Q. What is Valorant Thrifty?

A team earns the title of Thrifty after winning the round when they have used a less powerful loadout or have spent less than the opponents.

Q. How to Crouch in Valorant?

Valorant players can crouch at any time after the buy round time ends by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key. Players can also remap the key to any other key using the Valorant Settings > Control section.

Q. How to Walk in Valorant?

Valorant Players can walk in Valorant by pressing the ‘Shift’ key with the ‘W’ key. It allows the players to negate the sound of their footsteps.

Q. What is Valorant MMR?

Valorant MMR is Valorant Match Making Rank System that rates players based on their gameplay, skills, aiming abilities, and game stats. Its exact algorithm is unknown for security reasons.

Q. How to Unlock Valorant Agents?

Players need to complete Valorant Agent Contracts by earning XP from Valorant Games to unlock the specific Valorant Agent. Access the Activate Button for the respective agent you wish to unlock by selecting them after accessing the Agents screen.

Q. How to Purchase Valorant Battlepass?

Access the Battlepass section from the Valorant game main screen and click on the Purchase button visible in the green box. Players will need to spend 1000 VP to purchase the Valorant Battlepass.

Q. Is Valorant Free to Play?

Valorant is a free-to-play agent-based tactical FPS shooter released globally on June 02, 2020. It is only available on the Windows OS platform.

Q. What are Valorant Credits?

Valorant Credits are the currency provided to the Valorant players during their in-game rounds. Using it, players can purchase their loadout items such as armor, abilities, and weapons. Players can have a maximum of 9000 Valorant credits and should not be confused with Valorant Points (VP) or Radianite Points.

Q. What are Radianite Points?

Radianite Points are a type of currency in the Valorant Game that can be acquired by exchanging Valorant Points or as rewards from the Valorant Battlepass. Radianite Points are used to unlock Valorant Weapon Upgrades.
Obtaining Radianite Points from the Battlepass requires completing the respective Valorant Battlepass Chapter.

Q. How to Change Name in Valorant?

Login to your Riot Account using Riot ID and password and on the main screen, input your New Valorant Name (and the tagline) followed by clicking on Save Changes. A Valorant Player cannot change their name or tagline again within 30 days.

Q. Which is the Biggest Valorant Map?

Valorant Maps are vast but there’s no exact collection of their measurement or boundaries in terms of definite length. However, the Breeze, Icebox, and Fracture Maps are known to be among the biggest.

Q. What is Valorant Meta?

Valorant Meta is the application of the set of standard strategies, decisions, and agent selection that can enact a winning scenario. For Valorant Meta Agents, it means the best agent picks suitable for the map based on the player gameplay or the map dimensions.

Q. How to Change Valorant Crosshair?

Access the Valorant Settings and navigate to the Crosshair section. Here, you can pick advanced or basic crosshair settings to modify the appearance of Inner lines, Outer lines, Center dot, Crosshair offset, etc.

Q. How to Import Valorant Crosshair?

Valorant Patch 4.05 release allows players to import or export Valorant Crosshair Settings. Players can import a Valorant crosshair by copying its code and pasting it in the dialogue box that appears after using the import button. Clicking the OK button lets the player keep the imported crosshair setting.

Q. Which is the Best Valorant Crosshair?

The matter of the Best Valorant Crosshair is relative to the player and their gameplay. No particular or single crosshair is best for everyone. Hence, it is advisable to try different crosshairs in the game and the shooting range before settling on one.

Q. Can I Unban Myself in Valorant?

Players can dispute or request the ban of their account by submitting a ticket to the Valorant Support Team. Remember to keep the Request Type as  General Game, Access and Feedback and use Unban Appeal as the subject of the ticket.

Q. How to Check Valorant Purchase History?

Access the Valorant Support Page after using your Riot ID credentials to login and use the Get My Purchase History option. Now, navigate to the Checking Your Purchase History section to view the summary of your Valorant Purchases mentioned with Date, Payment Method, Amount, and Points.

Q. How to Check Valorant Purchase History?

Access the Valorant Support Page after using your Riot ID credentials to login and use the Get My Purchase History option. Now, navigate to the Checking Your Purchase History section to view the summary of your Valorant Purchases mentioned with Date, Payment Method, Amount, and Points.

Q. What is a Valorant Clutch?

A Valorant Clutch is awarded to a player when they survive in a one vs. one or more than one valorant duel with the enemies. It is only applicable when only one player of the team survives and succeeds in killing all enemies or defusing the spike.

