How to Live Stream Code Red Valorant Tournament!

Riot first provided the Valorant game access to the live broadcasters of Twitch and YouTube gamers in its beta form. Viewers of these streamers playing the Valorant game were randomly rewarded with a Valorant Game Installation Beta Drop. Following this success, third-party organizers developed the Code Red Valorant Tournament, which also exists for other game titles!

What is the Code Red Valorant Tournament?

A Code Red Tournament features top streamers from Twitch and YouTube competing against each other to win prizes & cash rewards. The Code Red Valorant Tournament participants are categorized into 8 teams, whereon they combat each other until becoming the Champion.

Code Red Valorant

The Code Red Tournaments are organized by, which also hosts them for other game titles like COD, Apex Legends, etc.

Code Red Tournament Format & Brackets

All the Valorant Code Red matches follow the elimination format, playing out as Best of 1 (Bo1). On the other hand, the finale is a Best of 3 (Bo3) with distinctive maps, excluding the maps from the Bo1.

Code Red Valorant

The organizers determine the Maps to play, and the Code Red Tournament is exclusive to the NA region only. Still, viewers across the globe could stream the Red Code games live via the organizer channel or individual streams.

Code Red Twitch Valorant Tournament 2021

The first Valorant Code Red event was held on February 25th, 2021, with a $10,000 prize pool. A total of 40 participants registered for the event, split into eight teams, with multiple rosters having pro eSports valorant players.

Code Red Valorant #1 Winners

Team Wokez secured the 1st position against Team Slasher in Finale of the Code Red #1, earning $6,000. The match concluded with a 2-0 outcome, but both teams played well for a game in its early stages.

Code Red Valorant #2 Winners

After the announcement of Code Red Valorant Tournament 2, plenty of streamers wanted to participate in it. Still, 8 teams were finalized, among which many notable streamers brought their best.

The Upper & Lower brackets of Bo1 were slightly changed due to the introduction of newer maps. Still, Team Punz managed to bag a neat victory against Team Classify, walking away with a $6,000 cash prize.

Code Red Valorant #3 Winners

Held on June 16th, 2021, the Code Red Valorant Tournament 3 saw amazing gameplay performance from all eight teams. The brackets again saw a modification of all matches becoming B01, even the finals.

Yet, the games were largely less tilted except for Round 3 & 4 games where opposing teams failed to go past 5-13 outcomes. Team Rated ultimately won the tournament, winning $6,000 in addition to $500 bounties.

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Upcoming Code Red Tournament 2022 Date

Any news regarding the arrival of the Code Red Tour is yet to be announced on the official channels. So, it’s best to stay tuned to this space (updated regularly) to receive more information and updates about the event.

Readers can catch the Livestream of the Code Red games on Twitch or check the brackets here.

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