Can T1 Valorant Qualify For LAN VCT 2022?

T1 Team in Valorant is represented by the Global Esports Venture created between Comcast Spectacor and SK Telecom. The Moniker T1 stands for team one as a branding for the eSports division of the Telecom giant. Two T1 valorant teams (North America & South Korea) participate separately in the Valorant esports events.

T1 Valorant Roster

The history of the T1 valorant roster is long when we’re talking about the NA region team. But, it has also been among other valorant teams to feature ex-Counter Strike eSports heavy background team members.

T1 Valorant

From hiring pro eSports players for different roles to benching them to discontinuing them, the NA region T1 has done it all. For instance, the T1 valorant grim member is in T1 only as a streamer, like Karagii and others. The current T1 roster for the NA region is as follows:

CountryIDNameJoin Date
United StatescurryRahul Nemani2021-02-24
United StatesthwifoZander Kim2021-10-21
CanadasteelJoshua Nissan2021-12-06
MexicosevenJohann Hernandez2022-01-10
United StatespwnyJosh VanGorder2022-01-10

T1 Valorant Performance in Past

The T1 team has historically been blotted in scoring victories, but it’s not without bagging some amazing wins. The team has competed against almost every NA team from Tier 1, besides gaining notable sponsorship from brands. T1 is yet to make its mark in the Lan VCT events despite such performance.

Team members’ playstyle has been a matter of concern because it couldn’t finalize a Duelist Main Agent role. Similarly, the rotation of team members to different roles could also be amended should the team desire to progress to global level Valorant eSports participation.

T1 Team in eSports Valorant VCT 2021

Initially, the team began with high spirits by winning the first  Invitational, after which the snowball effect came into play. The efforts by team members weren’t null, and they could have participated in LAN events if they hadn’t lost win-momentum.

Soon, each act of participation in the VCT events concluded with the team reaching the elimination rounds and losing. But, it’s not the poorest performing team in NA or global VCT teams, as it made over $44K in winnings.

T1 Valorant Roster Changes & Controversies

The T1 management has had up to 10 different players on the roster and has currently replaced its initial roster completely. According to reports, along with the news of such roster changes, there have been controversies among team members. However, the absence of official statements neither confirms nor denies anything.

The event of being accused of T1 valorant VPN use in matches has only been a rumor. Similarly, other news surrounding T1 has been featured on Social Media channels under the spotlight, but nothing concrete until VCT 2022.

T1 Team in eSports Valorant VCT 2022

The VCT 2022 saw T1 begin strong after completely changing its initial roster, along with the coach. Its performance presents its rating at 1643, reflecting its highest form to date, with 12W & 5L in Challengers Stage 1 matches.

T1 Valorant

Unfortunately, contrary to all the positive growth, T1 valorant disqualified news was announced on Official Riot Channels. The whole scenario resulted from the T1 coach having typed a statement in All Chat during a live match. Technically, it’s a rule that coaches couldn’t assist the team during ongoing matches outside of the Timeout slab.

Thus the new T1 valorant roster had to forfeit its match against TSM Valorant due to unauthorized coach communication.

Final Words

The result of everything from the VCT 2022 event led T1 Management to suspend David Dennis, signaling the team could participate in VCT NA S2: CHallengers event later this year.

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