Q. How to Get a Valorant Ace?

A player qualifies for receiving a Valorant Ace title or achievement when they successfully kill all the enemy players. Even if allies may obtain assists on those kills, the same player should be the one to kill all the agents to receive the Ace title.

Q. How to Get Flawless in Valorant?

A Flawless verdict in Valorant is awarded to the winning team that succeeds in killing all the enemies without taking any casualties. An ally or the entire surviving team with players as low as 1 HP will still obtain flawless as long as all five players remain alive at the end of the Valorant match round.

Q. How many Spike Sites are there in Valorant?

There are only two spike sites on a Valorant Map. All Valorant Maps have Spike Site A and Site B only.

Q. Can I change Valorant Minimap Settings?

Players can modify their valorant minimap setting by launching Valorant Game > Settings > General Settings > Map options.

Q. What is Valorant Game size?

The game size of Valorant after a complete installation is approximately 19.8 GB or less than 20 GB.

Q. How to Register for Valorant PBE?

The Valorant PBE program is only available for players residing in the US region. Interested players can register for it by visiting Riot’s Registration Page and submitting the requested details. The selection of the players will be at random and is subject to availability.

Q. How to switch Valorant Servers?

Launch Valorant Game and click on the Play button. Before entering the queue for any game mode, click on three bars and pick the server with the least ping. Selecting any server with yellow bars or ping higher than 40 ms may result in a less optimal gameplay experience.

Q. How to buy a Valorant Phantom?

During the game buy round, access the buy menu using the ‘B’ key and click on the picture of Phantom. A player will need to have a minimum of 2900 Valorant credits to purchase Phantom or buy it for an ally.

Q. What is the Best Valorant Skin?

The best valorant skin is subjective based on the individual preferences of the respective valorant player. However, the top Valorant skins admired globally by the Valorant community are from the Elderflame, Ion, Singularity, and Spectrum Valorant Bundles.

Q. When will the Valorant Night Market Arrive?

The Valorant Night Market arrives every two months, lasting 12 days for all the global Valorant players. The featured items that may become available for purchase in the Night Market are assigned randomly for every single player based on Riot’s algorithm.

Q. How to Bunny Hop in Valorant?

Performing Valorant Bunny Hop requires repeatedly using left and right air strafe or vice versa in quick successive progressions. Start by using the ‘Jump’ key and simultaneously pressing the left strafe while pointing the mouse in the opposite direction.

Q. How to repair Valorant?

Launching the Valorant Client will automatically check for any broken or missing game files besides installing any pending updates. Still, players can repair their Valorant game by following the steps below:
– Log out of Valorant Game and launch Valorant Game Client.
– Click on the profile icon visible under the minimize option and click on Settings.
– On the settings screen, access the Valorant subsection from the left column and click on the Repair button visible on the right screen area.
– The Valorant Game Client should begin repairing the Valorant game files.
After the repair is complete, it’s recommended that you restart your computer before launching the game.

Q. How to win in Valorant?

Valorant is a 5v5 agent-based tactical FPS shooter with asymmetrical win objectives. Attackers in Valorant need to successfully detonate the spike or kill all the enemies to win the round. Parallelly, the Defenders need to kill all enemies or successfully defuse the spike before the timer runs out.

Q. How to defuse Valorant Spike?

Get near the spike and use the ‘4’ key to initiate defusing the Valorant spike. The entire process takes seven seconds, but players can defuse it halfway and re-initiate the spike defuse again using the same key.

Q. How to plant Valorant Spike?

Approach the Spike plant area, where the player carrying the spike will automatically get an on-screen assist asking to plant it. Press and hold the ‘4’ key and wait until the spike plant is complete. After a successful spike plant, prepare to defend the spike.

Q. How to use Valorant Ultimate ability?

A Valorant Player can engage their Ultimate Ability by pressing the ‘X’ key as default or their remapped key. Unlocking Valorant Ultimate ability requires earning Ultimate points. Players can obtain them via a spike plant, scoring kills, accumulating deaths, and farming Orbs.

Q. What are Orbs in Valorant?

Orbs in Valorant are items that players can pick and interact with by coming in contact with them. Collecting orbs can allow players to increase their Ultimate points. After collecting the maximum Ultimate points, players can unlock their Ultimate Valorant Agent Ability.

Q. Is Valorant on Xbox?

Valorant is exclusively available for the Windows OS systems and is not available on the Xbox platform. Therefore, Valorant is not accessible on any Xbox series consoles.

Q. Is Valorant on PS4?

Although a Valorant Console project was under development in the late 2020s, it is only available for Download on Windows OS systems. Hence, Valorant is not available for download on any PlayStation consoles, including the PS4, PSP, PS5, or older ones.