Play Valorant on Mac & PC: Why You Should Play Valorant in 2022?

The Gaming Industry for the PC platform annually witnesses the launch of over 10 AAA titles besides other thousand games. Among such a competitive market, Riot Games Inc. released Valorant in 2020, the currently leading favorite tactical FPS asymmetric shooter. So, why do people still play Valorant?

There are a handful of fantastic yet simple reasons why the Daily Valorant player traffic sees +20 Million monthly active users.

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How To Play Valorant on Mac M1 & PC?

Before showing you what appeals to gamers in Valorant, here’s how to Play Valorant after your Download Valorant game decision.

  • Refer to this guide & this guide for the Complete Install Valorant on Mac M1 & PC steps.
  • Run the VALORANT.EXE icon from your desktop.
  • Click on the Play button at the top center area of your screen.
  • Pick any game mode and click on Start.

While entering game rounds is that easy, it’s still not the reason why Valorant Community keeps growing year on year!

Why Play Valorant in 2022 – Top 4 Reasons to Be a Valorant Player!

The reasons mentioned below may not all apply to the Daily Valorant players for individual reasons. Beyond them, the most common reason for people to Play valorant, even in 2022, is that it’s a free game.

With that out of the way, here are the reasons why people (Boomers to GenZ) like playing Valorant:

1. It’s Instinct – Easy to Learn

Play Valorant

No, we’re not talking about making sense of the Valorant Agent Abilities, but using Valorant guns is simple. Starting to play Valorant is overwhelming only until you’re new to having abilities parallel to gunplay. Any ex-Overwatch, Apex Legends, or Super People Game players should feel somewhat right at home.

You buy a weapon, you point it and shoot, Repeat!

Oh, not to forget, some Valorant Agent Ability kills you out of nowhere after or before you miss your shot.

2. A Modern Innovation of The Classic – CSGO

Another sacred or most popular reason people globally play Valorant is because it does not deviate much from the basics. While the benchmark set by CSGO would rarely ever get broken, especially after 30 years of its release, its bare basics all exist pretty much the same in Valorant.

Capture Site/Map Control, Combat enemies, Plant/Defuse Spike, Play Retake or Post Plant, Repeat!

3. Valorant Community

One of the best things any game developer can do in or after 2022 is to have its Community play an active role in determining the game progression.

Please Note that ‘Active’ is the keyword here instead of ‘Leading.’

The many Valorant Rewards available in the Valorant Battlepass are themselves enough for most players. Not to forget, the surplus, unbelievably astonishingly beautiful Valorant gun skins bundles! Besides these, the Valorant Lore, Player cards, Valorant Sprays, etc., collectively helps to keep the community alive.

4. A Fresh Game, Every Season!

Play Valorant

Speaking of keeping the community alive, Daily Valorant players might already be too familiar with the famous Valorant Meta. It is a term that describes the Standard Advantageous strategies, weapons, and agent picks that maximize the chances of winning.

So like, does it change? Of course! Because the Valorant game developers closely pay attention to the game (mechanics) statistics, they attempt to maintain the game balance for both Attackers and Defenders.

Based on this rule of theirs, they keep adjusting existing Valorant Agents abilities values and/or introduce new Valorant Agents, Valorant Maps, Valorant Game Modes, etc.

Note: Valorant Game had only Eight Valorant Agents at its release. Until May 2022, there are currently Eighteen Playable Valorant Agents!

Final Words

There are many other reasons why people choose to play Valorant, but the ones above are the primary reasons it’s still a successful game in a market with shorter attention spans.
Naturally, you can expect to collect some special Valorant Rewards whenever you purchase a battlepass or just live stream a Valorant Champions Annual Event! So, hopefully, we’ll see you around in the game, FTW!


Q. How Many People Play Valorant 2022?

Over 1.5 million daily active users are playing the Valorant game in 2022!

Q. Why Play Valorant on Mac?

Mac M1 devices surpass all the specifications required to run Valorant. Plus, since Mac M1 can simulate Windows Environment, some players have been able to play valorant on Mac. However, it’s not the officially accepted way to play Valorant.

Q. Can I Play Valorant Mobile?

Valorant Mobile Beta Access is already available in the Northern Asia Pacific Region. It is rumored that Valorant Mobile may arrive on the 2nd Anniversary of the Valorant PC game, i.e., 2nd June.

Q. When is the Valorant Console release?

There have been no new developments regarding the release of the Valorant Console version. Still, interested readers are requested to watch this space to learn about the Latest Valorant Updates & Game Guides!

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