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Valorant Reddit Recon – Core Gameplay Discussions

Everything between – TILThisUsername Checks OutTL;DR

1. Valorant Comms Truth: Is it Backseating or Giving Information?

Reddit users are great at explaining stuff in simple terms, and so is Sautille by explaining both Valorant activities apart. Hopefully, you will present the information correctly and coherently the next time your allies need it – minus the unrequested coaching.

Highlight – Convey Info without telling How to Play 🙂

2. Valorant Gameplay: Safe Plants are NOT SAFE?

The solution to a problem like deciding the ideal spike plant location is rarely pure and never simple – OR is it? Apparently, it is, but it depends on whether you have the site control. In Valorant matches, planting the spike at the best location can be a game-turner. So, be sure to read and absorb these Valorant Academy Reddit tips!

Highlight – An Open Plant is often or not an Ideal Plant

3. Valorant Gameplay: Crouch Sprays – Yay or Nay?

When Sova said, “If you’re not a good shot … there are other ways to be useful,” he was correct. Players who have played FPS games previously have a habit of crouch spraying, but does Valorant reward it? Indeed, it does, except not in certain situations, or say, not always in higher or lower ELO ranks.

Highlight – Crouch Spraying increases the chances to die from a headshot

Valorant Reddit Recon – Vibes, Rants & Funny Subreddits

Geniuses, Gems, and Gnomes of Reddit walk into a bar . . . F

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1. Who’s Harder To Hit?

The best of Reddit is about making quips about everything or looking at the sunny side of things. Here, players are given a poll to decide who’s the toughest to hit, and the results will amuse you. Of course, your answer can differ, but you, too, might agree with the winner of the poll.

Highlight – Whiffs are common, but certain Valorant targets are darn difficult.

valorant reddit

2. When BodyShotBarry Aimed For The Heart

Stolen ACEs in Valorant might make most people flip, but BodyShotBarry (Reddit user) had a run with an ally who stole his ACE. His in-game response to the ally was so beautiful that the ally made a Reddit post about it, and as living in a small world goes, BodyShotBarry reunited with him in the post replies.

Highlight – Reunion of a Complete Sportsman and an ACE Thief-turned-Believer.

3. Kiss, Marry, Kill – Valorant Edition

Another wonderful piece of the exhibit is when the Valorant Reddit community discusses something out of the ordinary. For, it’s a simple question about whom they would kiss, marry, and kill, but trust the community to emerge with great responses or funny reasonings.

Highlight“Why you kill Blondie”

Valorant Reddit Recon – Game Development Ideas & Theories

Sometimes inspired from “r/SubredditSimulator”

1. Map Loading Times – Forever & Beyond

During certain Acts or Episodes in Valorant, the time to enter a match after selecting an agent takes next to forever. No? Well, it certainly does take a long time, and the Reddit heads of the Valorant community have some guesses as to what it could be. The answer itself depends on whom you believe.

Highlight – Valorant Coaching Reddit nerds, Assemble!

Valorant Deathmatch

Note: Certain subjects, discussions, and community responses like ‘Valorant Copypasta,’ ‘Valorant Clips,’ and ‘Valorant Error Reddit‘ will never be a part of this series.

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