How To Check Valorant Money Spent Purchase History Records?

Buying game assets is the most rewarding aspect of playing any game, and Valorant offers the best in the business, hands down. The various Valorant Gun Bundles, Valorant Battlepass Items, and Valorant Collectibles are fun to own, as each carries certain uniqueness. However, if your rampant Valorant purchases concern you, read on & learn how to check valorant money spent history!

Should You Check Your Valorant Money Spent History?

Ideally, it’s good to keep track of your spending, whether as an adult or a dependent adolescent. Hence, Valorant allows you to access your Valorant Purchase Records, which presents you with a detailed history of your Valorant in-game purchases.

Still, one must note that The Valorant Money Spent History would not reflect your in-game Valorant Radianite purchases.

Where Can I Check My Valorant Money Spent Records?

Valorant is developed by Riot Games Inc., making every Valorant Player account linked to their Riot ID. Since it’s impossible to access the Valorant Game without using a Riot ID (preferably yours), you can access Valorant player name change, etc., from the Riot ID account page.

So, How can I check my Valorant Purchase Record? 

Players can access their Valorant Purchase History by visiting the Official Valorant Support Page. Alternatively, some third-party websites offer similar services, but they should not be your first choice.

Thus, let us present you with the exact steps to check your Valorant Purchase Record!

Easy Steps to Officially Check Your Valorant Purchase Records!

Depending on your requirement, there are two ways by which you can check your Valorant Inventory Purchase records.

  • The second one presents you with your Valorant Purchase History! Check out the steps below to Check your Valorant Purchase History!

โ†’ Step: 1 – Visit the Valorant Support Page!

Valorant Money Spent
  • Click on the Purchase History Thumbnail on the Valorant Support Page.
  • You may be asked to Login using your Riot ID if you aren’t already signed in with it.
Valorant Money Spent
  • Click on the Log In button to be redirected to the Riot Games Authentication Page.

โ†’ Step: 2 – Login To Valorant Support Using Riot ID

  • Please Enter your Riot ID credentials as shown below, and click on the Next button.
Valorant Money Spent
  • Enter the Authentication Code sent to your Riot ID registered email address, and click on the Next button.
Valorant Money Spent

  • Your browser should redirect you back to the Valorant Purchase History page.

โ†’ Step: 3 – Click on ‘Get My Purchase History’

  • Please click on the Get My Purchase History button to access the records of the Valorant purchases you’ve made.
    • It does not include records of in-game purchases made using VP like Vandal Skin, Phantom Skin, etc.
    • The listed Purchase History records will only show the VP Store purchase records.
      • The details of your Valorant Purchase History records should include the date & time of transactions, VP, payment method, and amount.
Valorant Money Spent

Alternate Options to Check Valorant Money Spent History! (Caution)

Valorant players do have the option to use third-party websites or portals to check their Valorant Purchase Record. However, Players are strongly advised against using such portals and services because Riot Games Inc. takes no responsibility for it.

Are Third-Party Check Valorant Purchase History Portals Unsafe?

Based on the Official Valoran Support page guidelines, using any tools, software, portal, or services to access Valorant game data or its modifications is grounds for legal action. Moreover, using any third-party software and services to access Valorant data could result in the following outcomes:

  • Account Security

Even if you only want to look up your Valorant Purchase Record or history, you’ll likely need to provide your Riot ID credentials. A leak of the same could potentially compromise your Riot ID Valorant Account.

Valorant Money Spent

The third-party websites or entities might not only sell your Riot ID data, but they could also use it for illegal activities. Therefore, there’s a strong chance that you may face legal actions against you according to the breach of the Riot Games Inc. guidelines.

  • Valorant Account Ban

Apart from the threat of facing legal actions, your Valorant game account could receive a temporary or permanent ban. Should it come to be true, you will not be able to get a refund for any and all Valorant Purchases you’ve made, whether of Valorant Points (VP) or Radianite Points (RP).

The Takeaway

The best way to check how much you have contributed to the valorant money spent statistics is by following the steps above. Make sure to keep your Riot ID secure and confidential by following effective measures for your Account Security. Happy Gaming!


Does Riot offer a Valorant Purchase History?

Riot Games Inc. offers its registered users to check their Valorant Purchase History using their official Support Valorant website. If the website may be down, users are encouraged to try again after some time rather than accessing third-party services.

How can you check your purchase history on Valorant?

Visit the Valorant Support Page to check your Valorant purchase History to date. Alternatively, you can access the Purchases & Earned Content page to learn about your Valorant Inventory items. Otherwise, please raise a ticket with the Valorant Support team, who will contact your back ideally within 24 hours.

How do I check my Valorant total spending?

Valorant Players can access their game spending history or Valorant Purchase record using their Riot ID after accessing the Valorant Support Page. On it, Valorant Players can get information about the date and time of the transaction, acquired VP, payment method, and amount.

How do I see all purchases on Valorant?

Check your Valorant money spent statistics and purchases on Valorant by accessing the Purchases & Earned Content page. It should provide you with your Valorant inventory data from the date of your Riot ID Valorant Account creation.

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