A Comprehensive Valorant Glossary to Learn the Common Valorant Terms!

Valorant Glossary

  1. Ace

    Awarded to a player at the end of the round when they score all five kills.

  2. Bait

    To lure an enemy using Peek, Bunnyhop, or Abilities, to score a chance at killing them.

  3. Comms

    Communication. Team Communication via a text box, map markers, or voice feed.

  4. Team Ace

    Awarded to the team at the end of the round when all members succeed in taking one kill each.

  5. Cubby

    A small nook or a cut-out area of a wall where a player can hide to sneak up on a passing enemy.

  6. Dink

    It is often heard as a small sound or used as a term used to describe landing a lethal headshot. ‘Dinked a player’ means the enemy player’s health is under 70-80 HP.

  7. Double Stack

    Signifies the presence of two enemy players on a map location. Usually, used in mentioning enemy presence on a spike site in comms.

  8. Double Set Up

    Signifies the presence of two enemy players at a map location. Usually used in mentioning enemy location on any map area in comms.

  9. Double Swing

    Peeking a corner or a Line Of Sight in pairs with one ally and hurling bullets at the target with the intent to kill or wound.

  10. Econ (Economy)

    It refers to the in-game Valorant Credits available to every player that can be used in the Buy Round of Matches. It is used to purchase Valorant Agents’ Abilities, Weapons, and Armor.

  11. Eco Round

    A strategy performed by a team where its members perform a half buy or no buy to save econ. Doing so can help them purchase AR weapons and Armor in the next round, even without scoring kills.

  12. Entry Fragger

    A title that is given by allies or enemies or casters to a Valorant player who leads the team fight to help allies acquire map control. Duelists or players who take at least one kill before getting traded in the process are given this title.

  13. Fake Defuse

    Perform diffusing the spike to alert nearby enemies of its sound to bait them nearer or into taking a peek.

  14. Ninja Defuse

    Completing the spike defuse without letting the Attackers learn about its initiation is a Ninja defuse.

  15. Feeding

    Getting killed too often by enemies. Often occurs when players play predictably, like peeking mid repeatedly in every round with the same tactic at the same position.

  16. Flick

    Obtaining a kill or a dink using the quick movement of the wrist to land the crosshair and the bullet on a spontaneously appeared enemy.

  17. Force Rotate

    It happens when Attackers have been late in planting the spike on either site and now have to rotate to another. Usually, is an outcome for the Attackers when the Defenders full-stack a spike site.

  18. Full Stack

    It is when all five Valorant players hold or approach a Spike site together, with none as the lurker.

  19. Frag

    Landing a kill or scoring a kill.

  20. Full Buy

    Usually an outcome of purchasing all Valorant Abilities, an AR Weapon, and Heavy Armor. Minimum required credits for a full buy average to ~4500 per player.

  21. Heaven

    Used to describe enemy position at an elevated surface, like the B Tower on Fracture Map or the Heaven Window on Haven map.

  22. Hell

    Used to describe the position at a ground level area that is under Heaven or Rafters.

  23. Ability Trading

    A Testing maneuver by Valorant Agents using their Abilities to determine or limit an enemy’s position on a map area.

  24. Aggro

    Playing aggressively. Helps to draw all crosshair sights on Aggro players.

  25. Strafing

    Use A and D keys repeatedly in an unpredictable combination for movement to avoid getting killed by a headshot.

  26. Counterstrafe

    A player changes their direction of running abruptly after taking a halt and repeatedly takes a few steps in both directions to perform a counter-strafing movement.

  27. Hookah

    It is the compact side position near the B side on the Bind Valorant Map. It is across the Teleporter (TP) exit, offering Attackers a higher ground for entering the B Site.

  28. LOS

    Line of Sight. Represented visually by a bright cone in the Valorant Minimap.

  29. Molly

    Short for Molotov, and a voiceline by Brimstone Valorant Agent. It can be spoken to refer to an ability that pools burning fire on the ground. Both Brimstone and Phoenix Valorant Agents possess an ability like it.

  30. Money in the Bank

    It is a state of a team that happens to have maxed their Valorant in-game buy round credits to 9000. It can also be a strategy employed by a team to increase their buy round credits.

  31. One Tap

    It is when a player obtains a kill with one tap of their Left Mouse Button by landing a headshot. Usually, only performed with a Sheriff, Marshall, Guardian, Vandal, and Operator.

  32. OP (AWP)

    Usually referred to as Overpowered, but in Valorant, it means the Operator, the costliest sniper, and the most lethal weapon.

  33. Orb / Orb Pickup

    Ultimate Orbs are known as Orbs in Valorant, by collecting who a player can increase their Ultimate Points. Collecting all required Ultimate points allows players to recharge and use their Ultimate Ability.

  34. Peek

    To look around a corner for learning about enemy positions or to approach an angle with the intent to bait.

