How To Leave Valorant Game – Guide!

Valorant has amassed remarkable success due to its fantastic gameplay, social presence, and continuous development. The game developers have made specific in-game arrangements to promote fair play for its 14 million monthly valorant players. Naturally, it also includes striking penalties on AFK players who know how to leave Valorant game and sabotage the team.

How to Leave Valorant Game in Emergencies

Understandably, a valorant player might need to quit a valorant game in case of an emergency. However, it makes no sense to individually verify each instance of a player leaving the game halfway or early. Thus, proper penalties are implemented to prevent players from throwing Valorant games unnecessarily.

Valorant has come a long way in a year by growing in all aspects of its core purpose. From offering fun tactical FPS gameplay to being a global eSports title, it’s grown extensively in a short time. Learning from FPS games’ failures while introducing fresh content also helped to create a wonderful social community.

To maintain consistent progress, the developers closely monitor the gameplay mechanics to make them more balanced. The recent patch notes 3.06 are testament to this, which eliminates the penalties from leaving Valorant Deathmatch mode. Previously, any player doing and aware of How to Leave Valorant Game Deathmatch mode or go AFK was penalized a time ban.

Leaving Valorant Game

It is quite easy to leave a valorant game midway or at any point in time.  A player can use two methods to quit their ongoing valorant game easily.

Exit to Desktop or Main Menu

  • Press the Esc key and click on the Exit option.
    • Click on Exit to Menu to return to the Valorant Home Screen
    • OR
    • Click on the Exit to Desktop option to return to your Windows Desktop Screen.

Force Leave a Valorant Game

  • Press the Alt + F4 key combination from your keyboard to quit a valorant game.

These methods can help you easily perform how to leave Valorant game actions. Still, there’s something vital to learn. Quitting a valorant game will have consequences on your Valorant game account activity.

How To Leave Valorant Game

How to Leave Valorant Game: Consequences

The game will subject you to an in-game penalty regardless of how you choose to terminate a valorant game. The penalty can be of one of the two types, which are kept in place to deter unfair gameplay.

When a valorant player leaves the game, it subsequently creates a 4v5 valorant agent scenario. In such circumstances, other players may also feel encouraged to quit the game. Hence, to counter such activities, these penalties may be levied on your valorant game account.

4vs5 How To Leave Valorant Game

In-Game Queue Time Penalty

Leaving a valorant match, especially a ranked match, is highly frowned upon by both valorant players and developers. Since abandoning a game harms the queuing system, the game also punishes the AFK player similarly.

Upon leaving a valorant game before its completion, the player will be rendered unable to join the queue again. It is also applicable for queuing for any valorant game mode. The exact duration of the time-out penalty varies depending on the player’s rank. The same also applies to those who go AFK for a particular period in an ongoing match round.

Experience & Account Points Penalty

Another way to punish AFK events in Valorant is by restricting the Experience Points and AP rewards.

A player with an incomplete game will not obtain any rewards for their time invested in the game. It also includes nullifying any number of kills or Ace they might’ve bagged. So far, such restrictions have prevented the deterioration of the game’s quality.

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The Takeaway

How to leave valorant game may also resemble a similar outcome when a player may experience connection issues. However, it’ll be wise to contact the Valorant Support team regarding the matter in such cases. They will send you a response, after which you can communicate with them about the need.

Remember, leaving a valorant game numerous times may also lead to being permanently banned from the game. Moreover, it can also corrupt the Riot Vanguard client or other game files apart from potentially causing system crashes. Hence, we recommend that you always complete your valorant game or use the Surrender Valorant Game option.

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