DownloadValorant welcomes guest bloggers and marketers to produce content about Valorant gaming, Vanguard technology, and Riot Games. By writing for us, you will receive the opportunity to showcase and present your ideas, guidance, experiences, tips, news material, and other information related to the game to the global audience and the worldwide gaming community.

Our platform can provide you with various opportunities for reaching a broader audience, inclusive of traffic that is routinely obtained from the US and European countries.

You may choose to write about the following topics related to Valorant for our page:

  • Valorant News
  • Valorant Gameplay Topics
  • Valorant Leaks
  • Valorant How-To-Guides
  • Valorant Features & Updates
  • Valorant Esports Events (Global & Regional)
  • Valorant Bug Fixes
  • Valorant Riot Development News
  • Riot Games interviews on Valorant
  • Valorant FAQs

Content Guidelines for Our Guest Posts (DOs & DON’Ts)

The following guidelines mentioned below must be followed inevitably for any and all the guest post submissions that you may provide us:

  • The guest post should contain a minimum of 800 words per topic or subject and should never exceed the total word count of 2500 words.
  • Please emphasize utilizing the correct structure of creating the document, including placing the correct headings, sub-headings, bullets, and specific notes wherever they’re necessary and required.
  • The guest post that you submit to us should not have been posted elsewhere previously, nor shall you post it anywhere else after posting it only at exclusively.
  • The contents of the post that you submit to us should be 100% authentic and free of any form of plagiarism and should be engaging, original, unique, and interesting for the visitors and the audience.
  • The post must have an interesting and engaging title, which should naturally justify and reflect the included content.
  • You can submit your post with a maximum of 5 original images, and you should state their specific placement in the content using Red Font color in BOLD Letters along with the respective title of the filename, which we accept in all sizes but only in the following formats: JPG, JPEG or PNG.
  • You may use or add Video clips or clips from social media platforms like Twitter in your content, but besides it, you cannot include or link any promotional material in the content in any manner whatsoever in the posts that you submit to us.
  • You may include a maximum of one link inside the content that you produce, which should link to either a website of measurable domain authority or a blog post. Any content or post that you submit with more than one link inside it shall not be entertained and will be dismissed.

Prohibition Terms for Our Guest Posts

We will not attend and only proceed to dismiss the following types of guest posts that you may submit to us:

  • If they directly or indirectly promote a business, a brand, an organization, or a service/product.
  • If the purpose of writing the said contents that you submit reflects the case of improving SEO practices.
  • If they carry HTML coding or any other types of web programming languages.
  • If they carry affiliate links with direct or indirect redirection.
  • If the post that you submit to us is attached as an executable file or in any other formats that are not under the file formats accepted or recognized by the popular word processing software.

Content Submissions

For submissions of your guest posts, please write and send a short email to our team at with a clearly defined subject.

We are always delighted to receive Valorant gaming guest post submissions on various game subjects. Our team will entertain only those submissions that meet all of our guest post submission guidelines. Due to a higher volume of submissions, we may require 3-7 business days to respond back to you.

If you’re interested in writing Valorant gaming guest posts for us at DownloadValorant, please adhere to our mentioned guidelines and ensure that your submissions and their contents meet them before forwarding them to us. We look forward to receiving your guest/sponsored posts and publishing them on our website.

Banner Space

DownloadValorant also offers an opportunity for interested users, organizations, companies, and similar businesses to promote or showcase your products and services by allowing you to utilize the banner space available on our platform.

We accept banners of different niches and industries but they must not contain any NSFW content in any form, be it written, visual, or auditory, or otherwise.

The banner shall be visible on our platform at different sections, namely the leaderboard, the sidebar, inside the articles, or at the footer, where we will display it monthly.

If you’re interested in publishing your business banners, send us the banners at Our team will respond back to you within 3-7 business days or at the earliest possible hour.

Furthermore, you can visit our website and navigate to our Contact Us page to obtain details regarding how you can reach us via the mentioned communication mediums to raise any questions or inquiries you may have.