Valorant For iOS and Android – What to Expect?

Riot will release Valorant on iOS and Android platforms in 2024 based on the confirmed news reports. As per leaks, the mobile version will also follow the PC gameplay system, including the Ranking System and Agent Classes. But will the mobile version match the PC gameplay?

Valorant Mobile Game

Based on the Twitter leaks, the mobile FPS gameplay experience indeed looks similar to the PC game version. Much like the PC game’s official release in 2020, the mobile version release will also feature fourteen Valorant Agents. Check out the gameplay below!

In addition to the core gameplay elements, the mobile game will also include some additional exclusive features that are missing in the Valorant PC game!

What are the Android & iOS Requirements?

Unfortunately, players must wait for pre-registration to begin to learn about Valorant mobile game requirements on Android and iOS.

All Valorant Mobile Game Features

The Riot team has worked hard to match the mobile experience with the PC game – based on leaked gameplay clips. Hence, a lot of the mobile game features, like HRTF audio, crosshair customization, etc., will match the PC game. Read on to learn more about all the features!

Players will get Rank Up animations and Agent MVP animations, with the mobile game release!

Home Screen

After players download and install Valorant from the App Store and Google Play Store, they will be greeted with the game home screen. At a glance, it looks much more intuitive and refined to suit the handheld gaming experience.

Valorant Mobile Battlepass

The mobile game on Android and iOS will likely feature a battlepass of its own, as per the leaks. Its timeline and tier progression may also be the same as on the PC game -> play matches to earn XP and unlock tier items!


As with everything else, the Store in Valorant Mobile will be unique for each player, except for the on-sale bundles. But what further remains to be seen is whether the Android and iOS game players will get the KC credits system or not.

Valorant Mobile Gun Skins

The fans are happy to see the likes of Elderflame Vandal appearing on the mobile version. However, it’s yet unconfirmed whether they can use their PC game gun skins in the mobile version – likely not. Still, fans should expect more gun skins like ION Phantom, etc., to be featured later after the official release.

Valorant Agents

Based on the leaks, players will get Fourteen Valorant Agents in the mobile version, of which only five may be available for use immediately. The names of all the agents are as follows:



The PC game maps are already perfect enough to port to the mobile game, so there won’t be any dissimilarities. However, initially, the mobile game may only have three maps.

Mobile Game Settings

Although it’s unconfirmed (and unlikely) that the mobile version will arrive with crossplay support, the other game settings will become available as is. 

Graphics SettingsAudio Settings + HRTFMinimap SettingsCrosshair Settings
Sensitivity SettingsPrivacy SettingsHUD Control SettingsVoice Chat Settings

Note: The keybinds from the PC game will be replaced with on-screen buttons (HUD) in the mobile game.

Player Collection

The mobile game will also feature the community’s favorite in-game items like Player Cards, Gun Skins, Player Titles, and Spray. But don’t expect all of the already released PC game assets to be available on the mobile game right away!

Game Modes

At the time of the release, players on the mobile game may only get four game modes, i.e., Unrated, Competitive, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch. For the remaining game modes, players can trust Riot to feature them gradually.

Final Words

While everything appears fantastic for the Valorant iOS and Android game, it’s unknown how Riot will incorporate the use of Riot ID. If it allows the players to use the same Riot ID, players may be able to use their in-game purchases across the platforms. Regardlessly, check our website regularly to learn more about Valorant mobile release date news, leaks, and updates!

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