Envy Valorant Roster – The Next VCT 2022 Champions?

Team Envy, founded in 2007 (also known as EnVy or nV, Team EnVyUs), is now known as OpTic Gaming. The announcement was made on 10th February 2022 on all official channels. Its competitive background in Valorant is preceded by its Call of Duty professional eSports background. The Envy Valorant team has accrued several achievements at the regional and global levels in eSports Valorant games.

Envy Valorant Team Roster

The Envy valorant roster is arguably one of the strongest among top Tier 1 Valorant Teams globally. Envy plays from the NA region and has featured world-class players in its roster across the years, with several successes.

Envy / OpTic Gaming roster presently includes the following members with Chet as their coach.

CountryIDNameJoin Date
CanadaFNS (IGL)Pujan Mehta2020-07-13
United StatesVictorVictor Wong2020-07-13
United StatescrashiesAustin Roberts2020-09-12
United StatesyayJaccob Whiteaker2020-09-12
CanadaMarvedJimmy Nguyen2021-06-30
envy valorant

Team Envy Valorant Performance in Past

Valorant matches played by Envy have earned them over $251,000 in rewards from regional & global championship events. The team has succeeded in being counted among the top 10 teams globally due to their performance and strategic gameplay.

It’s as successful as a team could get in Valorant, with a 1966 rating from its 76 Wins. Moreover, it’s one of the few teams with an immense social media presence without controversies. Additionally, Envy has obtained sponsorship from one of the world’s largest PC components manufacturers, CORSAIR, and game distributor GameStop. 

Team Envy / OpTic Gaming in eSports Valorant VCT 2021

The Envy roster changed a couple of times during the entirety of the VCT events in 2021. However, the individual Envy valorant player performance has contributed to the team’s progressive career in VCT Challengers & Masters events.

ACS of yay, FNS, Victor(food), and crashies has been high, among the top 20 global valorant players since 2021.

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Envy vs Gambit: Battle of Ages?

The encounter of Envy against Team Gambit in the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin Final was a nail-biting event. Both teams were engaged in a Best of 5(Bo5) Final bracket, where Gambit succeeded by 3-0. However, the nil victory on the board wasn’t without serious efforts from both teams.

envy valorant - Envy vs Gambit

The first map, Bind, in the Bo5 saw the final verdict of 13-15, with Gambit winning the Overtime rounds gradually. Onto the second map, Haven, performance by yay and Marved helped the team reach an 11-13 verdict. But on Split, Envy failed to go past 9 rounds victory, where Gambit completed the finale with a 13 round win.

Envy / OpTic Gaming in eSports Valorant VCT 2022

We’re yet to see any games played by Envy because of their direct entry into the VCT Challengers 2022 Group Stage. So, any Envy valorant stats updates until their first match against Rise will not feature anything new.

The Envy roster for VCT NA S1: Challengers features the active members listed above. Fans could expect Envy to battle Rise in a Bo3 bracket on 02/14/2022 on the 4.02 patch.

envy valorant - Optic Valorant

Final Words

Be sure to tune into the Envy valorant champions match on the date mentioned above to watch & support your favorites. Envy Team / OpTic Gaming may as well take the VCT Masters Finale this year if anyone cares to wager?

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