Valorant Game is a 5v5 Character-Based
First Person Shooter

Despite its age, the Valorant Game still feels fresh in 2023!
From the dynamic asymmetrical shooter gameplay to variety of Valorant Agents, Maps & More!

Here’s all you need to know about Valorant PC Game!

Valorant Gameplay

Enter the 5v5 online multiplayer Valorant Game, where your tactical agent abilities, aim, and quick decisions decide your fate.
Each team plays 13 rounds to attack and defend their side in Unrated and Competitive Game Modes.
Battle against worldwide Valorant Agent Variants and Earn The Valorant Radiant Rank!

Can You Clutch the Valorant Game?
Do You Have What It Takes To Score an Ace!?

Win the Pistol Round to buy better guns or score a Thrifty for a better comeback,
but beware of enemies scoring a Flawless!

Download Valorant PC Game 2023

Since its launch, the Valorant PC Game has cyclically released numerous Episodes, Acts, and Patches, along with its Battlepass collections. As the regular game updates continue to follow the Valorant Lore, fans have plenty more opportunities to welcome new Valorant Agents & newer Valorant Maps.

All such inclusions presently total up to 21 Valorant Agents, 9 Valorant Maps, Hundreds of Valorant Gun Skins, and countless hours of fun! What’s even better is that the Valorant Game is now available on Xbox Game Pass! (Get every Valorant Agent for free by linking your Riot & Xbox Account!)

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The Valorant PC Game Download is free to everyone for PC & Mac using various Game Launchers. Boasting several exciting online multiplayer game modes, highly engaging gunplay, and stunning graphics, try the Valorant Game – The High-grossing FPS Shooter Of The Decade Now!

Valorant Agents

The Radiants or Valorant Agents are each class apart in terms of their ability to minimize the threat. Likewise, their respective abilities kits are equally distinctive and can do everything from providing assistance to the team, neutralizing enemy territories, or enabling unique combat skills.

With more than 12 Valorant Agent releases to date, each belonging to a Valorant Agent Class, there are over 500 ways to win your duels! But, since the versatility of game creators and Riot Developers is evidently on the Ascent, expect more agents to fill these Valorant Agent Classes during this year:

valorant game 2023

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Valorant Game Maps

Speaking of making Ascent, the namesake itself was also the first Valorant Map created by Riot in the labs. Subsequent maps that were created after it for Valorant Beta Release with their Valorant Minimap include Split, Bind, and Haven, and more!

Although Ascent is mostly a paper-thin map, it offers excellent chances to bag wall-bang kills, while other maps like Split or Bind may require being more crafty. However, global Valorant Players have had the luck to get five additional maps over the years!

The following are all the Valorant Maps available presently in all the Game Modes:

Note: The only Valorant PC Game modes available around the year are Unrated, Competitive, Deathmatch, and Custom. Other remaining unavailable game modes can go live cyclically, the same as the Valorant Night Market!

Valorant Game Collectibles

It’s fun to be rewarded for good frags and match time, and Riot’s Valorant does not hold back from its gamers. There are plenty of Valorant Collectibles to be obtained by playing the game, Unlocking the Valorant Agent Chapters, completing Battlepass Progress, and of course, from the Shop, and still more!

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Valorant Weapons & Armor

On the protection side against the raining bullets and diverse abilities, Valorant offers more than most games. It boasts an impressive range of weapons & shields, keeping things simple yet challenging, so never take any gunplay lightly. You can acquire them by spending in-game credits at the pre-round Buy Store.

Valorant Guns

Valorant Weapons

Players can buy 17 different weapons that each have unique recoil and spray patterns. These weapons also differ in cost and make besides the damage they apply to the opponents. All in all, there are Six Classes of Weapons.

SidearmsSMGsShotgunsRiflesSniperHeavy (LMG)

Valorant Game Shields

There are only two types of Shields that you can purchase to protect yourself a little extra beyond 100 HP.

  • Light Shield – 25 HP – 400 Credits
  • Heavy Shield – 50 HP – 1,000 Credits

Note: It’s also helpful to remember that some Valorant Agent abilities can increase the HP, while others can temporarily add Armor.

Valorant Night Market

The Night Market in Valorant becomes the talk of the town each time it appears because it features special discounts. The discounts can be on the heavier side, depending on the class of the Gun Skin. So, be on the lookout for it. It appears next to the Store option with a Tarot card-like icon!

Valorant Night Market

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Valorant game is a highly successful tactical shooters on the market with plans to add more lore, agents, maps & skins.

It’s exciting to see where the game is headed with Episode 6 Act 3, which ends in June 2023.
That’s also during the time it hosts the Valorant Masters Tokyo 2023 Event!

So play, prepare & gear up to wage war on Valorant game maps and grow your rank to become a Radiant!
Happy Gaming!