100T Valorant Roster 2022: How They Can Win Valorant Champions 2022!

The pride of NA and the globally favorite Valorant Team known as 100 Thieves missed securing VCT Copenhagen. But, there’s still hope for them within the upcoming VCT NA Last Chance Qualifiers in August 2022! Still, why should you pine for their victory when there are teams like Optic Gaming, NRG Esports, EG, and Sentinels? — The 100T Valorant Roster 2022!

100T Valorant Roster 2022

New 100T Valorant Roster 2022 — FTW!

The 100T Valorant team has seen many ups and downs despite presenting stellar game performances in VCT 2021. While it has already had notable names in the 100T Valorant Roster since its inception, its failure to perform consistently has been a critical issue.

However, it all changed when the team underwent a major roster change, which saw them welcome some known names. Their additions (please check below) indeed benefitted the team at various levels. Keeping the essentials to learn aside for the 100T Valorant team, their roster appears fit to qualify for the VCT Champions 2022 participants!

100T Valorant Roster in July 2022!

After facing a defeat against Faze Clan in VCT NA Challengers S2, the 100T team looks forward to winning the VCT NA LCQ 2022 event. Without the loss, indeed, they would have gotten entry into the VCT Masters Copenhagen event. Still, all is naught lost for them, not yet.

Considering the current 100T Valorant Roster and their past performance, the team appears fit enough to compete. Still, there are several things the team needs to improve. (More on it later…) Check out the July 100T Valorant Roster below:

Player IDNameJoin Date
AsunaPeter Mazuryk2020-10-02
DerrekDerrek Ha2022-04-14
StellarBrenden McGrath2022-04-14
WillWilliam Cheng2022-04-14
Bang (TSM)Sean Bezerra2022-02-21 (Loan)

From the team synergy witnessed between the 100T members in the 2022 games, it may be possible that ‘bang might join the roster full-time.

→ Quick Rewind: All 100T Valorant Roster Changes in 2022!

The 100T roster has seen formidable changes in 2022, most of which are lauded by the community as pure necessities.

  • January 9th – 100 Thieves parts with seven.
  • January 17th – 100 Thieves signs ec1s and BabyJ. Jovi earns head coach promotion, with Rocket as an assistant coach.
  • February 21st – 100 Thieves releases ec1s and BabyJ, Adding bang and jcStani on a loan.
  • March 22nd – 100 Thieves parts with Jovi, signing ddk as general manager, sgares as head coach, and Mikes as an assistant coach.
  • March 27th jcStani announces free agency on completion of his loan period.
  • March 31st Rocket parts with 100 Thieves.
  • April 12th Hiko declares Competitive play retirement, transitions as 100T streamer.
  • April 14th – 100 Thieves sign Derrek, stellar, and Will, whereas Ethan is benched.
  • April 21st Ethan gets acquired by NRG Gaming.
100T Valorant Roster 2022

New 100T Valorant Roster VCT NA Challengers Series II Analysis

The 100 Thieves team has played a total of 286 games across the six maps, namely Split, Bind, Ascent, Breeze, and Icebox. At the same time, having played most matches on the Ascent map (68), they evidently have their lowest Attack win ratio at 49.5%.

Alternatively, the 100 Thieves team has been the most successful on Attack Side on the Fracture map, with an impressive 60.20% win ratio. Across the board, since Oct 2020, 100T has taken 55W against 25L, most of which are from upper brackets.

The Current Rank Rating of the 100T team amounts to 1845 points, which is expected to breach the 1996 points mark from Oct 13, 2021. Naturally, it’s only possible after 100T wins the VCT LCQ with impressive or multiple 2-0 win outcomes.

Let’s further overview the 100T Valorant Roster performance in terms of what they did well and what needs improvement!

→ Why Did 100T Roster Lose VCT NA Challengers Series II?

Despite being among the Top 10 Valorant NA teams, the Valorant gameplay of 100T has been lacking in certain situations. Owning to them, 100 Thieves faced defeat in the crucial upper bracket games, but not without returning the fight.

Retaining Map Control

The team 100 Thieves have proven their mettle time and time again but have ultimately always failed to sustain it. It has been the leading problematic cause for the team that sends them tumbling down after the bonus rounds.

Despite acquiring map control quite early in every round, the 100T Valorant team is known to become prey soon after. Somehow they always end up in clutch situations, which is detrimental to their momentum. Failing to retain Map control remains a critical issue that needs to be solved immediately.

