Eight Things People Hate About Valorant

valorant hate

Valorant is a fun game by itself, but players often do not have such experiences while gaming. It’s not that the game is bugged or badly made, but it’s not unusual to see people flip or tilt during the game. Collectively, such experiences are the reason why the Valorant Hate is real.

See yourself why Valorant is called the worst game (sometimes fondly) yet still the go-to choice of players every day!

Eight Things To Hate About Valorant

The feelings of Valorant hate mostly stem because of the player base, for the most part, among other things.
On top of it all, there are numerous scenarios where even professional players hate the game. However, they let their sportsmanship win at the end, and then it’s all fun and games again until the one round when they tilt again.

1. Pocket Sage & Rank Boosting

We all have had matches where Sage, whoever plays it, would simply refuse to heal you in a match round. Her healing ability is pretty crucial in the match, and more so is her ability to resurrect one dead ally. Despite the significance of it, such Sage players would only heal their duo or trio partners.

In truth, it’s absolutely unfair not to maintain fair play integrity when gaming, be it Valorant or any other game. Still, there is no solution to these pocket sage players who would only heal their party allies. Sure, use the report function to notify Riot about such players and their unfair gameplay.

2. E-Daters & No Comms

Who knew gaming is where lovers meet or that it’s an activity where lovers can communicate and forget about the world? At least the latter is true when players who are dating play Valorant together. Often dubbed as e-Daters, these players commonly use the Pocket Sage strategy.

Alternatively, as if it was not bad enough, the absolute hate for Valorant that players have is when the team does not communicate. Since e-Daters often use Discord to communicate, this leaves the team in a vacuum without adequate communication.

So, the next time you hear silence so loud and get the hot mic issue, ask the e-Daters politely to communicate gameplay with the team. No, you cannot report them for voice abuse, but you can report them for throwing if you like.

3. Noob Pros & Duelist Insta-locking

Insta-lockers, how are you enjoying the Jett Nerfs?

Still kicking, huh? Well, pox on you because you will get what’s coming for you after you Insta-lock a duelist and don’t play like it.

The role of duelists among Valorant agent classes is to gain entry frags so the team can occupy or secure the spike site. Of course, it does not always happen as intended in lower ELO, and abuses will be hurled.

Another facet of this same coin of Insta-locking is running for frags. The aggressive players, who want to score every kill – you are putting your team at a disadvantage by giving away first bloods. Please have some sense, and remember Valorant is a tactical game; do not simply go BRR unless you play Neon.

4. Poor MMR Team Balancing

It’s not for what players do alone that Valorant is called the worst game but also because the team balancing is equally garbage. At least in ranked games in low ELO lobbies, the team balancing is diverse and factually trash.

In the defense of the Valorant team, the MMR system tries to match players with near-equal skills plus their rank tier. However,  it unfortunately happens that a Bronze 2 will often compete against Silver 1 players. Hell, sometimes they will also be paired with a Gold rank player (who is throwing) simply because you clicked some headshots in a previous game.

The significant imbalance in the MMR system is, therefore, a primary reason most Valorant players tilt and hate the game.

5. Lack of Valorant Map Selection

Since the launch of Valorant, the map selection feature of FPS games is only available when a new map is launched. Even lately, its total number of rounds has been reduced to half in the present patch. Such lack of having the choice to pick a map you would like to improve or play for its fun – yeah, no. We don’t do that here, so we dodge!

Yet the lack of map picking aside, adding insult to injury, is the fact that a map may repeat multiple times. Yes! Did you lose the Fracture or Pearl map, and it’s your least-performing map? Sure, play it again so you can reconsider your life choices. Play it a third time, too, just so you know your life is made for better things.

6. Smurfs, Trolling & Game Throwing

A smurf is a highly skilled player who will play lower ranks to easily score kills and have a more fun time than everyone else in general. People who troll in Valorant also share the same goal but often don’t have equally huge egos. Together, these types of players ruin the experience for players who really want to compete in the Ranked game mode.

What earns Valorant hate all the more is despite their attempts, smurfs still exist to an extent. It is because smurfs will intentionally throw their game rounds. An act of throwing in Valorant is making poor plays compared to their average capacity. It can appear as not planting the spike and still running with it each round.

Such acts have made players globally hate their Valorant game servers.

Ideally, every Valorant server of all the regions has such players. It is also because of them that MMR queues are garbage for regular players.

7. Losing Ace & Stealing Ace

It has happened at least once that you may have stolen the ACE of an ally. Parallelly, it also happens that the last agent standing in the enemy team will hide in the stupidest places to prevent someone from scoring an Ace. 

Such acts are but just some lighthearted fun, but people will tilt, anyone will tilt. Yet, a few wonderful, wholesome players have learned it’s a game, and a win is a victory more than scoring Ace. O7 to such fellow Valorant players: We see you, and we admire you.

8. Connection Problems

Have you been kicked from the game for poor connection to the game? No? Well, the gods of fortune have blessed your Internet Service Provider. Still, it’s not always them who may be the culprits.

It’s been noticed a few times that when the Riot Client or Vanguard client loses access to the internet, even momentarily, they will face connection problems. A good solution on the user end to remedy it is to connect a LAN cable when playing, upgrading your router, or doing a table flip and rage quitting the game.

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Final Words

All games have their chinks and strong suits, but Valorant is entirely in a different league than most FPS games. Sure, there are fewer bugs in the game, and it also keeps reinventing itself while pushing new updates like agents and maps. Yet against all this, certain factors from the ones mentioned above that earn Valorant hate in the community will prevail. What do you think?

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