Why Dodge Breeze Valorant Map: 5 Reasons Everyone Hates Breeze!

Why Dodge Breeze Valorant Map? – The A Tube Rework

Yes, it’s an illogical reason. No, the majority of the players welcome the A Tube Rework.

So why? Well, read on because the only map in Valorant that screamed FREEDOM is no longer what it used to be.

dodge breeze Valorant

5 Reasons To Dodge New Breeze Map In Valorant

If you don’t dodge Breeze, welcome to the club of players who have accepted the game for what it is. Get comfortable because the club is pretty barren most of the time because all the pros inside it are playing the map as is.

However, the following five reasons justify its dodge, at least once so as to avoid temporary bans.

1. Nostalgia

It is said nostalgia is a thief of joy, and surely it has stolen the joy of seeing the glittering mid-reworks. Wait till you check out the changes to A Entry, now A Shop, because the cave entry is shut off. Permanently. [At least until the next rework – an unlikely possibility.]


Embrace the Change. Die in-game enough times everywhere on the Breeze map to dull the nostalgia by losing multiple games.

2. Controller Home Turf

As a Viper main, you should be thrilled to play Breeze. If you are not, watch and learn from the Viper in the opponent team. It is because Viper on Breeze is as inseparable as Cypher on Split.

Now, with Harbor release, when the enemy takes two controllers, say goodbye to full push on either spike site.

dodge breeze Valorant


Acquire Mid-Map Control, then strike the site that is less stacked by the Defenders. Alternatively, prepare for more Site A push than before.

dodge breeze Valorant

3. Bad Agent Selections

Unbalanced agent selections are always a good reason to dodge the Breeze or any other map.

When your team is not running a controller on Breeze, it can make things super difficult. For perspective, the enemy Viper can easily place a wall on the A site and complete the spike plant. Similarly, planting on B is equally easy with the lack of Viper or Sage as an ally.


Pick Agents cautiously at the Agent Select Screen, and take Viper or Harbor yourself if nobody else would.

dodge breeze Valorant

4. Poor Winrate

At the agent select screen, communicate with your teammates that you have a low win rate on the map. Likely, someone will suggest you take the agent you can play better as opposed to the agent that you are supposed to play.


Communicate with the team about your Breeze win rate and ask them to rotate or stack with you.

Phoenix is not dual peeking – waiting to trade a teammate *smh*

5. Toxic Team

It sometimes happens that you get the same players in your team or the enemy team when you queue back to back. For such scenarios, talk to your team that XYZ player has been throwing or whatever may be the case. As a result, if you cannot, someone else can go ahead and dodge the map one time.


Muting the Comms of the toxic teammate is not the ideal solution, but it is a good alternative to skipping the map.


If you do not agree with all of the reasons to dodge it, congratulations, you are someone who plays for the experience of the game. Still, you must know that playing whatever types of games that you are given and completing them would be better than dodging the same map. How else would you improve?

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