Highest Rank in Valorant – Top Mistakes in Immortal Valorant ELO!

After seeing Valorant Mobile Beta Release Gameplay Live on Android Devices, the global Valorant Community eagerly awaits its launch. But Valorant Mac & Valorant PC gaming is here to stay, especially with Highest Rank in Valorant being contested fiercely. So, here’s how you can get Immortal Valorant Position to Surpass it & become a Valorant Radiant Pro!

What is Immortal Valorant ELO?

Valorant ELO refers to the state of being stuck between three tiers of ranks that seem nigh possible to evade. Similarly, the Immortal Valorant ELO is the condition where Valorant Players get stuck between its three tiers, unable to attain the Highest Rank in Valorant – Radiant!

Is Valorant ELO Hell Real?

Frequently, valorant players blame the Valorant MMR queue system for leaving them stuck at a specific Valorant Rank Position. Sure, there have also been instances where a player has obtained multiple Clutch Wins on top of an Ace, but they still gained only +5 RR (Rank Ratings) or less. So, it’s real, correct?

Highest Rank in Valorant

Not quite, no. While this has been a long existing complaint of the Valorant Community against the Valorant Developers, it’s the players. Valorant Players often get some lucky shots, but equally or more, they miss their shots or make mistakes that later seem like an unlucky fate.

Highest Rank in Valorant – Top Mistakes Why You’re Not Radiant!

It’s always easier to blame something else than face the mistakes you’re making because it makes us feel flawed. In Valorant, players either blame some ability misuse or the map mechanics or other players for the losses they face.

Hence, here’s your wake up call about your Top Mistakes in Immortal Valorant ELO preventing you from Radiant Rank!

1. Aggro (Over) Confident Bros

This one goes to all the dreamers of the Highest Rank in Valorant, who think being Maverick equals being Pros. You’re wrong. But what’s worse than seeing you fall is the *cringe* that comes with losing another round BECAUSE SOME IDJIT CAN’T STICK TO THE RULE – NO SOLO!

Really, if you’re ”that guy” who thinks they can 1v5 Clutch Win a Valorant Ranked Game, you’re on HIGH Confidence.

See, Valorant Pros can imagine winning those because they are not actively imagining win scenarios while playing! They’re focused, on the game, on the map, seizing the moment. Geddit?


Absolutely have no team member run solo, especially in the bonus or the third round after losing a pistol.

Say, what if you won the pistol round? Don’t run solo all the same! The initial Valorant match rounds are about building momentum and building your bank for repurchasing your gun after you die.

Yes, you will, because you’re in the Immortal Valorant Rank Lobby. The remaining ~800 Immortal players aren’t complete idiots who reached there unless they bought their account(s).

2. The Human Error

Dismissing the whiffs as anything else but whiffs would just be poor sportsmanship or just poor gaming spirit. Whichever it may be, it’s keeping you from realizing where you’re pulling the trigger early or holding a little longer.

Wait, it could be the Valorant Weapon, right? Of Course…..no! Well, yes, but not when you’re Chamber with a Headhunter or Tour De Force – those weapons are broken, mighty accurate even with movement.

Highest Rank in Valorant


Getting closer to reaching the Highest Rank in Valorant requires learning to take your failures and working on not repeating them. If you’re repeating them, ask an ally to rotate the Valorant agent map position with you. If you think they won’t, my friend, you’re either new to Valorant Immortal rank or paranoid.

VALORANT IMMORTAL lobbies are generally non-toxic, save for some funny jabs here and there. But it’s applicable only when you haven’t bought your way into the Immortal Rank league, and they would know, as you might do, right?

3. A Plan? What Plan!?

So, what remains after removing stoopid Mavericks and human error? Either the Lack of a Plan or a lack of proper implementation.

It cannot be stressed enough how quickly things can turn around in Valorant – faster than Neon can blink! It’s True! One minute your team is taking on a 4v2, and then within mere seconds, you’re alone in a clutch situation, minus 60 HP, quietly but visibly afraid to make any next move.

Highest Rank in Valorant


Callouts – Make Callouts, even the sillier ones, but keep them short or relevant. The enemy is under what’s that thing you’re pushing together? Scream Under! Is the enemy flying mid-air over your heads? Scream Up!

Likewise, as time passes, depending on your stay in the Valorant Immortal ELO suite, you’d hear pick-up callouts. And once you know them, you’ll look for them and clear them, almost always.

4. The FORCE

If anyone should learn one single thing within the Immortal Valorant Rank, it is that Force buys would only get you so far as leaving you worse than you began!

Believing you’d score kills and scoring them – between this condition and the outcome lies a whole reality bigger than the Breeze Valorant Map. So then, how would you discover the realm of the Highest Rank in Valorant?


ECO Buys. Simple.

You know it, and the enemies know that your Classic, Ghost, Frenzy, Shorty or Sheriff can only do so much! Let it be this way, try to get multiple shots than wanting a single on-off blow to take them clean.

A win is a win; besides, a 4 HP win with 20 Classic shots against a Vandal is any day mightier. Die trying if you will, but save a round after you lose one, and try chipping at their HP if you can’t manage to take headshots.

5. The Immortal Valorant Happy Idiots

Here’s to the Immortal Valorant Players, who like where they are, with the players they regularly face. Forget about the debate on whether the Valorant ELO Hell exists; trust these players to make it a Heaven!

While there’s no shame in absolutely enjoying every Valorant game you play, these players would play lethal but party well. The outcomes aren’t a matter. Who even measures the time when playing Valorant, right?

Highest Rank in Valorant


You can do nothing much about such players except tell them to get serious for a few rounds. So, what if you also mention this somewhere in your sentences – it’s all because so you can see them never! Trust them to give you a pleasant earful for it while taking shots and names, ofc.

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The Takeaway

Anyone who plays Valorant religiously, seriously or regularly must at least once attain the Immortal Valorant for three reasons.

  1. It has hands down the Best Valroant Players in the respective region.
  2. Another reason is that you’ll learn so much before getting the Highest Rank in Valorant. You’d never again play any Tactical FPS game with the same mistakes.
  3. Of course, you’d make human errors, but it won’t keep you from joining the Global Top 50 Valorant Radiant Players.

So keep these aspects of Immortal Valorant Gaming in mind, and watch this space to learn how to improve your Valorant Mobile Rank after the game is launched! Happy Gaming, GLHF!

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