Bind Valorant Agent Placement: Know Your Controller Roles!

Many Valorant players start by picking an Agent appearing to offer better abilities and begin forming their gameplay around it. While it is a sign of being a quick learner, it still prevents you from becoming adaptable. Hence, this Bind Valorant Agent guide will help you to recognize how to position your Controller Valorant agents better.

Bind Valorant Agent Controllers: Know Thy Reign!

In Valorant, being adaptive during game rounds is critical that makes heaps of difference to your match outcomes. It is especially important to think on your feet when you’re filling the role of a Controller Valorant Agent in your team!

By the essence of the powers vested onto them, the Controllers carry the responsibility to cut enemy vision, force them into corners or surprise them. 

When playing on a map like Bind, it’s vital to prevent the enemies from gathering intel on you. When they know your stack placements within the first 30s of the match round, expect the flank to be right around the bend. Even so, your Bind Valorant Agent Controller Picks can save you, depending on how familiar they are with their abilities.

Valorant Brimstone Agent

bind valorant agent

There are three critical positions per site on Defense where you can Play Brimstone Valorant Agent on the Bind Map. You are effectively reduced to playing on only three sites when you’re pushing with your team on the Attacker Side.

On Attack – Second Entry/Anchor

Brimstone among the Bind Controller Picks for when you’re starting on the Attack side can be beneficial when pushing from A Short. He can deploy sky smokes to both A Showers area and near the A Teleporter to prevent the lurker near A Lamps from spotting your team.

In such scenarios, when you’re opposite the Phoenix valorant agent or against the valorant Raze agent, it would be best to clear the area with a molly. As for clearing the site, let your valorant duelists take the fights to clear A site & A tower while you hold the flank for the team.

On Defense – Anchor

As the Bind Valorant Agent pick on Defense, Brimstone has plenty of room to anchor a Site single-handedly by Holding B Hall. Alternatively, crouching right under B Window and engaging the Brimmy with the Stimmy can clear up enemies within seconds, depending on your trigger control and burst fire abilities.

The only two entities that can be most lethal to him on B Anchor Defense are Raze and Kayo Valorant Agent. It is because they both can deploy a full push and acquire map control quicker than most Valorant agents.

Valorant Viper Agent

bind valorant agent

Playing Viper as the Bind Valorant Agent pick can be incredibly rewarding to the team and the individual player. She can responsibly build tension between teams from the get-go using her abilities that do not demand specific placements.

Sure, her lineups are different, but even without them, you can still use her the best.

On Attack – Support / Entry

As Viper on your team, you are responsible for leading your team to victory by mainly preventing Enemy sight advantages. To further move them, her Poison Vial can help to push players behind, which is where it should spill, to lock players in-between.

She does not have to follow Duelist in the Push, but her abilities kit is just about perfect for using them in Post-Spike Plant scenarios.

On Defense – Anchor

Unlike tucking away the Viper like Brimstone on Bind, she can hide at B Cubby & be vigilant on B Garden. Otherwise, she can also prevent full-stack pushes from B Elbow and rotate back to B Hall as per requirement.

The top agents that can choke Viper from playing anchor are duelists (esp. Valorant Neon Agent) and initiators. Honorary mention also goes to Valorant Sage agent, who can slow Viper in her tracks and jump heights using her Sage Orb wall.

Valorant Omen Agent

bind valorant agent

Playing the Omen Valorant Agent among the Bind Controller Picks is easily the best way to ensure the Best Attack & Defense. Despite receiving nerfs in the past, Omen continues to be useful in fulfilling his role to cut enemy vision, assist site push, or be the anchor as needed.

On Attack – Entry / Second Entry / Support

Omen can be fruitful when pushing the B site via the B Long area, subsequently teepeeing to B Garden using his Smoke orb. However, it also leaves him room to quickly rotate to A site, where he can enter A Showers to take out A Tower defender later.

Another alternative is that he can smoke the Teleporter area or throw a Paranoia there to assist a full stack team push to the A site.

The only Valorant Agent that can take out the Quicker Omen moves is the Valorant Chamber Agent. His Trademark and Tour De Force are on any day sufficient to take down the controller the team needs most, Omen on Bind.

On Defense – Support / Anchor / Lurk

As for playing Omen as your Bind Controller Picks, your allies have all the cavalry they may need. The teepee ability is handy when escaping tough corners on the A site. The same also applies when Omen is falling back from B Garden Area to defend the B spike Site.

Amidst all the chaos, his Paranoia ability is a game changer on either side, and he can wholly do justice as him being the Bind Valorant Agent pick. Still, watch out for Sova Recon darts and Valorant Fade agent abilities that could potentially chain him, preventing his teepee.

Valorant Astra Agent

Managing to play Astra as your Bind Valorant Agent pick indeed comes with plenty of responsibilities irrespective of whether you’re an Attacker or Defender. Still, she has her moments to shine when she ensures to play these spots to macro manage the game direction.

On Attack – Support / Anchor

The not so recently introduced Valorant Agent Astra can be really crafty and immensely resourceful in the right hands. She can justify her Bind Controller Picks stature by remotely directing the gameplay of both Spike sites. So, having her halt near A Lobby or even B Lobby would be wise as she places her stars around.

At the same time, she may need to be protected from the Breach Valorant Attack. It is because coming out of the Cosmic state is already time-consuming, and being dazed by the Trailblazer would surely zero her chances for survival in gunfire.

On Defense – Support

Again, only if you protect Astra from the Breach Valorant Agent enemy; you’re pretty sorted in the Defense part. But, remember that the maximum help she could provide is to be a Support agent and not an anchor. It’s because she has to spend time passing in-between cosmic & reality states, which fortunately makes her capable of possibly defending both spike sites remotely long as the comms are good.

Final Words

The Bind Controller Picks can have several many combinations that can help any Valorant player attain victory on the map. From playing the role of Lurk to running double smokes, multiple such strategies in combination can help to puzzle or distract enemies from acquiring an easy win. Just be sure to become familiar with all the Valorant agent abilities, so you’re not the one who gets taken out instead. GLHF!

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