Easy Escape Valorant ELO Hell & Beat Valorant Smurfs!

Valorant ranked games can become tougher as you climb ranks but facing the Valorant ELO Smurf is another unnecessary challenge. Naturally, it gets tedious to get taken out by a higher skilled player within the Silver or Bronze Valorant Ranks.

On top of it all, should you acquire another Valorant Rank Up Achievement, the Gold Rank is the actual ELO hell. But, Riot Games Developers have implemented several Valorant MMR Queue changes into its multiple recent Valorant Game Patch Notes.

Despite it, when something wicked comes your way, repeatedly, this guide can help you take it, to defeat it.

valorant elo smurf

What is Valorant Elo Hell?

The Elo Hell is a state where the players are unable to progress past a specific rank. It’s usually an outcome arising from two factors, i.e., Smurfs and an unoptimized MMR Queue Ranking system.

MMR improvements proof can be witnessed on the live streams of globally famous and skilled Valorant Players. Players like Shroud, TenZ, Tarik, Hiko, etc. were seen competing with Radiant Valorant Players despite belonging to the Platinum Valorant Rank.

Hence, the critical concern to solve for better enjoying Valorant game Matches is to Beat Valorant Smurf players.

How does Valorant ELO Smurf Affect the Game?

A Valorant ELO Smurf is fundamentally a player that purposely makes decisions that makes them continue playing at a particular rank. It is how they differ from the typical smurfs, who create a new account merely to experience the thrill of ranking up again.

Defeating a Valorant Smurf is no easy feat, mind you. Since they have had more gameplay experience than you, you only have a few options you can put to use. Here’s a list of them.

Beat Valorant Elo Smurf To Rank Up Quicker!

The key aspect to accomplishing wins when you want to Beat Valorant Smurf is to play as a team.

1. Trades FTW

The easiest thing you can do to make the best of your valorant games is to play alongside your team. It involves not only pushing a spike site together but also using abilities in combinations. By doing so, you can put the Smurf at a disadvantage by making them improvise on their feet.

It is herein where your chance lies to neutralize the Valorant Smurf the earliest, and your cases of losses. You should either swing wide, crouch & shoot solo or dual peek, no in-betweens.

A Character from a Show once said, ”Those who hesitate, disintegrate.”

2. Valorant Abilities  = Baiting Advantages

Starting a game round by emptying your abilities in a flurry within the first 30 seconds is why you fail.

It’s the cold hard truth and a matter of severe carelessness in an agent-based tactical FPS game like Valorant. Performing the above-mentioned feet, of giving it everything you got is only permissible for the Valorant Agent Signature Abilities.

Instead, what you can do is play with focus, which involves not taking every chance you have to score kills. Use your abilities in moments when you’ve controlled your urge to go for the kill. Let your Valroant agent abilities be put to use for helping you create favorable conditions.

  • Clearing distant Corners & Angles (Cubby, Elbow, etc.)
  • Acquiring Map Control (For Post Plants & Retakes)
  • Isolating Enemies or the Spike Site
  • Escaping a Tough Situation (1v2, 1v3, 2v4, etc.)

Valorant Ranked players often forget the primary aim is to win the match round, which is useless when your kill is surrendered. So to gain a Valorant Rank Up, keep an eye on your KDR but also don’t obsess over it.

3. Rotation & Flank

A good Valorant Smurf will never play predictably, which can also be a predictable outcome in itself.

You’ll never find Smurfs in FPS games holding or playing from the same spot for more than two rounds. This aspect is called Stack Rotation, where agents from previous rounds defend other positions.

The Simple Rotation on the other hand appears like a player actively holding two positions by rotating to & fro quickly.

Both types of rotations can be predicted based on the Agent Pick or behavior of allies of the enemies. Naturally, a Smurf would either pick a passive position or be the tip of the spear, irrespective of attacking or defending.

Use this information to Beat Valorant Smurf in your games by pushing its position as a team.

4. Self-Autonomy

Do not just move idly when your ally has cleared a corner, or after they or you have scored a kill. Becoming a good ally is equally important as scoring kills to Rank up.

By staying vigilant of lurks and traps, you can save yourself or your allies or both from losing to a clutch or an ace situation.

Naturally, nobody would ask you to perform this on comms all the time. It is a matter of self-autonomy, i.e., your level of participation in the Valorant game.

5. DON’T Beat Valorant Smurf

The Valorant RR points are offered by accounting for various game factors, like your performance, participation, and the game outcome of course.

A rather surprising piece of advice, yeah?

See, playing linearly can still score you enough kills or help you achieve match wins to Valorant Rank Up points.

So, by pushing everyone except the Smurf, you can still acquire match-winning conditions. In such cases, it becomes easier to take out a smurf when it is outnumbered. Usually, the smurf may try to save, which is where you shouldn’t go, it’s a classic bait 101.

Final Words

The tips above can help you win against a Valorant ELO Smurf opponent, which could admittedly take a few rounds. Don’t lose hope. You can beat them.

Lastly, in the case you’re facing two or more smurfs, play your best and have fun. That’s all you can really do until the game ends and you report them for smurfing. (Don’t report too frequently, else you may earn yourself some penalties.) GLHF!

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