Multiple Singular Duels

As mentioned above, the 100T habitually puts themselves in situations where they’re stood taking duels, which they could prevent. A few rounds with such outcomes are okay, but it’s an alarming concern for a professional eSports Valorant team.

Further, not establishing the consistency in retaining headcount or losing them less often from 1v2 or 1v3 duels demands stoppage. To even have a remote chance at making it to the VCT LCQ 2022 Finals, 100T must become consistent in preventing multi-duel situations.

Leaking Economy

One of the many reasons why fans love the 100T Valorant team is because they’re the kings but also the underdogs. The one team you can count on to make a comeback despite a 9-3 or 9-4 stage is 100T. It’s also why, consecutively, the team fails to maintain a good economy in the final stages, where it’s required the most.

Two surefire ways to prevent such outcomes are planned map rotations or playing offensive. The latter means playing for taking out the enemy weapons post a spike plant as Defenders.

→ Where Did 100T Valorant Succeed in VCT NA Challengers Series II?

Against the odds and the mistakes and the bad luck and curses, the new 100T Valorant Roster has largely been successful. The team has overcome several challenges that would put them in disadvantageous positions, and the coaches deserve equal credit. Collectively, the following are their strengths, which they indefinitely need to maintain while they convert their weaknesses.

Establishing Map Control

The one thing which makes the 100T stand apart is their experience from the eSports FPS gaming background. Players such as Derrek, Ethan (formerly), Hiko (formerly), and new blood like Asuna, Will, etc. all know what acquiring the upper hand accomplishes.

From the get-go, 100T will strike quickly and take either of the three key areas of the map. There’s no saving or getting around it, and it works for them every time. It’s also how they won the Spilt map against the Faze Clan in UBR1 within VCT NA Challengers S2.

Team Synergy

Communication has never been a problem for the 100T Valorant Team. Even on the battlefield, where vigilance counts, every player in the 100T roster knows their role and business. After clearing a position or scoring a kill, they move fast and scour the map area for threats to be taken out.

Such a playing style cannot be taught, and it’s an individual effort, which the 100T players never lack. Since it’s been their major that keeps them afloat even in 9-2 situations, retaining it is ardent and paramount.

Entry Fragger & Flex Positions

Reforming the 100T Valorant Roster has revived their chances to make it into higher brackets. Previously, the team depended on Asuna, the Entry Fragger, to lead the charge. However, his flighty and daring playstyle was a gamble and, unfortunately, a losing one.

The new 100T roster changes the previouis dynamic, with Will being the entry fragger and Asuna playing the Flex role.

Times whenever Asuna has exploded, as he does even after the roster change, it’s carnage. Simultaneously, Will is still the one who eliminates the rogue agents, while Derrek holds the fort. Meanwhile, Bang and Stellar maintain that those three cannot be harmed, even if by toeing the line.

→ BONUS: 100T Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate Per Player!

After closely examining the key performance strengths and weaknesses of the 100T Valorant team, here’s a look at the 100T Player Stats.

100T Valorant Roster 2022

Asuna – 100T Valorant Player Stats

Since the team’s inception, 100T Asuna has played the role of Entry Fragger until the 100 Thieves 2022 Roster change. His days as the Duelist-main have seen him drop numerous 30-kills bombs against formidable teams like C9 Blue, EG, etc.

However, his performance has been equally average in matches when he did not bag as many kills. But his hit & miss days have passed after the 100T Roster change. For several months, Asuna fills the role of Flex Player in the team, playing primarily with Valorant Initiator agents.

His prowess in challenging and taking up enemy territory has helped the team immensely, aiding the Entry-Fragger team member Will. A glance at the Asuna Player Stats across VCT events below will confirm he’s never to be trifled with on any Valorant Map.

» Asuna VCT Stats

MapsRoundsFBPRFBSR %

» Asuna 100T Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate

All Agents100% (55)11181.11224.31.1143.975.67%
Skye40.0% (22)4201.04204.61.1131.377.14%
Kayo27.3% (15)3121.24239.71.2151.474.36%
Raze16.4% (9)1871.25276.61.1180.680.75%
Sage10.9% (6)1331198.50.9124.171.43%
Faze3.6% (2)490.982001134.869.39%
Breach1.8% (1)170.691610.698.5358.82%
100T Valorant Roster 2022

Derrek – 100T Valorant Player Stats

Derrek doesn’t fill anyone’s shoes in the 100T because he brings versatility from his Overwatch FPS gaming experience. While the Sova Valorant Agent remains his optimal pick, shared with the exCSGO 100T Streamer Hiko, his gameplay deters affirmingly.

