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valorant easter eggs

Valorant game development began in 2014 until its beta release in early 2020 and official worldwide release on 2nd June 2020. In between this period, the game developers built the Valorant title we know and love today – but not without including some exciting hidden items! That’s right, there are several Valorant Easter Eggs in the game, and many of them are scattered across its ten maps!

Valorant Easter Eggs – An Introduction

An Easter Egg in games, by definition, means a secret feature hidden from basic gameplay or hidden items placed around or inside the gameplay area. In Valorant Maps, there are plenty of easter eggs, so let’s check them all out!

ascent valorant easter eggs


Location: San Marco, Venice, Italy – Alpha Earth

The Ascent Map is the game’s foundation because the development stages began with it, making it the first Valorant map. But it has more than a few easter eggs since there is plenty of history attached to it. So, learn about All the Ascent Valorant Easter Eggs by watching the YouTube Shorts clip below!

Ascent Lore:

Following the First Light incident, in fact, a decade after it, the Ascent location was the destination where an Omega Earth Agent (Ω-Jett, presumably) successfully detonated the spike. Since the Valorant PROTOCOL team was unsuccessful in defending the ground, the map boasts a cataclysmic appearance, with a chunk of the city suspended in the air. It’s also noted to be the biggest radianite event known to Alpha Earth.

Ascent Map Special Features:

  • Irreversible bomb doors @ Site A – 500 HP
  • Destructible panels @ Site B – 400 HP
  • Destructible glass pane near A Tree
bind valorant easter eggs


Location: Rabat, Morocco – Alpha Earth

The Bind map is special in Valorant, mainly for its smaller size and unique special features during its release time. It’s one of the first maps in FPS games to feature two teleporters, adding a challenge for both sides to contest the spike sites. Simultaneously, it’s also the first map not to have a Mid area – affirming that the condition to secure a win is to conquer the site area.

Watch the YouTube Shorts clip below to see all the Bind Valorant Easter Eggs!

Bind Lore:

Kingdom Corporation is aspiring to expand its operations after opening a radianite refinery on Bind Map and will demolish any cultural heritage to achieve its goal. Site B is connected to the Kingdom Corp HQ – offering players cyber-scenic visuals of a meta-city in development.

Bind Map Special Features:

  • Two One-way Teleporter(s)
  • One-way Automatic Doors
breeze valorant easter eggs


Location: Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean – Alpha Earth

The Breeze Map site is located amidst the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, featuring historic ruins and ample tropical sights. It’s worth noting that Breeze has been the largest map in Valorant since its release, offering huge and wide open spaces with plentiful long-range combat opportunities. But there’s more to this map than what meets the eye; check out all the Breeze Map Easter Eggs below!

Breeze Lore:

The whole Breeze Map is a front for a Radianite mine underneath it, elevating its strategic significance in the Valorant Lore for both Alpha and Omega Earths. Also boasting a teleporter with unparalleled continuous functionality, a partially sunken carrier ship, and ancient caves, Breeze has yet to uncover all its secrets.

Breeze Map Special Features:

  • Vertical Rope Ascenders
  • Interactive Mechanical Door (Indestructible)
  • Automatic One-Way Chute
fracture easter eggs


Location: Santa Fe County, New Mexico, USA – Alpha Earth

The Fracture map is designed uniquely for any FPS game ever released because of its central Defenders spawn zone surrounded by quadrant site areas. It is also the first to feature two one-way ziplines fixed directly atop the fractured Radian Collider inside the Everett-Linde Research Facility. It’s the top secret location in Valorant, so it’s bound to hold all the Fracture Easter Eggs it possibly can!

Fracture Lore:

The Fracture map is at the epicenter of all the events in Valorant Lore, offering a glimpse into active collaboration between Kingdom Corp of Alpha and Omega Earth. Left partially barren after the “Fracture” event as per the cinematic (Chamber Agent), the abandoned secret Facility is hiding numerous mysteries – including what if the collider hadn’t been destroyed?

Fracture Map Special Features:

  • Fully Automatic Door @ A Hall
  • Two Automatic One-way Ziplines @ Attacker Spawn
  • Two Rope Ascenders @ B Arcade & across A Link
haven easter eggs


Location: Thimphu, Bhutan – Alpha Earth

Valorant game developers were onto something genius when designing the Haven map with three spike sites – a first for FPS games! With the stakes to push/defend a spike plant elevated by design, the sight of an abandoned and still-burning monastery weeps of its recent cataclysmic past.

All the original Haven Valorant Easter Eggs still exist until Episode 8, Act 1 – check them out before the Haven Map Changes arrive!

Haven Lore:

When the peaceful monastery in Bhutan became the ground-zero for storing radianite crates of Kingdom Corporation – its irrevocable destruction was imminent. Presently, a crumbling temple amidst the Haven map bears silent witness to the cruel after-effects of a Radianite Spike detonation.

