Can You Play Valorant on Apple Mac – Intel, M1, M2, Mini, and Studio?

The 5v5 tactical FPS Valorant title by Riot Games Inc has been free for PC Download since its launch! But can you play Valorant on Mac in 2023 or any other Apple devices like New M Series chips and the Mac Studio?

Use our complete guide to Install or get Valorant on Mac in 2023!

can you play valorant on mac

Can You Download Valorant on Mac in 2023?

To Download or Play Valorant on Mac successfully,
one of the main steps is to Download Valorant PC on your MacBook in 2023!

If you own an Apple Mac device or a Mac OS system, then you can download and run Valorant on Mac! But there are a few caveats. So, let’s start first by checking can the Valorant run on MacBook or not.

Valorant Mac Requirements (60 FPS Gaming)

Your Mac can do better than most PCs that you can buy that can run Valorant at 60+ FPS! But, again, it depends on the config of your Mac device. Here are the known Mac systems that can run the 5v5 FPS game made by Riot Games:

MacBook Air 2012
iMac 2012
MacBook Pro 2012
Mac Mini 2012
MacBook Pro 2013
iMac Pro 2013
MacBook 2015
MacBook Pro 2015

The listed devices can run Valorant on Mac at a respectable frame rate, i.e., above 60 FPS.

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As for the official requirements or specs to run Valorant on PC, they are as follows:

Download Valorant on Mac

Based on the game requirements, it looks like, yes, the Valorant can run on MacBook at 60 FPS or better.

All the listed Macs can play Valorant smoothly, so let’s learn how you can get Valorant on Mac and play it in 2023!

Note: If you own an M series Mac device with 7 GPU cores or more, you can easily run game titles like Valorant on it.

How to Download Valorant on Mac in 2023? – Latest Ways to Play!

Valorant is not too graphics intensive,
so it can run pretty well on most new & old Macs!

Any users that are guessing if they can play Valorant on their MacBook Air should be relieved. You can get and play Valorant on a MacBook if you bought it in 2012 or after. It is equally true for MacBook Pro users and anyone else that owns a Mac Studio or similar devices with an Intel or an Apple chip.

Please follow the given steps to Download, Install, and Play Valorant today on your Mac!

can you play valorant on mac bootcamp

Install Valorant on Mac Using Boot Camp (For Macs with Intel)

We will need Windows to run Valorant, so it is vital to first install Windows on Mac using Boot Camp to make the process easy! Please note that the Boot Camp method to get Valorant on Mac works only for devices with an Intel chip.

The Boot Camp software is exclusive to Mac OS.
It lets you run Windows on your Apple MacBook Air, Pro, or Mac Studio devices.
Using it, you can run any PC apps and games on Mac.

1. Turn Off Secure Boot

The Secure Boot setting is set to Full Security by default. Please change it to the No Security state from the settings menu.

Doing so will let you successfully install Windows on Mac to play Valorant.

After you complete the installation, you can revert it to Full Security, as it will not affect the launch of Windows OS on your Mac.

2. Prepare Your System

  • Your Mac needs to have at least 30-40 GB of free storage space to host the files for the Windows 10 64-bit OS.
  • After making the space, please proceed to acquire the Windows 10 ISO file from the Store or use your paid copy if you have one.
  • Your Mac should have an in-built Boot Camp app. Please launch it or install it from here.
can you play valorant on mac bootcamp

3. Installing System Files

  • First, please update the Boot Camp app and your Mac OS.
  • Once you have the latest updates, connect an empty flash drive. (Must have 8GB or more free space)
  • Launch the Boot Camp app and Select the plugged flash drive.
  • Click on the ‘Choose…’ button and select the Windows 10 ISO file.
  • Please click on Confirm at the next step.
    • The Boot Camp app will now copy the Windows 10 ISO file into the flash drive.

4. Updating Drivers

Boot Camp will auto-download the new drivers for Windows 10 Home or Pro while copying files to the flash drive. However, if required, you can also get them from the official Apple website.

5. Installing Windows 10 (x64-bit)

  • Create a new partition out of the free space on your hard drive.
can you play valorant on mac bootcamp

  • Proceed to install Windows OS on the new partition, and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • After restarting a few times, the Welcome to Boot Camp installer will resume installing Windows on Mac.
  • Allow the prompts on your Mac screen to finish installing Windows on Mac.
  • Restart your Mac once more.