Derrek is known for making thrifty kills, round after round— whatever Valorant weapon he’s carrying, the lad scores prime time! You’d rarely see him ‘Overheat,’ as the Valorant community calls it, and his team synchronicity is the binding catalyst for the team.

Moreover, Derrek and Stellar are a Duo you don’t want to stumble upon anywhere in any FPS scenario. Even singularly, these players have showcased instances on numerous occasions where they’ve won 1v3 without a sweat.

» Derrek VCT Stats

MapsRoundsFBPRFBSR %

» Derrek 100T Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate

All Agents100% (55)11181.06203.41.1135.476.39%
Sova47.3% (26)5341.02200.71139.575.66%
Breach29.1% (16)3301.04195.91.112776.06%
Sage23.6% (13)2541.172181.3137.678.35%

Stellar – 100T Valorant Player Stats

Playing Valorant, switching between abilities, and shooting as a Controller is a task. (All the Silver Uppers know it). Yet, with the ease by which Stellar runs the show, it’s commendable to see him in action. Although one might find his HS% being less than most, he gets the job done— Being IGL & owning map rotation.

Stellar may not boast the highest stats on paper, but his refined gaming reflects his calculated moves. Even when playing as a Sentinel Valorant Agent, it favors him and the 100T team impeccably. He is the symbolic and practical support when the teammates are busy fragging, be it by making arrangements or guarding.

Additionally, reading enemies is an art, and Stellar is gifted with the ability to make the right moves so they can be beneficial, on point, and on time.

» Stellar VCT Stats

MapsRoundsFBPRFBSR %

» Stellar 100T Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate

All Agents100% (55)3800.94188.500.99123.1470.53%0.670.230.680.0648%9/6713.4%
Killjoy27.8% (5)1050.89190.600.97118.8463.81%0.700.080.720.0764%2/1611.1%
Viper27.8% (5)1071.07200.201.26133.2177.57%0.670.350.530.0758%5/1426.3%
Cypher22.2% (4)880.98199.000.98137.4277.27%0.690.270.700.0645%1/165.9%
Sage16.7% (3)610.97179.330.93105.3468.85%0.690.260.740.0533%1/614.3%
Chamber5.6% (1)190.36105.000.3581.3242.11%0.320.160.890.0520%0/60.0%

Will – 100T Valorant Player Stats

The speartip of the 100T wielding the Jett knives is equally a threat as yay, Asuna, TenZ, etc. Will performs well in critical situations since 100T likes making comebacks. Will has quickly adapted the 100T playstyle, whether it’s inching chances for kill or going full send and baiting enemies out into the open.

But, Will has performed several other impressive feats beyond employing those tactics that will make you question the game mechanics. No, he’s not on any aimbots. It’s just his reflexes and thinking on his feet that takes him across and makes him worthy of that explosive ACS.

Tip: For the love of the Map Round, don’t peek at 100T Will, especially when he wields an Operator.

» Will VCT Stats

MapsRoundsFBPRFBSR %

» Will 100T Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate

All Agents100% (55)11181.06226.71.1144.471.82%
Raze41.8% (23)4631.12245.31.1159.573.43%
Jett41.8% (23)4681212.41135.168.16%
Chamber16.4% (9)1871.09215.91.2130.377.01%

Bang – 100T Valorant Player Stats

Valorant players are all too familiar with coming across that one player they wish they wouldn’t spot, lest they prefer death. For 100T, it’s Bang, who, per his namesake, is singlehandedly capable of taking names and bagging them neat and sweet.

His first-blood score might not be much, but if you survive enough by chance, you’d surely earn a bullet from him. Also, unfortunately for you, the bullet will put you down because his HS% is MIGHTY impressive. See for yourself!

Stats aside, Bang is good at arranging situations for the 100T team, whether by force or using his Valorant Agent abilities. Anyone who’s a Beginner at Valorant should learn from 100T Bang. From lineups to crosshair placement, he indeed makes a bang that aids the team enormously.

» Bang VCT Stats

MapsRoundsFBPRFBSR %

» Bang 100T Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate

All Agents100% (55)11181.04193.91125.875.67%
Omen40.0% (22)4401.01185.91117.774.09%
Brimstone29.1% (16)3171.13208.11.2136.280.13%
Viper27.3% (15)3120.99188.31124.774.68%
Astra3.6% (2)491.16209.51.2139.767.35%

New 100T Valorant Roster in VCT NA Last Chance Qualifiers 2022!