Haven Map Special Features:

  • Three Spike Sites – Site A, Site B, Site C
  • Destructible Panels – 400 HP
  • Window @ Mid Courtyard
icebox easter eggs


Location: Bennett Island, Sakha, Russia – Alpha Earth

All the best FPS games feature an arctic-themed map, and so does Valorant with the Icebox. Being the first map with multi-elevation spike sites in any FPS game, it’s also the first to feature horizontal zip lines. But did you know you are being watched around the spike sites and spawn points by hidden items in off-access areas – have you noticed it? No? Check all the Icebox Valorant Easter Eggs below!

Icebox Lore:

The cold confines of the Arctic near Russia in Valorant comfortably house the Kingdom Corp’s container port as a neighbor to a crashed ancient warship. Yet, the secrets of both the ancient ship and its crew are attracting attention from various groups to uncover the past. Will they succeed, or will the spectators present themselves?

Icebox Map Special Features:

  • Horizontal Rope Ascenders (Zipline)
  • Vertical Rope Ascenders
  • Multi-Elevation Spike Site
  • Multi-elevation Mid Area
lotus hidden items


Location: Western Ghats, Karnataka, India – Omega Earth

The second three-site map in Valorant is Lotus, bringing a first for FPS games with A Rotating Door. Its location is incidentally also another first for Valorant because Lotus Map is situated on the Omega Earth. Enjoy the beautiful traditional wall decals and huge flowers (courtesy of Radianite exposure), but do look into all the Lotus Valorant Easter Eggs since the new changes are live!

Lotus Lore:

The orphic Guardians in Valorant Lore supposedly built the (now lost) city of Lotus, dubbed as the “City of Flowers.” It’s presently a multiverse nexus after the radianite explosion on Alpha Earth and is guarded by the Valorant LEGION (counterpart of PROTOCOL) agents. Lotus map also introduces the Harbor agent and his lore alongside connecting Astra’s lore!

Lotus Map Special Features:

  • Vertical Rope Ascender @ Site A
  • Destructible Wall – 400 HP @ A Link
  • Rotating Doorways @ A Rubble
  • Silent Drop @ B Site Fountain
pearl hidden items


Location: San Marco, Venice, Italy – Alpha Earth

The two-site map, aka Pearl, offers players exciting close and long-range duels as its unique map feature. Being the first map to have a back-side (A Dugout) at a Spike Plant Site A, Pearl brings the famed Chamber’s fantastic sniping range between B Ramp and Site B. Do what you must but be careful of getting lurk-killed or worse, running out of time!

Pearl Lore:

The location of Pearl is off the Portuguese coast on Omega Earth, wherein the city of Lisbon is overrun into submersion. Team Valorant Legion and Kingdom Corporation have worked together to ensure its safety by building a one-of-a-kind geo-dome around the gameplay area. Although life continues beneath the waves, it’s not only humans that lurk on the map – check out the Pearl Valorant Easter Eggs to know more!

Pearl Map Special Features:

  • Close – Mid – Long range duel areas
  • Built inside a Dome
split easter eggs


Location: San Marco, Venice, Italy – Alpha Earth

One of the oldest Valorant Maps, called Split, is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo – offering a mix of contemporary homes and skyscrapers. Both its spike sites contain a high tower, make what you will of it, but it hides several Split Valorant Easter Eggs more than any other map! Can you find them all, including the Tactibear, Commander Bunny, and others?

Split Lore:

Kingdom Corporation is expanding its operations by taking over the calm city where the Alpha & Omega Earth Valorant agents are combating to resist the territory grab. The nearby desolate shops and beautiful homes are a reminder of eroding cultural property and heritage. Who will succeed in the end?

Split Map Special Features:

  • Vertical Rope Ascenders
sunset hidden items


Location: San Marco, Venice, Italy – Alpha Earth

The Sunset map in Valorant is special to the game and its development team. Sunset is located on the home turf of Riot HQ. The map release also took place during the VCT Masters 2023 annual event in California. Of course, there is plenty to discover, but don’t miss out on the beautiful graffiti by ATLAS and 123KLAN. Can you find all the Sunset Valorant Easter Eggs?

Sunset Lore:

The Sunset Cinematic clarifies everything regarding Valorant PROTOCOL and Legion preparing for a face-off in the aftermath of a huge sinkhole. Boyle Heights, the quiet neighborhood with a highway and numerous shops and homes, is now a secret that Kingdom Corporation will attempt to hide by going to any and all lengths as necessary.

Sunset Map Special Features:

  • 500 HP Irreversible Bomb Door @ Mid
  • 25+ Shops
  • Lurker Paradise

Valorant Easter Eggs Takeaway

Apart from the depicted Easter Eggs in Valorant Game Maps, you can self-explore and discover several more exciting models and map features. Sometimes, some easter eggs may disappear with map updates, so identify and view them all before they get lost!

Launch a custom game now, and remember to turn on the Cheats and then the Ghost Mode to fly across the map freely! Happy Gaming!

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