Valorant Agents Abilities & Skills That Every Gamer Should Know

The tactical FPS genre won’t be leaving the playing field anytime soon, and Valorant is presently leading the charge globally. Riot Inc has developed a fantastic asymmetric tactical FPS shooter in the form of Valorant, and it’s a global success. The game features 17 unique Valorant Agents, so here’s what you should know to play.

Valorant Agents Abilities

At the core of Valorant is the collective existence of its special Valorant Agents, each possessing diverse abilities & skills. Their presence on a tactical 5v5 map certainly makes the gameplay interesting and challenging to play and watch. However, beginners starting to play the game may lose sight of what’s evolving before it reaches its 12th Round.

Valorant Characters abilities are unique to themselves and are added into the game to make the gunplay more engaging & thrilling.

Such scenarios arise because keeping track of all the Valorant Agents Abilities could be overwhelming at times. Moreover, when these agents abilities are released together on a map, they even confuse some exceptionally Pro Valorant Players. Therefore, let’s familiarize ourselves with Valorant Agents Abilities & Skills that every gamer should know.

Signature Abilities ( E )

Such abilities are tethered to the respective Valorant Characters origins and their Agent Class. Usually, a player won’t need to purchase such an ability, but it may be prone to demand a time recharge. While it temporarily keeps things stagnant, players could use the secondary abilities to their advantage until the Signature ability recharges.

The key aspect to remember about Signature Abilities is that only some offer damage while others serve their usefulness circumstantially.

Ultimate Abilities ( X )

Using the ultimate ability of Valorant Characters holds critical importance in their usefulness to turn the tables in your favor. Acquiring the capacity to activate an Ultimate Ability requires collecting charges.

The Ultimate Ability of every Valorant Agent demands a recharge in unequal amounts. Furthermore, there are multiple ways to charge the Valorant Characters Ultimate Ability.

  • Obtain a Kill
  • Suffer a Death
  • Collect Orbs
  • Defuse a Spike

Secondary Abilities ( Q ) or ( C )

Any Tactical FPS game is incomplete without offering utilities like Flash Grenades & Smoke Grenades, but Valorant goes several steps further. Following the Agent-based asymmetric nature of the game, the grenades are replaced with agent-specific abilities. Meaning, it’s possible for certain valorant agents to possess such utilities as abilities and while others may not.

At the same time, some agents could own other abilities that are unique to themselves or their agent class. A fine example of this is the set of agents abilities possessed by Phoenix. He can introduce a flash as well as a molly, being a duelist, besides being able to heal.

To better understand the squall of it all, let’s familiarize ourselves with every Valorant Agents Abilities.

All Valorant Agents Skills & Abilities

We’ll use the already prevalent Valorant Agents Classification model to go through each agent’s abilities. Within it, you’ll be instructed about the Key Valorant Agents Abilities & Skills That Every Gamer Should Know.