The 100T Valorant team has already earned a place in the VCT NA LCQ, based on their circuit points in the VCT 2022 events. Irrespective of their eighth position, 100T will face serious competition against teams like Sentinels, EG, NRG eSports, The Guards, and their recent rivals, the Faze Clan.

The only way for them to qualify for the VCT Champions 2022 event, is to beat all these teams and three other teams. Doing so will earn them the VCT NA Last Chance position, by which they can participate in the Annual VCT Champions global event.

So, here’s what you can expect from the 100T Valorant Team to bring to your Twitch & YouTube live streams!

→ Team Strengths

The 100T has come a long way since failing to hold choke points or being badly disruptive to grant wins. Without getting into the complete nitty-gritty or the bear, cubby, and elbow of things, the 100T Valorant team continues to shine in the following aspects of gameplay.

  • Full Committing

The foremost thing the new 100T Valorant roster 2022 gets done is securing map control, beginning with a full send. Their dedication and focus on anticipating followed by easily countering the opposition let them earn the high ground. When the going gets tough, there are no martyrs; the 100T players can MOVE in an instant, almost like they plan everything!

  • Spontaneity & Synchronicity

On maps like Breeze and Fracture, where everything can happen at once and then calm down just as easily—— yeah, 100T can do it better. Across the Seven Valorant Maps, 100T has over 52% win ratio on both Attack and Defense sides. But, it’s only untrue for like 3 out of 14 scenarios, i.e., Split & Ascent Attack and Haven Defense.

Even in those games, the 2022 100T Valorant roster knows their surroundings and brings their element of Surprise by performing like a clockwork whose pattern you cannot guess nor read.

→ Best Maps

Looking closer at the Valorant Maps on which 100T prefers to play or doesn’t, 100T fans already know Icebox is their reign. Not just the fans but the teams know it, from NA to AP and everyone in-between.

  • Attack & Defense

The strongest Attack played by Valorant 100T team is on the Fracture; it’s now the first preceding the Icebox! Many elements, mostly immovable but interactive, on both maps seemingly enhance their game performance.

The reason why it’s a maybe is because there are scenarios like Haven Defense and Ascent Attack. On those sides and those maps, the three weaknesses mentioned above exist irrevocably. No matter the 100T Valorant Champs Agent pick rate, the team must go back to the board to rectify its causes.

Otherwise, teams will knowingly keep picking those two maps as they have been doing as per 61 and 68 matches, respectively.

→ NA Competition

Parallel to the 100T Valorant roster changes, several Top NA Valorant Teams have modified their rosters for various reasons. Such a scenario is both fruitful, and a caution for the 100T team because meeting opponents in the arena without having a prior read on them can turn out dicey.

In contrast, it also benefits them since nobody is aware of the extent to which the 100T can steal the game!

The NA Valorant Server boasts the most popular Valorant Radiant, Immortal, and Ascendant players. Nearly all of them each share at least years of FPS gaming eSports experience between themselves. Therefore, the NA Valorant Teams indeed impact each other!

  • Under Dog Champions

The 100T Valorant roster may be grand in terms of past performance, but they must bring consistency. It is because the NA Valorant landscape is full of Under Dogs capable of being Valorant Champions 2022. In such a competitive environment, playing against teams like Sentinels, NRG eSports, Faze Clan, and The Guard, shouldn’t be dismissed.

Any outcome is possible within the Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifiers. But, what’s certain until VCT Champions is that those matches will be a bloodbath.

Final Words

There is plenty more that the new 2022 100T Valorant roster can present until the VCT Champions 2022 in September. Beyond these official Riot Games Inc. hosted tournaments, the third-party matches will be an added delight. So be sure to follow the 100T Valorant players and show them your support by watching their streams and cheering for them in the VCT games. And, catch more exclusive Valorant team analysis here! GLHF!


Did 100T VALORANT win today?

You can learn more about 100T Valorant Team matches on the Vlr.gg platform. It features complete VCT brackets, live-stream feed links, Team Stats, Player stats, and more.

Who is the coach for 100T VALORANT?

Sean “sgares” Gares is the Head coach for the 100T Valorant Team, with Michael “Mikes” Hockom as the assistant coach. They were appointed to their current positions on March 22nd, 2022.

What is the new 100T roster?

The New 100T Valorant Team Roster features Asuna, Derrek, stellar, Will, and bang. Assisting them is Sgares as the Head Coach and Mikes as the assistant coach.

Did Hiko get dropped from 100T?

On April 14th, 2022, Hiko retired from competitive gaming, bidding farewell to his decade-long eSports career. Hiko is presently a full-time content creator for the 100 Thieves franchise.

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