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What is Valorant?

Valorant is a character-based 5v5 tactical FPS game developed by Riot and is available for free on the Windows platform. To date, 21 Valorant agents are a part of the Valorant Protocol (Valorant Lore), with 9 Valorant maps in total. Besides being free to play on PC, Valorant also features paid Battlepass and amazing Gun Bundles with Cool Skins and collectibles!

Valorant Game Overview

The Valorant gameplay follows asymmetrical objectives depending on the side of the map you play.

  • In Valorant, for the attackers, detonating the Spike is the primary objective apart from killing all the defenders.
  • Similarly, for the defenders, defeating all the attackers or defusing the Spike remains to be the primary objective(s).
  • Both teams will also spawn with an equal in-game economy that they can use to purchase weapons.

In addition to planting or defusing spikes and gunplay, Valorant is also known for the Valorant Agent Abilities.

The unique special abilities can be purchased from the buy-store before the start of the round. But unlocking the ultimate ability will require collecting Orbs on the map, scoring kills, and planting or defusing the Spike.

There are Twenty-One Valorant Agents, each possessing Three Unique Abilities and One Ultimate Ability.

The roles of these Valorant Agents are divided into four classes based on their abilities-kit: Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Sentinels.

Currently, there are Seven Valorant Game Modes, namely Unrated, Competitive, Deathmatch, Spike Rush, Escalation, Replication and Snowball Fight.

There are several additional ways to address or define the Valorant Gameplay. But the accurate concept states:

  • Five Valorant Agents in two teams compete against each other (5v5) to secure asymmetric win condition objectives.
  • In their quest, both teams, i.e. Attackers and Defenders, are allowed to use Tactical Loadouts and Agent Abilities to Detonate or Defuse the Spike, respectively.
  • Parallelly, both teams are also required to exchange sides after twelve rounds, i.e. Attackers will then become Defenders and vice-versa.
  • Amidst this, the team that is first to secure thirteen rounds of victory shall win the match. The conditions of taking the match to overtime require both teams to have twelve wins each, at least. The first team to have a two-win advantage in Valorant Overtime wins the match.

Admittedly, the 5v5 character-based tactical FPS gameplay it’s not all too different from CSGO and Overwatch, but it exceeds those in several departments.

System Requirements To Play Valorant on PC

To Run Valorant On PC, the system requirements for smooth gameplay aren’t too demanding or high. All the modern Intel & AMD systems should easily allow you to download Valorant For PC and play without any hitches.

So, here are the standard system requirements to play Valorant on PC based on the required FPS:

Valorant PC Requirements

Note: Running Valorant on Windows 11 will also demand enabling UEFI Secure boot and having TPM 2.0 hardware capability.

How To Download And Install Valorant On PC & Windows 11?

Steps To Download Valorant On PC & Windows 11:

  1. Visit on your browser.
Download Valorant On PC
  1. You must now ‘Sign In’ with Your Riot ID or create it using the ‘Make One’ button.
Play Valorant on PC
  1. If you choose Make One to create a Riot ID, you will be prompted to complete the Sign-up.
    • Please input & submit your Email ID, Riot Account Username, Date of Birth, and Password.
    • You can also use your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Xbox credentials to Sign Up.
  1. You will now arrive at the Download Page, where you must click on the Download button.

Note: Official Valorant website will demand you to log in with your Riot ID to obtain the game client.

Play Valorant on PC
  1. Click on Save File and store it locally on your Hard Disk.
  2. You can also Download Valorant Game Client here or click on the button given below.
Download Valorant For Windows
  1. Locate the file Install VALORANT.exe and run it.
    • If prompted further, click on the Yes button, after which you must click on Yesagain to affirm UAC permissions.
    • At the next screen, please click on the Install button.

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Download Valorant On PC
  1. You can also click on the ‘Advanced Options’ [text] under the Install button to change the installation directory/path.
    • Don’t forget to click Install after it!
  2. The Valorant Game client should now begin downloading game files to your PC, after which they will be installed automatically.

Note: A valid and accessible Riot ID username and password are inevitably required to login into the game. If you already have a Riot ID you want to associate with your Valorant game, use it as your login credentials to connect to the game.

  1. You can either Log In now or after the download completes. But you will also have to accept the Terms of Service.
    • So, please scroll down till the end and click on the ‘Accept’ button.
  1. After completing the installation and having logged into the Valorant Game client, click on the ‘Play’ button.
Download Valorant On PC
  1. The first screen after clicking Play will instruct you about Photosensitivity Warning. Click on ‘Accept’ to proceed.
  1. (Only for New Sign Ups) Anyone that has created a new Riot ID must now enter a ‘Enter Riot ID’. It is the game name that will be displayed to other players.
Play Valorant on PC
  1. When you are greeted with an error message right after opening the game, please don’t worry. Close any running programs and click on ‘Reboot Computer.’
  1. After a PC restart, please double-click the ‘VALORANT.EXE’ icon on your desktop to launch Valorant Game on your PC.
  2. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Valorant on your Windows 10/11 PC.
download valorant for pc
  1. Please click on the ‘PLAY’ button to to access available Valorant Game modes.
  2. Select the game mode and again click on the ‘Start’ button to enter the queue.
    • You can invite players or friends to queue with you by clicking the plus button in the queue lobby.
  • After you’ve successfully found a match on a Valorant map picked at random, pick a Valorant Agent.
    • Failing to pick Valorant agent before the Agent select countdown timer runs out will result in map dodge.
      • Every second map dodge will begin incurring penalties, which in succession may also result in temporary ban.
  • The game round will now initialize after all players between both teams have selected their respective agents.
  • You should soon find yourself the assigned Valorant Map.
    • So get your Valorant Weapons within the Buy Round and Enjoy your Valorant game!

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How To Play Valorant On PC

Playing Valorant does not require a higher learning curve if you only want to play for fun. However, while the gunplay is pretty intuitive, it could still take a while for you to learn about different Valorant agent abilities.

Moreover, learning to play the Valorant Agent abilities to your advantage would also require putting in some well-worth learning hours. So, if you aim to play Competitive Valorant Game mode, getting the Valorant Gameplay basics right (stated above) is a good start.

Happy Gaming!


Is Valorant Free to Play?

Yes, Valorant is a free-to-play tactical shooter FPS game designed by Riot Games Inc. You can unlock All Valorant Agents by gaining XP, which only requires playing the game. There are Seven Valorant Maps and Seventeen Valorant Agents to date.

Can I Play Valorant on Mac?

It is possible to Play Valorant on Mac, but the game does not feature native support. It is because Valorant PC game is officially exclusive to the Windows Operating systems. But, you can check out our guide to learning to Install Valorant on Mac!

How big is the Valorant game?

The complete Valorant Storage size is approximately 19.2 GB, including all the Maps and game content. On average, A Valorant Game Match lasts for 45 minutes, without the Overtime scenario, which can additionally last up to 20 minutes.

How Can I Purchase Valorant Skins?

Valorant Store offers exciting discounts on Valorant Gun Bundles and featured Valorant skins. You can use the Valorant Store to get Valorant Gun Skins or get the Valorant Battepass to get rewarded for extra XP you can score!

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