6. Install Valorant on Mac Using Boot Camp

Now that you can run Windows 10 Home or Pro on Mac using Boot Camp, it’s time to install Valorant on Mac using Boot Camp.

  • When you restart, press the Option key and hold it to access the bootup screen.
  • Now, select the Win OS option to switch to the Windows OS from your Mac OS.
  • Next, please follow the steps given in the last main section of this guide (Steps to Download & Play Valorant on Mac & Apple Devices). Remember to Sign Up if you don’t have a Riot ID!

7. GLHF!

How to Get Valorant on Mac Using Parallels (x64-bit)

Those of you that own a new Mac device like the M Series MacBook Air, Pro, Mac Mini, or Apple Studio cannot use Boot Camp. It is because Boot Camp support is limited to Macs with Intel Chips. So, we will need to install Parallels to get and play Valorant on your new Mac, but first, let’s install Windows 11 Home or Pro.

Note: You cannot install Windows 10 on M series Macs because Microsoft has dropped its support.

1. Install Parallels on Your Mac to Play Valorant

Parallels Download
  • Download Parallels (free or paid) on your Mac and install it.
  • Run parallels and follow the prompts on your screen. (Enable access to all the files and folders on your Mac)
can you play valorant on mac parallels

The next screen will confirm to you the chipset you are using on your Mac. For M1 & M2 Mac users, you will see the appropriate message as shown here. It will also confirm with you that it will use an ARM version of Windows OS.

  • Click on the Continue button and follow the next steps in this guide.
can you play valorant on Mac

2. Install Windows 11 Home or Pro (64-bit) on Parallels For M1 & M2 Macs!

Both the Valorant game and Windows 11 require the TPM module to run on any device. Because only parallels can emulate it as a virtual chip, we will use it on your Mac to install Win 11 Home or Pro. After it, you can run or play Valorant on MacBooks M1 & M2.

  • At the Create New screen, select the second option. It is labeled as – Install Windows or Another OS from a DVD or image File.

Note: The image shows first option, but you need to SELECT THE SECOND OPTION before you click Continue.

  • Now, locate the Windows 11 (x64-bit) ISO file on your Apple Silicon M1 or M2 Mac devices. (Download a free version from the Store or use your paid copy if you have one)

can you play valorant on mac parallels
  • Click on the Install Windows button.
can you play valorant on Mac

Your Mac will soon finish installing Windows 11 Home or Pro (64-bit) on your M1 or M2 Mac device. For the next step, Parallels will ask about the intended use of Windows on your Mac.

  • Select the Gaming option, and name the OS to Win11 or anything else you may choose.
  • After it, click on the Create alias on Mac button, tick the box labeled Customize settings before installation, and click on the Create button.
  • At the customize screen, use the slider to increase your RAM from 4 GB. If you have an M1 or M2 Mac with 16 GB RAM or more, increase it to the 8 GB or 12 GB mark.
  • Click on the Continue button to continue launching Windows 11 on your M1 & M2 Macs.
can you play valorant on Mac
  • Allow access to Parallels for using your camera, microphone, and Bluetooth.
  • Sign Up or Sign In to your Parallels Account.

Now you are ready to install Valorant on your M1 & M2 Macs using Windows 11 Home or Pro (x64-bit) on Parallels.

3. Install Valorant on M1 & M2 Macs Using Parallels

After you can access the Desktop on Windows on Mac, please follow the steps given in the last main section of this guide. (Steps to Download & Play Valorant on Mac & Apple Devices). Remember to Sign Up if you don’t have a Riot ID!

4. GLHF!

can you play valorant on Mac

How to Play Valorant on Mac M Series (ARMx86)

The Mac OS releases for new Apple MacBooks, Mac Mini, and Mac Studio (2020 or later) are built on ARM code. So, if you try to run Windows on them, you can only install the ARMx86 version of Windows 11 OS.

Sadly, since the ARM Windows 11 is not yet supported by the Riot Client that runs Valorant, you must get the 64-bit version on your Mac. It is also because the ARM version on Mac does not support DirectX 12.

So, the steps above from the previous section can help you run Valorant on your M1 & M2 MacBook.

Alternatively, the following methods are known to be used by some players to run Valorant on the new M1 & M2 Macs.

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Can you Emulate Windows on Mac to Play Valorant?

It is not unusual to use Virtual Box or other apps to emulate Windows on Mac and vice versa. But you may face stability issues or other problems when you run Valorant or other games.

