Fracture Valorant Attacker Tips & Strategies

The Fracture Valorant Map has several lineups that can help players, among which some are illegal to use. It’s because those Fracture lineups only offer one-sided benefits and may get you temporarily banned. Still, here are all of the Fracture Valorant Attacker tips and strategies that you can use to clutch your games!

Fracture Valorant Attacker

Fracture Valorant Attacker Tips

The Fracture is a one-of-a-kind map in FPS games history. By design, it’s made to put the defenders under pressure, right off the bat. Such an outcome helps the game in multiple ways. Firstly, it eliminates the complaints from the Valorant community about Defender sided maps. Secondly, the map design is an innovative take on the old asymmetric shooter win condition.

Beyond these reasons, the Fracture Map serves its importance in adding to the Valorant Lore. However, you can read all about its progression here, as we continue learning about the Fracture Tips.

1. B Arcade Control

It is vital to show presence at the B Arcade area near the B Site as an attacker. Even if you may not plant on the B Site, showing presence does two things. It retains the Defenders on Site B and helps you learn their stack count on it.

The B Arcade Control is paramount to securing the B Site as Attackers. Acquiring it can help the team secure the B Tower and B Generator areas.

While acquiring the B Arcade control, watch out for a  Valorant Duelist or Controller lurking on the B Tower. Simultaneously, expect a push or gunfire from the B Generator area.  Lest you clear that area, do not solo at the site immediately, but in pairs, to neutralize any enemies on the B Site or the B Main areas.

2. A Drop Control

Before you approach A Dish, anticipate an aggro play by a Duelist like Jett or Reyna. After dismissing the first defense, your arrival would be expected on A Drop. Unless you’re playing Raze or Neon, it’s wise not to push A Drop immediately but take a few seconds longer.

The A Drop area is perfect for choking Defense or Attack, simultaneously. Pushing it with a Controller or a Sentinel and their abilities would be a wise move as Attackers.

Regardless of which agent you’re playing, smoke off the A Link area and Heaven on A Site. It helps to reduce the number of angles you have to remain vigilant during the time of acquiring Site control. Once on the A site on Fracture, plant spike and gain A Link & the A Main control.

3. Tower Control

Assuming you’re approaching the site from B Main, gaining access to the B Tower can boost your chances of winning. In the way, you may need to neutralize the two agents near B Generator and  B Arcade or the Tower itself. However, once you have it, you can ask your team to rotate to B for the spike plant.

The B Tower Control is as good as owning the control of the map as an attacker. However, it’s equally difficult to defend against at least four lines of sight aimed at it.

Two key areas from where you must expect resistance in defending the Tower are the B Generator & the B Arcade. Hence, soon after you have the B Tower, prepare to smoke off and molly two out of four LOS positions: B Main, B Generator, B Tower, B Arcade-Ropes.

4. A Main Control

Pushing the A Site from the get-go is a good tactic, but only in pairs and only while swinging wide. It deters the Defender Sniper from scoring a shot and lets you or your ally get a trade. Further on, expect resistance at A Door – From ropes or nearside the elbow. Either push together or not at all because splitting here can be detrimental ahead.

The A Main area near the A Site is where two lurks are possible, from the A Main Entrance and the A Ropes.

A vital aspect to remember is expecting flank, especially when playing at Silver or higher ranks. So once you acquire the A Main Control, watch for a positioned defender on the A Drop heaven. After neutralizing it, dual peek in pairs on A Link and A site, because 70% of the time, a defender is present on either side.

Fracture Valorant Attacker

5. B Site – Post Plant Fracture Tips

As the saying goes, ” Here’s where things get dicey…” for the Attackers.

Unless you have a Killjoy, KAYO, Viper, or Cypher on your team, forget about Fracture lineups and rely on smokes and aim. Smoke off the site entrance at the B Arcade and Molly the B Main stairs adjacent to the site.

