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The Official Gankster Valorant platform @ is GOOD!

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Valorant players already have multiple options to look for groups (LFG), teams (LFT), and other players (LFP) to queue together. However, the Gankster GG platform brings some additional and required functionalities – which were found to be missing on the Connections platform by Tracker GG.

But can it still help the Valorant community the same as League of Legends players after two years of release? Indeed!

What is Valorant Gankster GG?

Gankster GG is a free platform for Valorant players & teams to discover & connect with each other and to post scrims.

The best aspect of the platform lies in depicting true scrim match data and player data in real time (sorry, fakers). Using this data, the teams and players can decide their game schedule or player roles and many other game-related fundamental subjects.

Moreover, Gangster GG is the perfect platform to use for finding teams or players for Valorant Premier Tournament matches/events. Its feature to help search for players using agent roles is also useful if you want to fill specific spots in your team.

You can also recruit coaches or managers for your team or group using the Valorant Gankster GG platform. Lastly, of course, you can filter everything using player rank, including selecting multiple player ranks at the same time.

What is Player Reputation on Gankster Valorant?

Gangster Valorant has a reputation system where players can review their teammates after every match they play together. It helps to bring credibility to the player profiles, further helping other players gain an accurate idea of the playstyle or abilities.

gankster valorant reputation

Note: Since your profile upholds a reputation, it will be vital to maintain it well for your Gankster scrims.

How to Use Gankster GG for Valorant?

To begin, you must sign up on the Valorant Gankster platform using either your Discord ID or your Riot Account.

Step 1: Click the Sign In Button.

Step 2: Choose the Preferred Option.

You can either select Continue with Riot Account, Continue with Discord, or Continue with Email. We chose ‘Continue with the Riot Account.’

authorize gankster valorant

Step 3: Authorize Valorant Gankster

If you are not already signed into your Riot Account, you will need to log in first before you see the Authorize page.

Step 4: Post A Scrim OR Look For Groups, Teams, Players

After authorization, you will be redirected to the ‘Group’ section on the home page. Its bottom or second-half area will show you the latest listings posted by players recruiting other players in a group.

You can also use the options to create or look for Gankster scrims for matches or book your gankster premier team spot.

Step 5: Customize or Create a Group Listing

Use the drop-down menu titled Server and select the region where you play Valorant. After your selection, the list below will refresh automatically and present the filtered results. Alternatively, you can also create your own group listing to recruit players for different roles.

Is it safe to sign In with a Riot Account on Gankster GG?

The Gankster for Valorant is not a new platform, as it has been around for approximately two years and longer for League of Legends players. Parallelly, the team behind the platform has been known to work hard to maintain the functionality and security of the platform, so it’s completely safe to sign in with your Riot Account.

Similarly, it is also safe to use your Discord authentication to Sign Up and log in.

Who Should Use Gankster GG for Valorant?

Akin to the Valorant LFG Discord group, anyone can join and use the Gankster LFG section to find new players, teams, and groups. No matter what your rank is, you can still search and join groups (based on accepted applications) so you can play with others with similar or better skills.

As a coach or a team manager who wants to build a casual team or a competitive Premier team, the Gankster Valorant platform is the place for you.

The Takeaway

Gankster Valorant GG also offers a Desktop application, which unlocks further benefits like Automatic Party Creation, Reputation System, etc. Check it out and tell us if you found yourself a team player(s) with whom you can do Duos, Trios, or Five Stack! Good Luck!


How to Book A Premier Spot on the Gankster Valorant platform?

Visit the platform homepage and navigate to the Scrims section found under the burger menu button at the left corner of your screen. Click on the Open or Book button to book a Premier spot for your team. You must have or be a part of a team to book a spot.

My profile is missing on the Gankster Valorant platform. How can I see it?

You cannot directly see your profile stats on the Gankster Valorant platform by using the mouse hover or other functions. However, one solution to view your profile stats is to post a listing in the LF Team section. Next, you can use the hover function or click on the posting to expand it and view your stats.

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