codes, then the X-Men is a no-nonsense choice. Its perfect circle and opaque center can help you see where your headshot is aimed. Get them all!

X-Men Crosshair Code


cool crosshair valorant

11. Burger Crosshair Code

As a streamer who likes having burgers and plays Reyna, try this crosshair and see your food when you see any heads of agents. Be sure to convert them into kills, or else the Borgir in Valorant will not age so well. Remember to keep it fresh, okay?

Burger Crosshair Code


12. Cat Crosshair Code

A Black Cat.

Cat Crosshair Code


cat crosshair valorant

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Cool Valorant Crosshairs #2 – Best Circle Crosshairs in Valorant

Using a circle Valorant crosshair to aim and get kills feels smooth, no? Perhaps it’s the precision that it offers when peeking long or short. Whatever may be your reason to use them, try these cool Circle Crosshairs in Valorant now!

1. Clean Circle Crosshair Valorant Code

A neat circle Valorant crosshair is pure beauty and just perfect. Say no more!

Clean Circle Crosshair Code


circle crosshair valorant

2. Flower Circle Crosshair Code

Who said the best circle dot crosshair Valorant has to be a circle? Get yourself the flower, or send it to your crush and become the newest e-daters!

Flower Circle Crosshair Code


cool crosshair valorant

3. Sphere Cool Circle Crosshair Code

A cool Valorant crosshair can also be easy to be more than one thing at the same time. The Sphere does it, and you can own it too! Use the center dot thickness to 3 pts if you want the Sphere over a Dragon Ball!

Sphere Cool Circle Crosshair Code


4. Huh? Circular Crosshair Code

Is it a circular crosshair Valorant setting, or is it a diamond? Try and let us know, huh?

Huh? Circular Crosshair Code


cool crosshair valorant

How to Make The Cool Dot or Circle Crosshair Valorant Profile Codes?

Step 1: Launch Valorant.

Step 2: Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner.

Step 3: Select the Settings option.

Step 4: Navigate to the Crosshair sub-menu.

Step 5: Open the Primary section and change the values to your choice.

cool crosshair valorant settings

Now that you know how to use and tweak the Valorant crosshair settings, we hope you will be creative with them! Submit us your circle Valorant crosshair codes or cool Valorant crosshair, and we will feature them! GLHF!

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