  • ( E )Healing Orb – Heals 60 HP of Ally (5s) in sight or self-heal (10s). Recharges 45s.
  • ( X )Resurrection – Use it on a Dead Ally to resurrect them. Requires 8 Orb Points.
  • ( Q )Slow Orb – Use to fire a detonation that slows enemies. It lasts for 7s.
  • ( C )Barrier Orb – Use to build a wall (ALT FIRE to rotate). It lasts for 40s.
  • Sage plays defensively using Barrier Orb & Slow Orb, so push her immediately or rotate.
  • Sage usually places a Barrier Orb before Resurrection. Prevent the latter by destroying the wall.
Sage Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Turret – Produce a Turret that fires at 180 degrees, dealing damage to enemies. It can be recalled.
  • ( X )Lockdown – Employ a device with 13s windup time that detains enemies for 8s. Needs 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Alarmbot – Use to plant a covert alarmbot that detonates after sensing the enemy’s proximity. It can be recalled.
  • ( C )Nanoswarm – Use to plant a covert nanoswarm grenade that you can activate from a distance. Activation with one or more enemies in its field deals them heavy damage.
  • Killjoy can single-handedly defend a spike site. Remember to watch out for her traps when she plays defensively.
  • Be cautious of Turret & Alarmbot when pushing a site as lurk. Their activation/detonation is notified to her comms.
Killjoy Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Spycam – Place a spycam on a vertical surface to remotely access the feed.  It can be recalled.
  • ( X )Neural Theft – Use on a dead enemy to learn about the location of other living enemies. Requires 6 Orb Points.
  • ( Q )Cyber Cage – Create a zone that blocks sight and vision upon its activation after tossing it on the ground. It can be triggered remotely.
  • ( C )Trapwire – Plant a trapwire between two surfaces, walls, objects. Breaching its line or its destruction notifies the allies.
  • Cypher uses Spycam planted covertly at odd angles to monitor an area. Catch it by noticing an electric spark in your vision or by detecting its audio.
  • Watch out for Trapwires when playing lurk. Try to jump it if possible, without destroying it.
Cypher Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Rendezvous – Place two separate anchors and engage them in proximity to teleport.
  • ( X )Tour de Force – Activation summons a Powerful One Shot Sniper. Dying by it creates a slowing field nearby. Requires 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Headhunter – Activation equips a Heavy Pistol with ADS. You’ll need to buy rounds from Buy Menu.
  • ( C )Trademark – Use to place a trap that counts down to create a slowing field after sensing enemies in proximity.
  • Chamber will likely use Rendezvous to teleport quickly between sites. Try to let him waste the utility with fake rotations.
  • Watch out for his Tour de Force & Headhunter abilities in regular rounds, especially in their Eco rounds. Always push a Chamber in pairs.
Chamber Valorant Agents

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  • ( E )Toxic Screen – Plant a line of gas emitters long or short. Activate to create a wall of toxic gas that utilizes Fuel. Reactivate once Fuel regenerates.
  • ( X )Viper’s Pit – Cover & conceal an area in a Pit of toxic gas. Enemies inside it after 3s will have reduced or 1 HP. It Lasts 15s or Indefinitely (Viper should be inside it). Needs 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Poison Cloud – Launch a Gas Emitter vial. Activate to create a poison sphere cloud. Weakens enemies that enter it and block off the line of sight. It can be recalled.
  • ( C )Snakebite – Throw a vial of a toxic chemical that explodes & pools upon hitting the ground. Enemies walking on it take damage.
  • Viper most likely uses the Toxic Screen to create distractions or to hide a map area.
  • Prevent dying in Viper’s Pit by taking out Viper as soon as possible. Check corners, prevent giving away the muzzle of your gun.
Viper Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Nebulae/Dissipate – Use the placed star to create a Nebulae Sphere. (Dissipate or (F) takes it back, leaving a small Nebulae Sphere for 1s)
  • ( X )Astral Form/Cosmic Divide – Use to enter the Astral plane to plant stars. Use to place Ultimate ability – creating a vertical cosmic veil on the map. Requires 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Nova Pulse – Activation detonates the star to create a concussing-stun effect.
  • ( C )Gravity Well – Activation pulls the enemies on the star to its center.
  • Use Cosmic Divide to partition a portion of the Spike Site or to divide the push area.
  • Astra uses stars at corners or mid-areas of a map to pull/stun snipers and attackers/defenders. Prepare for her to use Gravity Well or Nova Pulse at any moment.
Astra Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Sky Smoke – Brings up a minimap. Use the FIRE to mark the location of smoke and ALT FIRE to launch smokes.
  • ( X )Orbital Strike – Brings up a minimap. Use FIRE to mark the location of Laser Strike and ALT FIRE to launch it. It deals lethal damage to enemies inside it (3s). Requires 7 Orb Points.
  • ( Q )Incendiary – Obtain a Molotov grenade. FIRE to launch, it pools into flames after hitting the ground.
  • ( C )Stim Beacon – Launch a Stim field that provides the ability of 15% Rapid-Fire for 15s.
  • Brimstone uses Orbital Strike to defend spike detonation or to prevent attackers’ push.
  • Let the Sky Smokes die out or make him waste it using fake push. Expect Incendiary when pushing a site with him in proximity.
Brimstone Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Dark Cover – Enters a Phase world to plant Shadow Orbs. FIRE & ALT FIRE to move Orb farther or closer. Press ABILITY again to place the Orb. Lasts 15s. Regenerates at 40s.
  • ( X )From the Shadows – Equip a minimap on which you choose Teleport location. Requires 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Paranoia – Induce a blinding shadow orb that temporarily removes farsightedness.
  • ( C )Shrouded Step – Teleport to a nearby location or over nearby objects.
  • Omen uses Shrouded Step to change positions, while Paranoia helps him to blind nearby enemies.
  • From the Shadows helps Omen teleport to the spike site conveniently as a rotation tactic.
Omen Valorant Agents



