8 Reasons to Play Valorant in 2023

Are You a Beginner Starting To Play Valorant in 2023?
As a Seasoned Valorant Player, Do You Want More?
Lucky For You, Valorant has plenty in Store For Everyone in 2023!

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Valorant is a team-based first-person tactical shooter by Riot Games that continues to attract a global crowd past its third anniversary. Whether you want to stream Valorant or want to play Valorant pc, the world of Valorant has plenty of Lore for everyone. Be it for its seasoned Valorant Gamer or its enthusiasts, the 2023 Valorant promises several exciting updates for all Windows PC and Mac systems.

Here are all the 8 Reasons to Download & Play Valorant in 2023!

1. New Valorant Agents & Valorant Maps

Deadlock Valorant Agent

If you have not yet found your perfect Valorant Agent, you are getting three new Valorant Agents in 2023. Indeed, the third anniversary of Valorant is planning a huge update to keep the game fresh, and it also includes a New Valorant Map.

If challenging your tactical skills and opponent strategies is your game, Valorant is here to offer you highly rewarding gameplay opportunities like no other title ever.

Note: Valorant Game only had Eight Valorant Agents at its release. However, as of June 27 2023, there will be Twenty-Three Playable Valorant Agents!

2. Dynamic 5v5 Tactical FPS Gameplay

If the aim, shoot, and repeat routine followed in other games has become boring for you, Valorant 2023 can offer you so much more. To Play Valorant, you would be using and honing your tactical skills besides improving your gunplay precision.

Capture Site – Map Control,
Combat enemies,
Plant or Defuse Spike,
Play Retake or Post Plant,

Never forget you have allies with their respective skills and dedication who are here to help you take the challenge to the enemies. After all, Valorant openly welcomes its casual gamers and the rank-pushing Radiants alike for offering satisfying, thrilling experiences every day.

3. Regularly Active Huge Player Base

A fantastic benefit when you play Valorant is forming alliances with in-game allies who are also enthusiasts like yourself. So, if you are looking for a strategic controller, a careful duelist, an aggressive initiator, or a wise sentinel, you’ll find them all here. Moreover, with over 2 million daily active players, Valorant ensures you will always be a part of something greater than yourself.

4. Global Valorant Communities

If a game’s success were to depend solely on the size and satisfaction of its community, Valorant has certainly made its mark. The Global Valorant communities across social media platforms and social apps are always developing content when not on the lookout for teammates.

Additionally, with online streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube receiving centuries’ worth of stream views within a month, the Global Valorant Communities are flocking together comfortably. Simultaneously, the Valorant Communities have also assisted several regions across the globe in gaining recognition & support for eSports gaming.

5. Exciting Valorant Collections

It was difficult to surpass the success of previous Valorant Bundles, yet, the developers have surpassed their abilities. The nostalgia-evoking Valorant Radiant Entertainment System Bundle and the futuristic Magepunk EP6 Bundle are immensely amazing Valorant Weapons.

But, besides obtaining Valorant Gun Skins, Your Valorant Gameplay can be customized further using player banners or cards, titles, gun buddies, and VFX/Animations. So hoist your colors high and play Valorant Matches Today on your PC & Mac devices.

Play Valorant

6. Valorant Pro eSports – Global VCT 2023 Events

Enthusiasts of Valorant eSports gaming are provided more ways to compete now when they play Valorant in 2023. The year begins with VCT regional tournaments, following the VCT Masters Tokyo tournament to pick off VCT 2023 LCQ event.

play VCT valorant

That’s not all. The Valorant Ascension Tournament will also kick off in 2023 for global fans who also await the Valorant Champions Tournament. Succeeding it would be the Valorant Game Changers Championship, and lastly, the Sponsored Valorant Tournaments until December to wrap the year.

7. Valorant Premier Tournament

If you may be thinking about what you would gain from the Valorant Tournaments, then the Valorant Premier Tournament in 2023 is your chance to join them. For the first time, the Valorant Premier Tournament will let regional players create their own team and participate against 20 other teams in their division.

valorant premier beta

The winner becomes the Valorant Premier Champion, who will also gain the opportunity to compete directly with global Pro eSports Valorant Teams in the VCT Championship Playoffs. So, if you think Valorant is only for e-Daters, content creators, and Pro eSports players, think again!

8. Careers in Valorant eSports 2023

Do you like to play Valorant on mac/pc and are confident about your game knowledge and presentation skills? Head over to the Valorant Careers section and fill out your application to grab a chance to become the presenters, analysts, and casters for your region.

play valorant

Other professionals who are game developers, production designers, and the like could also grab the opportunity to contribute to Valorant while excelling in their careers with the game that has amassed over $3 billion in sales to date.

Final Words

Valorant is evolving to bring more storylines into its Lore while innovatively expanding the tactical FPS gameplay experience of its global player base. So, whether you are a beginner or someone that has joined Valorant since the YR1 anniversary or the Beta Program, personalize your game with your preferred settings. The Valorant Championship pathway to 2027 is on track to bring more exciting updates!


Q. How Many People Play Valorant 2023?

Over 2 million daily active users are playing the Valorant game in 2023!

Q. Why Play Valorant on Mac?

Mac M1 & M2 devices surpass all the specifications required to run Valorant. Plus, since Mac M1 & M2 can simulate Windows Environment, some players have been able to play Valorant on Mac. However, it’s not the officially accepted way to play Valorant.

Q. Can I Play Valorant Mobile?

Valorant Mobile Beta Access was previously available in the Northern Asia Pacific Region. However, it is rumored that Valorant Mobile may arrive on the 4th Anniversary of the Valorant PC game, i.e., 2nd June 2024.

Q. When is the Valorant Console release?

There have been no new developments regarding the release of the Valorant Console version. Still, interested readers are requested to watch this space to learn about the Latest Valorant Updates & Game Guides!

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