Common Game Problems After You Download Valorant in EP 7

To put it politely, the Valorant update with the arrival of EP 7 Act 1 has been quite a mixed bag. Many players have since been facing unusual in-game problems and issues, even after they download Valorant once more to reinstall it. While some of these problems do not directly affect the gameplay, however, they do ruin the entire gaming experience of playing Valorant.

Here’s all you need to know about the problems after you install Valorant and if they have a solution.

download valorant problems

Unusual Valorant Game Problems After You Download or Reinstall It

Listed below are the common but unusual problems faced by the Valorant community, which persist even after downloading Valorant and reinstalling it.

1. Sudden or Increased Audio Gain

Many Valorant players have reportedly faced the issue of game audio increasing after switching between the game and other applications. The problem also exists whenever the Alt + Tab combination is used to switch back to the game window, even when no other application is open.

For some players, it has been solved with the flurry of new Valorant patches and hotfixes, but they are not non-existent yet. The affected regions include all the servers from EU to NA to Asia, even after they download Valorant multiple times.

download valorant problems


Currently, there is only one solution, but it’s not permanent. A few players have solved it by changing the game resolution and or switching the game window type.

2. Error: Lost Connection (DC)

Once the players launch Valorant after download, it has been noticed that players have problems or are unable to join match queue. Some instances of the problem also witness the player getting disconnected from the game after the queue is joined.

In other instances, a player is seen to get disconnected from Valorant after completing a match with the error message displaying Lost Connection.


Initially, it was believed that the Lost Connection error was caused by removing Vanguard and Riot Client from Startup apps. Contrary to it, the lost connection issues are known to occur randomly, according to several players within the Valorant Community.

Still, it’s worthwhile and mandatory to never remove Vanguard and Riot Client from Startup apps.

3. Lengthy Map Loading Times

Valorant has never quite mentioned at length why map loading times are sometimes longer. While most believe that it’s a server-based effect, it must be noted that these instances have increased with the Ep7 Act 1.

Another reason supporting this deduction by the community is that map loading times were relatively quicker in EP 6 Act 2 and Act 3.


Presently, there is no solution to long map loading time, but players are hopeful it’ll improve with the arrival of EP 7 Act 2.

4. No Post Match Analysis

The feature of getting a post-match analysis was introduced during EP 6, and since then, plenty of players have been excited to see their performance results. However, the lack of post-match analysis being displayed on screen is apparently a widespread problem rather than a connectivity issue.


After several Valorant players raised tickets about frequent no post-match analysis results, the recent hotfix was released to address it. It is still unknown whether it has been fixed because there are no recent tickets or mentions of it in the Reddit forums.

5. High Lag Compensation

For a game with 128 tick servers, Valorant certainly has a good movement and gameplay mechanism. Still, many players worldwide in different Valorant servers have noticed the effects of High Lag Compensation. It occurs even after re-downloading the Valorant game with the hopes of reinstalling it.

The phenomenon of high lag compensation entails a player witnessing ghosting effects, where they will move from point A to B without movement or with delay in action. Leading to it, most players have indeed lost their high ELO-ranked games, too.


Solving the Valorant high lag compensation issue is possible by adjusting the network buffer rate. It has worked for most players, but it has not eliminated the problem altogether.

The setting can be accessed from Settings > General > (Scroll Down) Network Buffering > Moderate.

If the setting has been set to moderate and you still face the problem, try setting it to Minimum. Furthermore, it’s vital to close all the apps that may use your internet data bandwidth.

6. Yoru – Teleport

The Yoru agent abilities and the bugs experienced when using them have always been the talk of the community. While some significant actions were taken to rework the duelist class agent, the present issue concerns its teleport function not working properly.

Many cases of Yoru teleport being broken have been mentioned by players in forms, and it’s irrespective of the Map. On Haven, players using Yoru were unable to activate the Teleport ability a second time after using it to send the teleport orb.

Alternatively, on maps like Pearl or Lotus, players have also been witnessed to not be able to use the ability for the entire match instead of just once or twice.


Using Yoru Teleport abilities has always been dicey, as have the solutions so far to fix it. Hence, players can do nothing on their end but wait for Valorant developers to fix it.

download valorant problems

What Should You Do If Valorant Game Problems Still Exist?

Players who have issues with running Valorant or playing it should first try the following steps:

  • Restart the PC
  • Check the internet connection for bandwidth problems
  • Update the Windows Drivers
  • Update the Network Drivers
  • Close background apps before launching Valorant
  • Set Valorant to Run As Administrator

After applying these common steps, if the problem still persists, it’s best to raise a ticket with Valorant Support.

While in most cases, your ticket will be honored with a response in less than 24 hours. It may sometimes also take longer. Nonetheless, it’s always best to inform the Valorant support team about bugs, glitches, and problems you face in the game.

See you after the next Valorant Patch Update!

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