Do The Sleek Minima Valorant Gun Skins Offer Better Stealth?

Valorant Weapons are plenty, but none could match the finesse and sleekness offered by the Minima Valorant Bundle. It is a deluxe edition Valorant Bundle, but there’s more to this bundle’s weapons due to its design. Is there any unfairness at play?

Minima Valorant Bundle: The Creation Idea

Riot developers are dedicated to making Valorant a people’s game, and they indeed leave no stone unturned to do so. The seed behind the creation of the Minima Set springs from creating affordable baseline skins that look fabulous to own. Since it’s a deluxe edition bundle, fans don’t have to spend more than 4270 VP as the Minima Valorant Price.

Minima Valorant

Minima Skins Bundle Contents

Launched after May 2021, the Minima Valorant Bundle offers exclusive collectibles to its Valorant players. The items have nowhere been seen previously in the type and form designed by the Valorant creative team.

In its entirety, the bundle features five weapon skins, albeit unfortunately without major additional upgrades. Furthermore, the bundle doesn’t offer additional Minima Collection items, preferably keeping the Minima Bundle cost low.

All Minima Weapons

The svelteness of each weapon offered in the bundle represents exceedingly fantastic craftsmanship. Players who have missed the bundle could still obtain these weapons from the Discount Store section when it features them.

  • Minima Sheriff (1275 VP)
  • Minima Spectre (1275 VP)
  • Minima Ares (1275 VP)
  • Minima Phantom (1275 VP)
  • Minima Operator (1275 VP)

Are Valorant Minima Skins For Stealth?

The release of the Minima bundle hasn’t been without some controversies or rumors, as with most Valorant skins. According to a subreddit of the Minima Reddit, users have reported the weapons to have dissimilar gun dimensions compared to basic guns.

For instance, the length of the Minima Phantom is comparatively smaller than the original basic Phantom weapon. Similarly, other weapons from the bundle have also been compared with baseline weapons.

Minima Valorant

Despite it, the developers have neither accepted nor rejected such claims. According to Valorant Players, having a smaller barrel equals holding corners better without being spotted by peeker’s Advantage.

So, is Minima Phantom worth it? According to the Minima Reddit, indeed! Therefore, keep your eyes peeled to the Store & get the Minima Phantom or others for less than 1000 VP!

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Q.    What is Minima VALORANT?

Minima Valorant Bundle is a set of cosmetic Valorant Weapons skins of the Deluxe Edition weapon class. The bundle includes Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, Phantom, and Operator.

Q.    How much does the Minima Phantom cost?

The Minima Phantom costs 1275 VP during its first release, but players can obtain it cheaper. Check the Discount section of Valorant Store for its limited-time sale.

Q.    What is the best bundle in VALORANT?

The best bundle in Valorant is difficult to pick. However, global fans of the game deem the Ion, Elderflame, and Prime bundles the best.

Q.    What is the best Phantom skin VALORANT?

Many players find the Phantom skin from the Minima Set to be the best, equally or after the Ion Phantom.

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