  • ( E )Recon Bolt – Shoot a dart that lands on a surface to detect & reflect nearby enemy presence caught in its Line of Sight. You can make it bounce once or twice as required. 
  • ( X )Hunter’s Fury –  Activate it, point, and shoot to emit 2-3 long-range wall penetrable energy blasts. When they hit the enemy, it reveals their location while dealing them 80HP damage.
  • ( Q )Shock Bolt – Shoot a dart that lands on a surface to deal 50 HP damage by emitting electric shock. You can make it bounce once or twice as required.
  • ( C )Owl Drone – EQUIP and FIRE to launch a drone with 10s of life to scout nearby areas. After aiming at the enemy, use the FIRE button to hit them with a dart, revealing their location.
  • Sova uses Owl Drone usually before launching his Hunter’s Fury attack to scout nearby enemies to deal maximum damage.
  • Take cover when Recon Bolt is sighted near you, or shoot it before it begins emitting your location.
Sova Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Guiding Light – EQUIP a Hawk trinket and send it forward with FIRE to guide its movement with your crosshair. Click FIRE again to blast it for Blinding Enemies.
  • ( X )Seekers – EQUIP Seeker trinket and use FIRE to send 3 Seekers who will travel in the nearby enemy’s direction. Enemies hit with Seeker will be concussed.
  • ( Q )Trailblazer – EQUIP Tasmanian Tiger Trinket and use FIRE to launch him ahead following use of arrow keys. Press FIRE again to lunge at the enemy to concuss them.
  • ( C )Regrowth – EQUIP Healing trinket and press FIRE to activate. Activation will allow allies within the zone to heal rapidly until the healing pool is depleted.
  • Maintain cover positions and expect Trailblazer & Guiding Light activations to seek intel on your positions.
  • Shoot Seekers to prevent them from dazing you. Similarly, launch Seekers to distract enemies.
Skye Valorant Agents


  • ( E )ZERO/POINT – FIRE a suppression blade. Enemies caught in its field will be suppressed from using agent abilities. Recharges in 40s. It also provides a suppressed agent icon.
  • ( X )NULL/CMD – FIRE to emit Radianite Energy that suppresses the abilities of nearby enemies. Grants KAY/O Combat Stim and allows him to be revived after being knocked down. Needs 7 Orb Points.
  • ( Q )FLASH/DRIVE – Get a Flash Grenade that can be tossed nearby ALT FIRE or far with FIRE.
  • ( C )FRAG/MENT – FIRE to throw a grenade. Enemies caught in the field get 25-60 HP damage per second.
  • ZERO/POINT is used to gather intel on any approaching enemies or to shut Raze’s Showstopper.
  • Best Valorant Agent for anyone requiring both Flash/Grenade utilities + Recon ability.


  • ( E )Fault Line – Launch a Seismic Blast that concusses enemies. Range modification is possible by long-pressing FIRE and releasing it.
  • ( X )Rolling Thunder – Send a cascading Quake on a large map area visible on the minimap. It Dazes all players caught in it for 6s and pushes them 7m away. Needs 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Flashpoint – EQUIP and FIRE + release after aiming at a nearby object/wall/floor to launch a blinding charge.
  • ( C )Aftershock – EQUIP fusion charge and FIRE to release it. Best effective for clearing enemies that may be hiding behind walls on corners.
  • Seek cover when Flashpoint gets active. Don’t blind teammates. Prepare for the Fault Line.
  • Prevent holding corners when playing against Breach. Maintain distance with allies to prevent getting concussed together.



