Fade Meta: Explore the New Valorant Agent Fade!

Riot Games Inc. introduced its newest Valroant Agent Fade with a Feature Agent Reveal video after its VCT Masters Finale! Before it, Fade Agent Reveal Cinematic Trailer was released globally to an audience of over 900K awaiting the Grand Finale. It showcases the New Fade Meta Valorant Agent, so get a glimpse below!

The Grand Finale was nail-biting enough that everyone momentarily forgot about the new valorant agent. However, its Gameplay Trailer was released soon after Optic Gaming from the NA region became the VCT Masters Reykjavik Champions!

Who is Fade Valorant Agent?

Fade Valorant Agent goes by the codename of ‘BountyHunter’ and she hails from Turkey. She belongs to the Radiant race, along with the likes of Yoru, Astra, Jett, etc. The Radiants are select individuals who gained hypernatural abilities as the outcome of the First Light event.

Fade is an Initiator Valorant Agent, possessing Radiant abilities, which allow her to track and eliminate/evade the Valorant Protocol. The Fade Cinematic Agent Reveal trailer depicts her attempting to flee Istanbul, using her mysterious Abilities. Ultimately, KAYO takes her down, as per the Lore.

Fade Meta

Fade Valorant Lore

The Fade Valorant Agent Lore has roots with Breach & Cypher, in a manner of speaking. The latter was heard to be interrogating Fade, from the audio message in the laptop under the Shooting Range. (Brimstone’s Office)

Cypher is heard questioning Fade about her knowledge regarding the VALORANT Protocol, to a (perhaps) captured Fade. In response, Fade, the Valorant Initiator mentions several aspects of the operation, operating guidelines, the operations HQ, budget, etc.

Fade Meta

From the communication between these agents, it’s found that Fade believes the VALORANT Protocol has something to do with someone important that she lost. It is here that Cypher reveals to her the truth about the Mirror Earth Dimensions’ realities. The audio message also mentions a note from Cypher to Brimstone about recruiting Fade.

Fade also leaves a message for Brimstone, stating she’ll wear the banner, support the group, and explore Omega Earth, as long as it takes her closer to finding her missing person. In response to this recruitment, a Jett email to Brimstone reads her fuming response about it.

Fade Meta

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Fade Meta: The Newest Valorant Initiator Fade Gameplay!

The BountyHunter of Valorant can be real trouble as an opponent in the hands of an experienced player. At the same time, a Fade Pick does not demand having higher skills because she’s also one of the easiest Valorant Agent picks.

Fade Valorant Abilities are pretty intuitive and simple to use, which can be massively rewarding for both allies and herself. Thus, new Valorant Players should not have too much difficulty mastering the Fade Gameplay.

Check out all the Fade Meta Valorant Agent Abilities below:

Haunt (E)

Thrown an orb, which will plummet to the ground and become a nightmarish entity that momentarily reveals the enemy’s location. Players could spot the revealed enemy players on their Minimap before they become ‘?

Haunt also markup their position with a shady vein, and enact a small decay on them. However, the Haunt entity can be shot with bullets easily and can be thrown afar, followed by using left-click to plummet it instantly.

Seize (Q)

Throws an orb that falls to the ground to explode nightmare ink, which chains the enemies around it. If no enemies are around it, it disappears quickly, and it cannot be shot, at all.

Prowler (C)

Deploy a prowler which will travel in a straight line, where it will chase enemies after spotting them. Its impact on the enemy could stun them, but it can be shot down with a few bullets. Players can hold the LMB to steer the Prowler.

Nightfall (X) – Ultimate Ability: The Fade Meta!

The Fade Meta Ultimate Ability is Nightfall, which rolls out a wave of Nightmare energy. It deafens any enemy caught in it, and reveals their position on the ground with the nightmare ink, besides revealing their location and decaying them to half health.

Fade Meta Valorant Maps

Someone who could understand how to best use Fade Valorant Agent Abilities can easily master the Fade Gameplay. For everyone else, and ourselves, below are the Valorant Maps where Fade Meta redefines the Valorant Meta, for the good!

Fade Meta

1. Ascent

Fade Pick on Ascent can be massively favorable for two reasons, i.e., close quarters, and bullet penetrable surfaces. Irrespective of which side picks her, Fade is incredibly valuable on Ascent, alongside Raze, Brimstone/Astra, Sage, etc.

Her abilities can recon enemies just enough to provide intel on whether to rotate early or proceed with the push. Alternatively, she can use her Seize ability to both prevent a push or help post-plant retakes, filling her Initiator shoes perfectly.

2. Haven

Numerous low elevations on Haven surfaces seem perfect for Haunt ability to perform its magic. The timely and precise use of Fade Haunt ability can help gain intel on enemies big time, assisting better decision making.

Additionally, using the Fade Ultimate Ability Nightfall can cover a whole site, and ping enemy locations simultaneously. Such returns on engaging a single ability can turn even ECO rounds into easy Flawless wins or at least a thrifty!

Fade Meta

3. Bind

The Shower control or A-Main control would be enormously difficult to counter when Fade is right around the corner. However, she does not completely replace Sova, but then again she does, considering all the Sova Nerf changes.

Fade can play the perfect anchor, like Chamber, to hold a specific spike site, the Spike Site B in particular. Otherwise, her abilities are just disruptive enough to spread chaos on a spike site for the enemies. You better have countermeasures for Fade or not even Neon can save you!

4. Split

Perhaps the headache of a map, Split, can lighten up with the presence of the Dark of the Fade. Probably not, when the enemy side also has a Fade of their own. Either way, the Split Fade meta is perfect for making a tedious map the perfect playground for both sides.

Fade Meta

5. Icebox

On a Map like Icebox, Fade can have plentiful uses, to clear corners or to seek out enemy locations. Her abilities like Haunt, Prowler, and Seize can help the defenders seek out the attackers’ locations, even lock them together!

Similarly, on the Attacker side, Fade can serve to disrupt the Defenders’ positioning, especially when they’re stacking. A key takeaway for playing Fade Pick on the Icebox map is to use her abilities correctly. Not doing so won’t overwhelm enemies and therefore raise your chances of needing gunplay trades.

6. Fracture

A map like Fracture is good enough for Fade to defend or attack, provided that allies have her back. While she can chain enemies or reveal their positions, she may not be able to turn a 1v5 in her favor. It’s here that teamwork will make the dream work. However, she will make a good flank agent, so make what you will with it!

It’s yet to be seen how much of a greater role Fade Abilities’ will play in the upcoming VCT events. The nearest upcoming Valorant pro eSports events begin on April 28th, 2022 – VCT Challengers Stage 2!

Fade Valorant Agent Release Date!

The Fade Valorant Agent arrives with the Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Patch Update or 4.08 Valorant Update. The release date for Fade Valorant Agent and the New Valorant Patch is slated for April 27th, 2022.

New Valorant Update will indeed bring a New Valorant Battlepass, but also Fade Valorant Agent Contract, Player Card, and more! On the Valorant Nerfs & Buff side, the expected Sova Nerf (Sadge) is indeed included, to make space for another Initiator. Parallelly, fans can expect a few changes to Cypher & Jett Valorant Abilities, but nothing too serious.
So, be sure to check and update your Valorant Game Client to get your hands on the Fade Meta Valorant Agent Gameplay!

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