Tips to Counter Valorant Duelist Agents For Clutch Wins

It might seem that Valorant demands plenty from its players on the battlefield to earn rank. However, it’s not always true, because it can simply be a matter of how well you counter different agent classes. For instance, once you understand how to Counter Valorant Duelist, the rest of the game becomes easier, no matter which Valorant rank you may play.

Counter Valorant Duelist

Who Are the Valorant Duelist Agents?

Every Valorant player ideally wants to play as a Duelist because the agents of this class possess varied lethal abilities. However, their brawns can be converted to waste by following some handy Counter Valorant Duelist Agent tips.

So, let’s first recollect every Valorant Agent Duelist available for pick until the current patch, and why they can be a pain.

1. Phoenix

The British Valorant Agent Phoenix is an explosive duelist in his Ultimate Run It Back form.

His Ultimate allows him to project himself for a limited amount of time, during which he can wield weapons, use abilities, and therefore score kills.

Once his projection is shot dead, he returns to the spot where he engaged his Ultimate form. It is here that killing him actually takes him out of the match round. Fortunately, his projection is always within 60m, no matter how many kills he’s scored.

Counter Valorant Duelist

2. Jett

Every Valorant Player must be or should become familiar with the Blade Storm Jett Ultimate Ability.

Jett hurls blades with her Ultimate Ability, which when earns a kill, refreshes the count of her total blades.

The key Duelist Clutch Tips for playing against Jett, in particular, are strafing, baiting, and wide peeking. Most often than not, the enemy Jett would be more on edge than you since she wants to land kills. Use it to your advantage to overheat her by delaying her chances, taking cover, and burst shooting.

3. Reyna

The Mexican Valorant Duelist Reyna can be terror personified in her Ultimate Empress form.

Reyna Ultimate Ability offers her multiple perks like increased stim ability and invulnerability for a limited period.

These abilities recharge with scoring a kill, and she can use Devour at the same time to fill her HP. Still, she can be countered with tactics. Use Valorant Abilities to bait her out along with burst firing. And don’t forget to induce flash or smoke to limit her Line of Sight in the meantime.

Counter Valorant Duelist

4. Raze

The Brazilian Valorant Duelist Raze is as explosive as anyone can get in Valorant with her Ultimate Showstopper ability.

Engaging her Ultimate grants her a mighty RPG that can take out an entire team on occasions!

Two key Raze Duelist Clutch Tips to defeat her on such occasions are maintaining proximity or performing distance shooting. Although inducing blinding flash may work sometimes, nothing tops KAYO’s ZERO/point to shut down her ultimate ability.

5. Yoru

The Japanese Valorant Duelist Yoru can be sneaky and an inconvenience after engaging his Ultimate Dimensional Drift ability.

Reworked Yoru Abilities allows his Ultimate to disappear while traversing the map and lets him induce flashes and decoys.

Countering Yoru is a subject of listening to the Map audio feed intently. Soon as you hear him teleport, prepare to spray in your vicinity, in the direction of his footsteps. Alternatively, escaping his flash could be difficult but trap him in Astra’s Nebula or Killjoy’s Nanobot Swarm to shut him down.

Counter Valorant Duelist

6. Neon

The Filipino Valorant Duelist Agent Neon is a thunderous speedster with her Overdrive Ultimate ability.

Neon can shoot bolts out of her fingertips with her Ultimate Overdrive ability, whose contact kills enemies within 2 seconds.

Winning against the Electric Roadrunner of Valorant Neon in a clutch situation requires stunning or blocking her LOS. Most players who pick her depend heavily on using her abilities. So, she can be an easy shot using a Phantom, whose spray is easier to control.

Counter Valorant Duelist

Counter Valorant Duelist On All Valorant Maps

It is already established that not all Valorant Agents are suitable for playing across the different Valorant Maps. Still, players are known to pick Non-META Valorant Agents because it’s a comfort pick.

By remembering the key gameplay tactics of each map, you can turn around your null-win losing game into a victory.

1. Haven

For Valorant Attackers:

The Mid Window is where an Initiator or Controller will hold position, with a Duelist in the Garage for the push. Otherwise, expect a Duelist or Chamber himself holding the A long and C long. Here, you can have a lurker clear the garage and approach the B site, with an agent distracting the A long agent to push the C site.

For Valorant Defenders:

A bold duelist will be the first to take Garage control or push the A Site. It is at the former location where an Initiator or Controller ability can stop them in their tracks. Have either two agents at those locations or allow them to enter and play for a retake.

Most times, Duelists do not have a plan for playing post-plant, which is where you can shine.

2. Ascent

For Valorant Attackers:

Conquering Mid control is the key to scoring this map into a victory, so approach the catwalk and fake a peek. If no snipers are around, walk up to the Tree and hold the position for allies to enter A site. Alternatively, push Mid Bottom near the bench to enter the market and take out B Main Defenders.

For Valorant Defenders:

B Main is where the action takes place so expect the Duelist to lead the charge with Initiator abilities in the tow or ahead. Holding Market is a good option besides Stairs, whereas for A Site, holding ramps and Tree is the key spot to control any attacker push. For retakes, initiate a pincer movement.