So, your best option is to use the steps given above to install Valorant on Macs by using Boot Camp or Parallels to first install Windows OS.

can you play valorant on Mac

Can you use Nvidia Geforce Now on Mac to Play Valorant Online?

The Valorant game is not available to play online using Geforce Now. Furthermore, it is unknown if the game devs will bring the game to online game streaming platforms. So, please watch this space to get the latest updates on playing Valorant on Mac (new & old) devices.

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Steps to Download & Play Valorant on Mac & Apple Devices in 2023!

After you have installed Windows on your Mac, it’s finally time to get the Valorant Game by Riot on your Mac!

Please follow the steps below to get Valorant on your new or old MacBook devices.

Easy Steps to Install Valorant on Mac in 2023! (Get 60 FPS or more)

Get 60 FPS or more on your New & Old Macs when you Play Valorant!

Note: If you have a Riot ID or account already, use it to Log in at the Valorant Website. You can skip to step 4 of this guide after you log in.

  • Step 2: ‘Sign In’ to your Riot Games account with Riot ID, or you can create a new one by clicking on the ‘Make One’ button.

Do not feel shy to use the Forgot Password button to regain access to your Riot ID.

  • Step 3: Complete the process of Sign Up by entering the requested details.
  • Step 4: At the download page, click on the ‘Download’ button and save the client file of the game on your Mac.
  • Step 5: Locate and launch the game installer file (Install VALORANT.exe) on your Windows running on Mac. Click on ‘Run’ and then on ‘Yes’ as shown in the image.
  • Step 6: Click the Install button as prompted to begin installing the Valorant game on your MacBook.
can you play valorant on mac install

Use the Advanced Options button to change the path where you want to install Valorant on your M1 & M2 Mac or older MacBooks.

  • Step 7: Allow the game client to download and install the Valorant game files on your Mac PC.
  • Step 8: You can ‘Log In’ to the game client while the game download completes.
valorant terms of service

Note: Agree to the Terms of Service, and you will need to Log In using your Riot ID to access the next screen.

  • Step 9: Click on the ‘Play’ button once the download is complete.
valorant game warning
  • Step 10: After the game launches, you will get a warning and the restart Valorant error message. Do it so the game’s anti-cheat client can initialize. Close any running programs on your Mac.
restart valorant game
  • Step 11: Post the restart, run the Valorant game using the desktop icon (VALORANT.EXE), and pick a unique name on the next screen.

The name you pick will be your display name in the Valorant game for the next 30 days.

select display name valorant
  • Step 12: Click on the Play button to enter the Unrated mode game lobby queue. Enjoy gaming Valorant on Mac in 2023!
valorant home screen

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Final Words

We wish you good luck and hope you have fun when you play Valorant on your Mac and new Pro, Max, and Ultra Macs. Please know that Valorant is available only for PC or Windows OS. So, please use our guide to learn how to get Valorant on Mac using the latest available ways to play Valorant on Mac in 2023!


Can you run Valorant on Mac?

No. Valorant is only available for PC. But you can use our guide at DownloadValorant to run Valorant on Mac in 2023!

Can you play Valorant on Mac?

Yes. All MacBooks, Mac Mini, and Mac Studio can run Valorant. But, to install it, you need to first get Windows on your Mac. Follow the steps in our Valorant Download Macbook guide to get Valorant on Mac.

How much space do I need for Valorant on Mac?

You need at least 60 GB of free space to Install Valorant on Mac after you first install Windows 10/11 Home or Pro (x64-bit). The game will require about 50 GB of space, and the Win 11 Home or Pro OS will need the same or more.

Can I get banned if I run Valorant on Mac?

As long as you do not tamper with game files, you may not get banned in Valorant if you play it on a Mac. Still, you should know that the game is only available for free on PC and does not support Apple devices.

Is it safe to play Valorant on Mac?

It is safe to play Valorant on your Mac, but it is not supported officially. So, if you run into any errors like game crashes or the like, please restart the game. In case you get a ban, please contact the Riot Support team. They may get it lifted, but you will be asked to play the game on a PC.

When will Valorant release on Mac?

Valorant is only available on PC for free. Please watch this space to get new updates on how to get or play Valorant on Mac in 2023!

Is Valorant free on Mac?

Valorant is a free 5v5 FPS agent-based tactical game by Riot Games Inc. You can download it on your Mac or PC for free using the link above and follow the steps in our guide to play Valorant on Mac!

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