How to Stop Valorant Ban: 8 Perma-Ban Valorant Offenses To Avoid!

Valorant has gained mainstream popularity since its release, and it has also gained a massive player base over the years. But the player base has also been scrutinized for toxic behavior and other Valorant fair play guidelines violations, which has resulted in permabans. So, if you want to learn how to stop Valorant ban on your account, check out our guide below!

stop valorant ban

What is a Valorant Permaban?

A Valorant permaban is a permanent ban imposed on a player’s Valorant account for severely violating Valorant guidelines. It is the most severe form of penalty issued by Riot Games when the player(s) are found to have violated the game’s terms of service and code of conduct.

The purpose of a Valorant permaban is to severely punish serious offenses

for maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

After receiving a Valorant permaban, the player loses access to their account indefinitely and cannot resume their account progress. As a result, they can no longer participate in any Valorant game modes nor access any Valorant cosmetic items.

Furthermore, a permaban can also be received irrespective of the age or level of your Valorant account, collection value, etc. Hence, to stop Valorant ban on your account, it is highly recommended that you do not indulge in any activities that cause a permaban.

Stop Valorant Permaban: Top 8 Valorant Offenses You Should Avoid!

Performing any of the activities listed below could directly earn a permaban across all the global Valorant servers. Therefore, you should avoid them, along with avoiding the infractions listed ahead.

1. Cheating or Hacking

Valorant does not take cheating or hacking lightly and has a zero-tolerance policy towards it. So, the use of any methods or means that impart unfair advantage is strictly prohibited and will be caught by the Anti-cheat system. It naturally also prohibits the use of tools or modifications that enable or support aimbot, radar hack, wallhack, etc.

stop valorant ban

If any player is caught cheating during or after their game rounds, they will receive a permaban immediately. Fairplay is, therefore, a “Super high-level tactic, remember that, yeah?” to prevent or stop Valorant ban(s).

2. Exploiting Game Bugs

Gaining an unfair advantage in your match rounds by exploiting bugs or glitches in the game can also lead to a permanent ban. If you discover or experience any game performance issues and inconsistencies during your matches, please report them to game developers. Abusing these issues harms the game integrity directly and ruins the Fairplay experience of other players.

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3. Toxic Behavior & Harassment

Valorant and Riot may not always forgive toxic or hostile behavior, and testing their tolerance is never advisable. Any insults, threats, derogatory remarks, harassment, discrimination(s), or abusive & disrespectful behavior toward other players will be investigated and punished accordingly.

Thus to avoid or stop the Valorant ban and any possible legal actions, please maintain a positive and healthy gaming attitude in the game. The global Valorant Community, despite its reputation otherwise, would also highly appreciate it if you maintain respectful behavior while gaming.

4. Account Sharing & Boosting

Using a boosting service or participating in its equivalent is strictly against the game’s terms of service because it impacts the fair ranking system. Likewise, sharing your Valorant account is equally in violation of the game rules as it compromises the security of your game account.

Smurfs will get what’s coming for them, but in the meantime, please avoid either kind of behavior else a permaban is imminent. Moreover, players who have already been permanently banned cannot stop Valorant ban on their account by appealing to the Valorant Support team.

5. Match Fixing & Elo Manipulation

Acts of ‘throwing’ or manipulating match outcomes by intentionally losing matches are considered Elo manipulation or match-fixing. These are offenses that negatively affect the game integrity and experience of other users.

As a result, Valorant will impose critical penalties and permanent bans to limit or negate such outcomes. Valorant players globally are therefore expected and requested to uphold competitive spirit while playing by respecting game policies.

6. Unauthorized Third-Party Programs

To stop Valorant ban on your account, simply not tampering with game files goes a long way. Similarly, using third-party programs that may offer scripts, automation effects, inhuman advantages, etc., is also prohibited. If or rather when the anti-cheat system discovers you have used such tools, a permanent Valorant ban may also accompany serious legal consequences.

stop valorant ban

7. Evading Bans & Creating Alternate Accounts

Evading Valorant permaban or attempts at bypassing a permanent ban also violates the game rules. Players who have obtained a ban recently should respect it and also avoid creating alternate accounts to Download Valorant & play matches. Any means aimed to circumvent the punishment could further extend the temporary ban or invoke additional permanent bans.

8. Sharing or Distributing Cheat Software

Participation by players in the sale, distribution, or promotion of cheats or software for Valorant is a severely punishable legal offense. It can not only lead to a permanent ban but also result in facing civil lawsuits and other lawful actions. It is highly advised not to disrupt the game balance by using or advocating such tools for your own protection.

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Avoid Additional Infractions To Stop Valorant Ban

Several other types of actions that violate the game rules could also earn your Valorant game account a permanent ban, if not a soft ban. Such scenarios should be rare as they include actions of the following types:

1. AFK

AFK refers to being Away From the Keyboard, a term used to describe unresponsive in-game player(s) who may have also gone offline. Another similar term relative to is DC-ed, which translates to being disconnected from the game – willingly or otherwise.

In either case, being AFK in ranked Valorant games and in other game modes can attract warnings and queue penalties. But, repeated AFK behavior after it will inevitably lead to a temporary ban, which can evolve into a Valorant permanent ban when the player continues going AFK frequently.

valorant afk

2. Queue Dodging

The act of queue dodging is performed mainly to skip the particular map assigned in the MMR match queue. Other reasons to perform it also include not getting the option to select the required Valorant agent because of Insta-lockers. However, it has also been observed that a player would dodge the queue in case of an emergency.

For all the scenarios, including the lattermost, frequent queue dodging will result in getting penalties and temporary bans. While players are advised not to queue if they cannot complete the game, queue dodging for any reason, if repeated, will result in a permaban.

3. Friendly Fire

Griefing or Friendly Fire are acts that involve hurting an ally intentionally by using abilities, loadout, or activities that inhibit their gameplay. In Valorant, friendly fire is not possible using weapons, but using agent abilities or griefing by limiting movement can earn harsh penalties. Since such acts cause harassment to Valorant players, earning a permanent ban can occur sooner when getting reported for it multiple times.

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Final Words

The best practices that stop the Valorant ban or help you evade it require respecting the Valorant players, maintaining a Fairplay environment, and avoiding violations. Additionally, before you appeal a permanent ban with the Valorant Support team, please read the Valorant terms of service and code of conduct. We hope you will uphold your best behavior, GLHF!

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