How to Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty

Playing Valorant is fun when you’re queuing with friends. But, what if you’re queuing solo, and you’re given a map you don’t like? Or your Valorant main agent is picked by your ally before you? Want to learn how to dodge in Valorant without penalty? Here’s how.

How to Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty?

The global player base of millions of regular Valorant players has mostly dodged valorant matches in their lifetimes. While this activity is common for most, it can be penalized by Riot game mechanics. It can be done by simply not picking a Valorant agent at the Agent Pick screen.

Dodge in valorant without penalty

Why Dodge Valorant Map Queue?

Dodging a queue basically means you’re dissatisfied with the provided map choice assigned at random. But, it’s speculated that it also accounts for the player’s MMR ratings and past matches performance. Apart from these parameters, getting the same map over and over can be tedious, especially if it’s Split.

In such scenarios, dodging it once may be fine, definitely not ideal, but perhaps acceptable. However, dodging in repetition may ban you temporarily from queuing. The dodging Valorant queue messes with the game mechanics, making it difficult to correctly pair players with similar MMR ratings.

Additionally, when you dodge a valorant map more than once, you risk getting yourself reported by your allies. So, how do you succeed at Dodge valorant with no penalty?

Dodge in valorant without penalty

Dodge Valorant Map No Penalty: Can You Do It?

Generally, when you dodge a Valorant map, there’s no penalty for it as it’s usually done in Competitive Mode. When you do it in other game modes like a snowball fight, Spike Rush, Escalation, etc., be prepared to get reported by your allies.

Game modes other than Competitive and Unrated offer smaller gametime and are often selected for quick play. When a Valorant player dodges a match in such game modes, they’re most likely setting themselves up to get reported.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to succeed with Dodge valorant no penalty when you do it in repetition. After dodging once, the best thing you can do is stick with the match and see it to completion because leaving a match once the valorant agent pick is final will cause you to lose XP.

Alternatives to Dodge Valorant Map Scenario

Surely there must be something you can do to avoid dodging maps, right? Here are a few things you can try when you’re certain dodging maps won’t do you much good.

1. Try Other Valorant Game Modes

Play the available game modes other than Competitive like Unrated, Spike Rush, Escalation, Snowball Mode, etc., once or twice. Then, jump back into Valorant Rank Grind by queuing for Competitive game mode again.

2. Play Valorant Deathmatch

Getting supposedly crappy maps can be frustrating over the existing despair of losing a game. Almost nobody who won their previous game dodges a map, Duh. So, take it all out in Deathmatch mode.

Plus, playing Deathmatch in between can be healthy to try some new gunplay that you noticed your enemy perform. (If you’re not paying attention to your enemy’s moves in Valorant Competitive Game mode, it’ll be tough to survive, no cap.)

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3. Play The Match

Did you lose the chance to pick your favorite Valorant agent? Stick with it. Pros don’t fake, and they stick to it. So, be like them and try another agent that aligns with your team picks. Who knows, you might just become the MVP!

The Takeaway

Dodging Valroant games frequently is a serious offense to the game and is community. Nobody likes to be in the 4v5 team from the first or at the last round, not even in-between. So try other game modes when you’re positive you cannot complete the game or refrain from playing Valorant until you have solved your data connection or hardware issues. It will only help to prevent your account from receiving Valorant penalties and bans!

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