  • ( E )Tailwind – Propels Jett forward instantaneously in her direction of movement.
  • ( X )Blade Storm – EQUIP high-accuracy set of knives. Set of Knives replenish after a successful kill. Requires 7 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Updraft – Launches Jett in air instantaneously.
  • ( C )Cloudburst – Launch a Cloud smoke, hold the ABILITY key longer with crosshair movement to dictate its direction.
  • ( Space )Drift – Allows Jett to drift when descending from heights.
  • Jett uses Cloudburst and Tailwind to enter sites quickly & stealthily. Do expect an Updraft attack when Jett is an Attacker.
  • Blade Storm requires high precision accuracy, so near-constant movement can help you evade.
  • Expect Jett’s position to be on high-altitude objects when she’s a Defender because of Drift.
Jett Valorant Agents


  • ( E )Dismiss – Use to become intangible for 3s by consuming soul orb. Become Invisible when the Empress player title is active.
  • ( X )Empress – Enter a frenzy for 30s, allowing increased fire, reload & equip speed. Increase ability duration by killing enemies. Requires 6 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Devour – Consume a soul orb to increase up to 150 HP. Any HP > 100 gets decayed over time.
  • ( C )Leer – EQUIP and FIRE to launch a destructible eye, which, when seen directly, makes enemies blind to their surroundings.
  • Take cover when you see or hear Leer activate to retain your line of sight.
  • Inexperienced players cannot handle Empress state, so expect inaccurate shots.


  • ( E )Paint Shells – FIRE throws cluster grenades which make sub-munitions after the blast.
  • ( X )Showstopper – EQUIP a Rocket Launcher & FIRE to shoot. Requires 8 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Blast Pack – Throws Blast Pack that sticks to surfaces. RE-USE for remote detonation.
  • ( C )Boom Bot – Deploys a Boom Bot that travels in a straight line. Sensing an Enemy’s presence will make it jump to the enemy player’s eye level and self-combust.
  • Save Showstopper for later, taking out multiple enemies at once in congested areas. Beware of KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT.
  • Use Blast Pack to propel Raze in the air to make ADSs difficult for enemies. Launch Boom Bot to clear stealth push from enemies.


  • ( E )Hot Hands – Grants a Fireball that pools on the ground after impact. Phoenix heals when standing on it, whereas enemies and allies take damage.
  • ( X )Run It Back– Activation places a marker at Phoenix’s location for 10s, during which he can move and shoot anywhere. Reset brings him back to the marker. Requires 6 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Curveball – EQUIP a curving fireball that creates a flash. FIRE or ALT FIRE to launch.
  • ( C )Blaze – FIRE creates a wall of flame blocking the line of sight and heals Phoenix while damaging any enemies/allies passing through. Bend it using Crosshair movement + long-press-C.
  • When a Phoenix is on a Run It Back, find his marker to kill him on his spawn.
  • Expect Phoenix to have healed when he reappears after receiving damage from your or an allies’ bullets and takes cover.


  • ( E )Gatecrash – Put Rift tether using ALT FIRE or FIRE to send it forward. Use ABILITY to teleport to tether.
  • ( X )Dimensional Drift – Enter Yoru’s dimension to disappear and be unaffected by the enemy’s fire for 8.75s. Requires 6 Orb points.
  • ( Q )Blindside – Obtain an unstable dimension fragment that explodes shortly after hitting a hard surface to create a blinding flash. 
  • ( C )Fakeout – ALT FIRE to place an echo that mimics the sound of footsteps. FIRE to send it forward or use ABILITY to activate the in-place echo.
  • Yoru usually uses the Dimensional Drift to steal the spike or covertly move into the enemy’s area.
  • Expect Blindside to tangent off of walls or ground, so seek cover. Expect Yoru to visit the secondary spike site using Gatecrash teleport.

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