Valorant Not Launching Issues – Quick Fixes & Solutions!

Valorant is a less resource-demanding game than other FPS game titles presently available on the market. Still, it’s not without issues that users are known to face. Therefore, this quick guide is for everyone experiencing the valorant not launching issue or facing Valorant won’t launch errors!

Valorant Not Launching: Causes & Quick Fixes!

Finding the correct culprit responsible for causing Valorant game errors is the key to solving them. So, here are some causes that could make your Valorant game inoperable or cause you to face various problems.

Valorant Not Launching

Graphics Driver Error

The classic reason behind the failure of most software and devices could be the reason your Valorant game is behaving incorrectly. But that’s not the only reason when you’ve landed in a valorant not launching windows 11 scenario.

Valorant Not Launching - Graphics Driver Error


You could perform two things on your system when facing such an error. First, update your hardware graphics drivers from official sources and restart your system before running the game again.

The second option is to check your Windows version and Windows Build. After you’ve ensured that your system is running the latest version, check if you’re a participant in the Windows Insider Program. If you’re a participant, switch to Release Preview Mode and restart your system or exit the Insider Program altogether.

Corrupt Game Files

When valorant won’t open or glitch out, either you’re facing internet connectivity issues, or your game files are corrupt. We won’t accuse you of quitting ongoing games mid-progress, but it’s an issue that most users could face.

But, when you see the dialogue box stating valorant file not found, consider that the game has been deleted.


Download & install the Riot Repair Tool as your first step, and then use it to repair your Valorant game client. It will also repair the game files but ensure that you don’t face a power cut in the mid-progress of the repairs.

Please re-install the game for those who have the valorant not launching black screen issue, even after performing repairs.

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Server Under Maintenance

Have you ever tried to launch the game from the client using the play button but seen nothing happen as the output? It may be because Riot has put Valorant servers under maintenance, resulting in you facing ‘valorant not working’ issues. Don’t worry. You might not be permanently banned when you see this.

Valorant Not Launching- Server Under Maintenance


You may face this situation when you run the game seconds or minutes before a server update process begins. Typically, this is the cause besides trying to run the game during the ongoing server maintenance period.

So, check the Valorant Server Status on the Riot Support Website, and make sure to pick the correct region. If everything seems in order, follow the solution to the problem below.

Riot Vanguard Failure

There are only a few things you could do when you’re experiencing a ‘valorant running in background but not showing’ issue. Typically, it’s caused when the system startup fails to initialize the Riot Vanguard service, an anti-cheat software.

Riot Vanguard


  1. Restart Your System and Relaunch the game.
  2. Quit the running process of Riot Vanguard or trigger it to start before launching Valorant.

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Other Valorant Not Working Error Causes

Depending on several factors, there could be hundreds of other errors that you may encounter while running a Valorant game. However, most of them concern connectivity issues, failed service startups, or corrupt game files.

Ultimate Solution

In the scenario where you’ve tried every possible solution and your game still fails to launch or function in an orderly manner, please get in touch with Valorant Support.

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