3. Bind

For Valorant Attackers:

The B Hall and TP on the B site are where you must expect Duelists to take their stand. Parallelly, they can also hold positions at the Tower near Showers or Pillar on the A site. To take them out, you’ll need to bait them in pairs from B Long and Hookah, and A Short or Showers, respectively.

For Valorant Defenders:

Expect the B Long to have a duelist pushing the B site with another storming the A Site from the A Short. To limit their push, you can litter the areas with Nanoswarm Bots or Viper Toxin, or Phoenix and Brimstone Molly. Alternatively, taking on them from opposing angles from two sides can guarantee their kill.

4. Split

For Valorant Attackers:

As the Attackers, on a ‘Defender’ sided map like the Split, you must push both spike sites in sync. It is the only key method to ensure a Counter Valorant Duelist Agent Play, without which, your winning chances are slim. Have a controller smoke or daze the A Screen or A Rafter area before pushing A Site.

Similarly for the B site, expect the Duelist to hold the B Main angle. So use Valorant Agent abilities to push them away or stun them.

For Valorant Defenders:

Expect Jett to storm into the B Site or Reyna Leer from B Main, shoot the latter and let an ally hold the B Back area. While this counters the B main push to an extent, holding Heaven is the key to winning B Site.

A similar scenario may unfold on the A site, with Duelists storming in at A Ramps or the A Site. So, hold the Mid Vent Position or the spawn side entrance near A Screens with a sniper or burst fire sprays.

5. Icebox

For Valorant Attackers:

Rafters and Screens are two areas where Duelist Defenders will hold the position with a sniper and a vandal, respectively. You could smoke those areas to prevent LOS, and blocking LOS is critical on a less dense map like Icebox. Expect another Duelist either at the Snowman or near the Boiler, on the B site and Mid. Always have lurkers while playing this map as an attacker to surprise the Duelists.

For Valorant Defenders:

Green and Snowpile are the two most used positions by Duelists to enter the B Site. Guard them in pairs or rather have Kitchen and Yellow control to better defend the B Site. To control A Site better, play in Hell under Rafters and fake peeks from the Screens. Fake peeking from stairs works too when you’re certain of their presence on the A site.

6. Breeze

For Valorant Attackers:

Watch Out for sniper Duelists positioning themselves at Pyramids, Yellow, and Bridge on the A spike site. Those angles are the best for limiting the A Main Push, which you can cover using smokes or with snipers of your own.

On the B Site, the Backside and Alley are where you can find a Duelist if not at the Tunnel. Here, pushing the Elbow and defending B site from the Pit works best to take out Duelists early.

For Valorant Defenders:

Expect Resistance to flood the Mid in pairs and the same for the A Main push. The duelists will ideally be the first to push after attackers engage their abilities on either spike site. On A Site, defending the plant site works better whereas for B Site, playing retake returns victory in over 80% of scenarios.

Chamber-Main or sharpshooter players should take the Pyramids or the B Backside to kill off the first sign of attackers.

7. Fracture

For Valorant Attackers:

Attackers could secure the A ropes or the B Arcade area to confirm their push whilst faking it at opposite ends. Doing so makes the Valorant Defenders rotate frequently, making a window for your other half of allies to push either spike site. Securing A Drop, A Main, and B Main can be difficult, but those positions are good for playing post-plant scenarios.

For Valorant Defenders:

Play from A Site crates to take out Attackers near A Drop or A Ropes or take the Heaven above the spike plant area. A duelist will attempt to secure them, same as attempting to secure B Tower on the B Site. Holding the B Generator is imperative to limit the choke points for your allies, otherwise, the round is already done.

Counter Valorant Duelist Clutch Tips

Multiple strategies exist to enact the scenario to Counter any Valorant Duelist Agent. Among them, the following gameplay tips remain constant, as per the pro Valorant eSports Tier-S teams’ performance from VCT games.

1. No 1v1 Battles

Let only your lurkers play maverick while you take duels in pairs to improve your chances of scoring trades. Duelists have abilities that assist them with their 1v1 combats, so attempt to avoid such situations as possible. In the scenario of being the last one alive, taking a cover position is a good strat as long as it does not limit your movement from three sides.

2. Play Their Impatience

One of the easy but less used Valorant Duelist Clutch Tips is being mindful of the fact that – Duelists are impatient. They’ll be more enticed to push you than you pushing them, irrespective of whichever side you are playing. Use it to your advantage, let them come to you, bait or lure them and then wide peek.

3. Peek in Pairs to Exchange Trades

Always assist your allies in their gun battles and do not go off solo, especially in Gold Rank or higher Ranked Valorant Games. The players within those ranks are known to have good aim, perhaps better than yours. You can quickly become a liability on the team if you get taken out solo.

4. Use Valorant Agent Abilities

Most Valorant players believe that Abilities are best useful for scoring kills, whereas in truth it’s the opposite. Valorant Agents’ Abilities should serve as utilities to organize scenarios for initiating gun combats. The Duelist Clutch Tips emphasizes this truth because a Duelist in Clutch situations will rely on aim. So don’t get killed with your molly or flash in hand when the Duelist wide peeks at you.

The Takeaway

Adapt and innovate your gameplay tactics to better Counter Valorant Duelist on all Valorant maps. Take notice of the Valorant Agent rotations across the match rounds, to better predict their positions. Staying a step ahead of the Valorant Duelist enemies is the key to securing victories from your enemies in Valorant Ranked games.

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