Seemingly after buying yourself about 15-20 seconds, expect the Defenders to rain all abilities on you, i.e., Spike Area and B Tower. So play passively while expecting some wall bang shots. Better yet, have your ally hold B Generator to clear approach towards you, while you watch B Main stairs and the Ropes.

Use the Fracture lineups if you have those agents, especially when you’re in a 2v3 or 2v4, or 2v5 situation. Playing for exit kills is also ideal in such conditions, despite the round loss.

6. A Site – Post Plant Fracture Tips

Defending the A Spike is easiest from the A Main, long as you have the flanking lurk neutralized. You should expect a Controller or Sentinel to wall you off from the Site, so save a Valorant Agent ability or two for such cases.

Watching A Drop is as bare essentials as watching A Link. So have an ally near the planted spike, with yourself holding the A Main or vice versa. Alternatively, let the ally hold the A Drop and yourself hold the A Main, or vice versa, as a way to watch each other’s six.

Whatever you do, save your abilities for post plant if you’d be planting on the A site, because holding angles on this site can get chaotic pretty quick.

Fracture Valorant Attacker Lineups

A wonderful aspect of the Valorant Fracture Lineups is that they’re mostly similar for agents like Viper, KAYO, and Killjoy. Other than them, Brimstone and Cypher have their own unique lineups in terms of the Molly and Cypher Cage. Using them all in combinations can become the key to scoring an easy win.

Fracture Valorant Attacker

1. Valorant Smokes

Here’s the list of sites you must smoke on the Site A as an Attacker on the Fracture Map:

  • A Hall
  • A Door
  • A Site Pillar (Silver Peek)
  • A Drop
  • A Link Entrance

Here’s the list of sites you must smoke on the Site B as an Attacker on the Fracture Map:

  • B Tower Window
  • B Generator
  • B Main Stairs
  • B Site Crates
  • B Site x  B Arcade Entrance

2. Valorant Flashes

Flashing Valorant Agents is vital when you encounter strong opposition on any spike site. However, bouncing off the Flash works better than sending it out in the open.

Ideally, flashing at a higher elevation helps blind even those enemies that may have taken cover at the crosshair level. It is true for every Valorant Agent, except for Reyna Leer in most cases, as her leer on the ground side can better distract enemies.

The best spot to bounce off the flash is on the container adjacent to B Main when you’re pushing it. Alternatively, throwing flashed over the B Generator and into the B Site from the Arcade area helps isolate any B Tower defense.

Similarly for the A Site, Fracture Valorant Attacker Map Flash tip advises throwing them on higher elevations and under hell. Flashing at the latter location helps to blind A Link and A Spike Area enemies, only when you throw them from the A Drop or the A Main.

3. Valorant Grenades

There are plenty of Valorant Grenades and Nanobots Fracture Lineups for both KAYO, Killjoy, and Viper. You can find them all here to get a quick look at what you should try before your Ranked Valorant Games.

4. Valorant Agent Abilities

The Valorant Jett Updraft can be used at numerous places to acquire odd elevations of vantage. Similarly, Chamber can use his Rendezvous to acquire unusual vantage points on both Fracture Spike Sites.

Parallelly, you can place Cypher Cam near the B Arcade and the B Site around bushes or adjacent walls. Such angles are usually overlooked by most enemies, especially in the heat of a battle.

Fracture Valorant Attacker

The Viper Smoke Orbs can similarly be placed at elevations like the Cypher Cage, on the A doors, near the B Arcade and on the structures around the A Drop. Still, remember to aim for the head as those abilities, though offer silver peeks, are best useful when shooting at the head to quickly finish off enemies.

Final Words

Applying these Fracture Valorant Attacker Tips should help you score some clutch rounds or get easy trades. But, you should first verify their use scope in your Practice round or an Unranked Valorant map. You may need a teammate to practice some strategies and tactics, so try getting some custom Valorant games. GLHF!

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