  35. Jiggle Peek

    Perform a peek but faster, in the sense that your peek is retracted almost immediately. It helps to gauge the presence of an enemy with poor trigger discipline when/if they’re still holding an angle.

  36. Pistol Round

    It is the first round and the thirteenth round of Valorant wherein players are offered basic buy round credits.

    Since using them, the max a player can get is Pistols + Few Abilities or Marshal, it’s called a pistol round. An eco round can also sometimes be said to be a pistol round because the team performing it only buys pistols.

  37. Off Angle Play

    Taking up an unusual position to hold on a spot that is not precisely at the crosshair placement level. Usually, Valorant Agents like Jett, Raze, Omen, and Chamber use their abilities to make off-angle plays.

  38. Playing Slow

    It is when a team takes their time instead of rushing in with aggro plays at the enemy team. Usually, such a strategy is used to incite or bait the opposite team.

  39. A, B, C Point, Long & Short

    Every spike plant site has two points of entry, one of which shall be at the farther side. The farther one will have a long line of sight and ideal defense positions, thus called Long.

    The short, on the other hand, is the area near the short path to the site, which often runs parallel to the opposite side.

  40. Prefire

    A tactic used in FPS games for shooting at the head-level crosshair placement area with a definite angle. Doing so can help you land early bullets on the enemy, even before they get a peek at you.

  41. Post Plant

    The period which begins after the spike is planted and becomes active is called the Post Plant situation. It applies to both sides, wherein the Defenders will play retake and the Attackers prevent them from becoming successful.

  42. Res / Rez

    The Ultimate ability of Sage called Resurrection is called Rez or Res for short. It is often demanded in comms via voice or text, as an alternative to Revive.

  43. Shift Walk

    Shift Walking is the act of walking without making a sound. It is slower than merely running (W) and usually requires players to use the Shift + W/A/S/D key to move around the map.

    It is useful to sneak up to enemies or approach a corner without giving away your position by the sound of footsteps.

  44. Smoke

    It is short for smoke grenades in FPS games. In Valorant, smoke or smoke out is called when the smoke orbs are used to block LOS on the map.

  45. Strat

    It is short for Strategy.

  46. Thrifty

    It is a title awarded to a player at the end of the round when they score a kill using an enemy gun. Parallelly, also awarded to the team when they score round victory without purchasing a weapon for that round.

  47. Trade

    It is an outcome when two or more players engaged in a fight take out each other or get alternate kills. Suppose, A takes out X where Y succeeds in taking out A or A and B kill each other.

  48. ULT / Ultimate

    Denotes the Ultimate Ability of Valorant Agent, which cannot be purchased, only recharged. Players can recharge Ultimate Ability by deaths, scoring kills, planting spikes, and defusing them.

  49. Wallbang

    It is a phenomenon where players shoot at a partial or completely bullet penetrable surface for dealing damage to enemies. Each Valorant Weapon offers different levels of Wall penetration, with the Sheriff, Vandal, Guardian, and Operator offering the highest.

  50. Anti-Eco

    An act performed by the opposing team involving high-grade weapons purchase against a team that is saving or playing eco.

  51. Car

    A term defined by the Valorant Community as a nickname for Roza’s Boombot.

  52. Dog

    A term defined by the Valorant Community as a nickname for Skye’s Trailblazer (Tiger).

  53. Default

    Jumping into the battlefield without any tactics, and playing on the moves made by the enemies. Also called playing for picks.

  54. Force Buy

    It means making a Buy Round Purchase despite losing the previous round. Often, a force buy act warrants purchasing an SMG, AR, or the Sniper rifle, leaving little to nothing to save for the next round.

  55. Flank

    The phenomenon of one or more enemies approaching a player from the backline, through which they just walked past.

  56. Glass Cannon

    A term referring to a player who purchases an Operator without buying any armor.

  57. Roza Ult

    It refers to the outcome of Raze’s Showstopper being unable to score any kills nor help the team in any manner. The term was coined when Subroza (Professional Valorant eSports Player) engaged Raze Ult and failed to land any kills.

  58. Peeker’s Advantage

    It is a phenomenon that occurs when an aggro peeking player first spots the enemy hiding in cover. Often used by Valorant Players who Main the Vandal weapon.

  59. Pennable

    A term used by Valorant Developers to describe bullet penetrable objects like crates or boxes.

  60. Pocket Sage

    It refers to the Sage Valorant Agent whose player’s gameplay is extremely passive with the sole purpose of healing allies.

  61. Roomba

    A term defined by the Valorant Community as a nickname for Raze’s Boombot.

  62. Stack

    It refers to the positioning of all five players of a team to be within the same area or pushing the same target site together.

  63. Silver Peek

    It is the tiny gap built after placing two objects close together just enough to make an advantageous LOS.

  64. TP (TeePee)

    A shorter way to communicate Teleporter.

  65. Utility

    Another word used to mention Valorant Agent Abilities.

