Valorant Agent Replacements You Never Tried!

Picking the best Valorant agents is the top priority for every Valorant player to get the best abilities kit. While it’s a reasonable choice, sometimes diverging from the optimal valorant agent choice can still be rewarding. Hence, check out the Valorant Agent Replacements given below.

Why Pick Valorant Agent Replacement?

Oftentimes, your favourite Valorant Agent pick may be instalocked by another ally. It pays well to have an alternate Valorant Agent Choice in such times because it can also throw off opponents.

While it’s not the best option, and only a few Valorant eSports teams have done it in the past, it certainly does help. Making such choices helps diversify your team’s gameplay, where your off-pick could potentially become the differentiating factor that scores you a Match win!

For instance, picking Sage on a map like a Fracture can have her lock Site A as Defender or Attackers.

While her Orb Wall could be fragged with bullets, it does require making plenty of gunfire (sound) and time to do so. In crucial Clutch moments, such a difference in abilities can make all the difference!

Best Valorant Agent Replacements You Never Tried!

So, which Valorant Agent Replacements must you try across all seven Valorant Maps? The answer to it lies in what the team needs or lacks after everyone has picked their Valorant Main Agent.

Although the replacement agents might not be the Meta Choice on the map, their presence would certainly serve to make things difficult for the opponents.

1. Cypher

The Moroccan Sentinel Valorant Agent has one of the least pick rates in both Competitive and Unrated Valorant games. While it’s mainly because his feasibility is less optimal in all valorant maps, he can still capture the scene well.

His Trip Wires and Signature Ability Spy Cam are instrumental abilities for preventing surprise flank attacks. The Cyber Cage is an equally valuable ability to block LOS or allow players to rotate without getting spotted. Get him on maps other than Breeze to make the best use of his Trap Wires.

2. Omen

One of the only two Valorant agents with unknown origins is another less-picked choice but supremely useful in the correct hands. Despite being a Controller Valorant Agent, a player can use his abilities to play aggro to fill the shoes of a Duelist or Initiator.

Omen’s Paranoia & Dark Cover abilities are advantageous when pushing enemies or cleaning corners during post plant or retakes. Hence, Omen can be counted among the best Valorant Agent Replacements on the roster.

3. Skye

The Australian trail expert Skye did see a rise in her agent pick ratio in the Competitive Pro Valorant eSports game. But otherwise, she’s one of the less picked Valorant Agents in Ranked games. A critical reason behind it can be the maneuverability of the Guiding Light Ability, essentially a flash.

Qualifying her as a useful Valorant Agent Replacement is her abilities kit, allowing recon and attack opportunities to the team. Beyond their use, her Regrowth Ability can help to heal allies once per match, depending on its use meter. Considering these abilities, Skye can potentially replace the use of Sage and Cypher/KAYO at the same time!

4. Phoenix

The British Duelist Valorant Agent Phoenix is among the top 3 least Picked Valorant Agents in Unranked and Competitive Games. While the reasons behind it include fewer returns on his Abilities, he can be lethal all the same.

His Curveball and Hot Hands let him flash and molly, which qualifies his spot as a worthy Valorant Agent Replacement. Alternatively, the Run It Back Ultimate Ability remains OP, allowing him to frag and respawn with Full health after one death.

5. Brimstone

Many Valorant Community members lovingly call Brimstone Valorant Agent a Boomer, which is true as per his Valorant Lore with Viper. Besides it, his Stim Beacon and the Sky Smoke abilities are what make him one of the leading ideal Valorant Agent Replacements.

Using the abilities mentioned above can be handy for acquiring map control, while his Incendiary ability can be used as a Lineup-Larry. Adding to his arsenal is the Orbital Strike ability, a massively helpful laser strike from the sky that near-instantaneously takes out anyone caught inside it.

6. Breach

The Brute Swede Valorant Agent Brimstone shares some similarities with the Boomer in the physique department, but that’s where they end. What makes Breach a fantastic Valorant Agent Choice is his ability to shake up things, causing disorientation and almost hysteria.

The Fault Line can easily be used to disrupt defences, while the Fault Line is handy to prevent spike plants or diffuses. Parallelly, his Flashpoint is all too famous for blinding allies and enemies the same, when his Rolling Thunder can figuratively have everyone SHOOK!

Final Words

Several other Valorant Agent Replacement options exist because the Valorant Devs have released a total of eighteen Valorant agents. Hence, be sure to try them all out to learn better about their abilities, so you can use them as replacement options when the need calls for it. In the meantime, Happy Gaming!


Q. Who is a better replacement for the Jett Valorant agent?

Alternative Valorant Agent Choice for Jett include agents like Raze, Chamber, Reyna, Phoenix, and Neon.

Q. Who is a better replacement for Skye?

Players can pick Valorant Agent Replacement options like Omen, Cypher, Astra, Brimstone, and Breach as replacements for Skye.

Q. Who is a better Agent Replacement for Sova?

Cypher, Fade and KAYO are better agent replacements in place of Sova, whose abilities can provide you with recon on enemy units.

Q. Who is a better Agent Replacement for Astra?

To deploy Valorant Smokes that prevent LOS, Valorant Agent Replacements for Astra are Brimstone, Omen, Cypher, Jett, and Reyna.

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