  66. First Blood

    It is the voice line activated by the system to alert all players that the first kill has been secured. It is activated in every round, soon as any player becomes the first to score a kill in a new round.

  67. Ak / Ak-47

    It is termed by the Valorant Community as a nickname for Vandal. The Vandal shots resemble the gunfire of an Ak-47 weapon from CS:GO.

  68. Anchor

    The term refers to the player who single-handedly defends an area against enemies. Often, defenders have an Anchor to protect the Spike Site, while Attackers have Anchor(s) to prevent Defenders’ rotation.

  69. Bunnyhop

    Can be used with a Shift walk to land discreetly. It requires jumping repeatedly between a period of mere seconds to move faster across the map.

  70. Camp

    Holding a particularly sneaky or single position long enough without making a sound to catch an enemy unguarded in proximity.

  71. Cooldown

    It refers to the state of the Valorant Agent ability that is unavailable or refilling its power. For example, the Sova Recon Dart.

  72. CT

    The term refers to the Defenders in Valorant, whose primary objective is to defuse or guard a spike plant. Those objectives are relative to killing all Enemy (Attackers) players.

  73. Crossfire

    Engaging in gunfire from separate directions on a target, to prevent them from making any trades.

  74. Drop

    It is the act of purchasing a weapon for an ally and dropping it down or exchanging it with them. A drop happens when an ally is low on credits and is bought or given a gun for free or on the promise of upcoming rounds purchase.

  75. Entry Frag

    It is a term referring to the player that is the first to push the site or gets first blood.

  76. Exit Frag

    It is a strategy that involves killing enemy players after they have won the round and are escaping elsewhere. Usually, players perform it to obtain the weapons of the enemy team besides the requirement of scoring kills.

  77. Flash

    To blind someone by using an ability that induces bright light that is enough to make a player lose LOS.

  78. Half-buy

    It is an act of purchasing modest weapons like Spectre, Marshal, etc. along with purchasing a half armor. A half buy usually entails using about 300 in-game buy round Valorant Credits.

  79. IGL

    It is a term and a title used in Competitive eSports Games, that is given to the ‘In-Game Leader’ of the respective team.

  80. Lit

    It refers to the state of the opponent or your HP being incredibly low from taking damage. A lit player can be killed with a mere one or two bullets, depending on the weapon.

  81. Lurker

    A player that enacts the flank rotation or goes maverick to find stray kills to assist the team.

  82. Mid

    It refers to the area on a map that is between both Spike Plant sites.

  83. NT

    It is short for ‘Nice Try’ which is said to a player who almost clutched the round or attempted it with serious efforts.

  84. Play ‘Time’

    It refers to different things based on which side you play. However, it constitutes allowing the round to end without letting the enemies succeed in their primary objective.

  85. Safe Plant

    Planting the Spike at a spot with a good cover or at an area from where allies can defend it or you.

  86. Stick

    Completing the commenced Spike defuse while an ally watches your back or covers for you against damage. In clutch rounds, it is the act of completing the Spike plant, irrespective of raining bullets coming at the Defender.

  87. Rotate

    It refers to switching a particular site push to another Spike site such as A to C on Haven. Rotate is also performed by Defenders either as a tactic or as an outcome of a successful spike plant on another location.

  88. Smurf

    An experienced Valorant player that uses a lower Valorant Rank Level account to get easy frags of less-skilled players.

  89. Whiffing

    It is an outcome arising from a Valorant player engaging but missing their shot that could’ve scored them the kill.

  90. Call Outs

    It is a term labeled to denote the various words used to define the different areas of a map, like hookah, showers, etc.

  91. Flawless

    It is a title awarded to the team that succeeds in killing all enemies without taking any casualties. The title comes with a hefty sum of Valorant Buy Store in-game credits as a reward.

  92. Headshot

    A kill obtained by shooting the enemy on the head, often requires only one bullet, depending on the weapon.

  93. Rush

    Approaching a Valorant Map area with allies or solo using or without engaging abilities. It is performed to gain map control or to push away enemies.

  94. Saving

    Performing an eco or a half buy refers to saving, where players save their current round of in-game credits. Doing so lets them have enough credits for making a half/full buy in the next round.

  95. Spray

    The act of continuously firing several bullets at a target. Only possible with Frenzy, AR, SMG, and LRMG weapons. (Not to be confused with Burst Fire)

  96. Stuff

    It can be labeled for anything except Valorant Weapons, from Valorant Agent Abilities to the Spike.

  97. Showers

    The Short Point of the A Spike Site on the Bind Map, directly opposite the A Site Radianite Crates Stack.

  98. U-Hall

    The compact room/area adjacent to TP near the A Spike Site, that leads to the backside of the truck on the Bind Map.

  99. Sheeesh

    A response to seeing or making an unbelievable play or failing enormously.

  100. GG

    Good Game

  101. GG

    Good Game Well Played

  102. NP

    No Problem

  103. NT

    Nice Try

  104. GLHF

    Good Luck Have Fun