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all valorant agents

What is a Valorant Agent?

The playable characters in Valorant are known as Agents, and they are each recruits in the Valorant PROTOCOL team. Every Agent has 100 base HP and carries Two Basic Abilities, One Signature Ability, and One Ultimate Ability. The abilities serve a specific purpose that is representative of the character’s role within one of the Four Agent Classes.

All Valorant Agents have the same height in-game because it prevents unfair advantages during the gameplay.

What are the Four Valorant Agent Classes?

The Four Agent Classes in Valorant are simple classifications of Roles assigned to the characters or agents, and they are:

  • Duelist
  • Initiator
  • Controller
  • Sentinel

Since Valorant is a Character-based tactical FPS game, every role has certain responsibilities. So, a player must understand each role well to learn to easily perform or score better in the game match rounds. Moreover, once players have a grasp on how the Valorant agents play their roles, defending against them or attacking them also becomes easier!

Duelist Role

Duelist Agents in Valorant are self-sufficient fraggers so they must seek engagements and score high frags using their abilities & skills.

Initiator Role

The Initiator Agents in Valorant challenge angles or push away the Defenders because they are responsible for helping allies enter or capture contested grounds.

Controller Role

Controller Agents in Valorant are useful for slicing the enemy territory to help the team fulfill the objectives for success.

Sentinel Role

The Sentinel Agents in Valorant are experts in defense, also carrying responsibilities of locking down areas and watching flanks to protect their team.

List of All Valorant Agents, Abilities, ID, and Origin Country

Valorant has a total of Twenty-Three agents released officially, as of the Global Patch 7.09 in EPISODE 7 ACT 3.

Hence, as per the Valorant Agents release cycle, players can expect three more agents to release in 2024!

Riot releases One New Valorant Agent with each new EPISODE or after every three ACTS!

1. Brimstone

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
#1ControllerUnited States
Brimstone Valorant Agent
Incendiary(C)Stim Beacon(Q)Sky Smoke (E)
Signature Ability
Orbital Strike(X) Ultimate Ability
Obtain a Molotov grenade. FIRE to launch so it pools into flames after hitting the ground.Launch a Stim field that provides the ability of 15% Rapid Fire and Rapid Movement for 15s.Bring up a minimap. Use the FIRE to mark the location of smoke and ALT FIRE to launch smoke.Bring up a minimap. Use FIRE to mark the location of Laser Strike and ALT FIRE to launch it. Deal lethal damage to enemies inside it (3s). Requires 8 Orb Points.

2. Viper

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
#2ControllerUnited States
valorant fracture meta
Snake Bite(C)Poison Cloud(Q)Toxic Screen (E)
Signature Ability
Viper’s Pit(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip a vial of a toxic chemical to throw (FIRE), which explodes & pools upon hitting the ground. Any enemies or allies on it will take damage.Equip a Gas Emitter vial and Activate (Q) to create a poison sphere cloud. It weakens enemies that enter it and blocks off the line of sight, besides being recalled.Plant a line of walls piercing gas emitters, long or short. Activate (E) to create a toxic gas wall that utilizes Fuel and Reactivate (E) once the Fuel regenerates.Cover and conceal an area in a Pit of toxic gas. Enemies inside it after 3s will have reduced or 1 HP. It can last for 15s or Indefinitely (Viper should be inside it). Needs 9 Orb points.

3. Omen

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Omen Valorant Agents
Shrouded Step(C)Paranoia(Q)Dark Cover (E)
Signature Ability
From the Shadow(X) Ultimate Ability
Teleport (Tee-pee, TP) to a nearby location or over nearby objects.Induce a blinding shadow orb that temporarily removes farsightedness.Enters a Phase world to plant Shadow Orbs. FIRE & ALT FIRE to move Orb farther or closer. Press ABILITY again to place the Orb. Lasts 15s. Regenerates at 40s.Equip a minimap on which you choose (FIRE) a Teleport location and confirm action with ALT FIRE. Requires 7 Orb points.

4. Killjoy

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Killjoy Valorant Agents
Nanoswarm(C)Alarmbot(Q)Turret (E)
Signature Ability
Lockdown(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip to toss (FIRE) a covert Nanoswarm grenade that you can activate (F) from a distance. Activation with one or more enemies in its field deals them heavy damage.Equip to plant (FIRE) a covert Alarmbot that detonates after sensing the enemy’s proximity. It can be recalled.Produce a Turret that fires at 180 degrees, dealing damage to enemies. It can be recalled.Employ a device with a 13s windup time that detains enemies for 8s. Needs 9 Orb points.

5. Cypher

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Cypher Valorant Agents
Trap Wire(C)Cyber Cage(Q)Spycam (E)
Signature Ability
Neural Theft(X) Ultimate Ability
Plant a tripwire between two surfaces, walls, and objects. Breaching its line or its destruction notifies the allies.Create a zone that blocks sight and vision upon its activation after tossing it on the ground. It can be triggered remotely.Place a spycam on a vertical surface to remotely access the feed.  It can be recalled.Use it on a dead enemy to learn about the location of other living enemies. Requires 6 Orb Points.

6. Sova

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Sova Valorant Agents
Owl Drone(C)Shock Bolt(Q)Recon Bolt (E)
Signature Ability
Hunters Fury(X) Ultimate Ability
EQUIP and FIRE to launch a drone to scout nearby areas. FIRE at enemy to hit them with a recon dart.Shoot a dart to deal allies & enemies 50 HP damage. It can bounce once or twice.Shoot a dart that will land on a surface to detect & reflect nearby enemy presence caught in its Line of Sight. It can bounce once or twice as required.Activate it, point, and shoot (FIRE) to emit 2-3 long-range wall penetrable energy blasts. When they hit the enemy, it reveals their location and deals them 80HP damage. Requires 8 Orb points.

7. Sage

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Barrier Orb(C)Slow Orb(Q)Healing Orb(E)
Signature Ability
Resurrection(X) Ultimate Ability
Use (FIRE) to build a wall, and re-press (C) to rotate it before placing.Use (FIRE) to launch a crystal orb that slows anyone walking on it.Heals 60 HP of Ally (5s) in sight or self-heal (10s). Recharges 45s.Use it on a Dead Ally to resurrect them. Requires 8 Orb Points.

Note: Players will gain one Orb Point when they – obtain a kill, suffer a death, collect an orb, and defuse/plant the Spike.

8. Phoenix

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
#9DuelistUnited Kingdom
Blaze(C)Curveball(Q)Hot Hands(E)
Signature Ability
Run It Back(X) Ultimate Ability
FIRE creates a maneuverable wall of flame blocking the line of sight and heals Phoenix while damaging any enemies/allies passing through..EQUIP a curving fireball that creates a flash. FIRE or ALT FIRE to launch.Grants a Fireball that pools on the ground after impact. Phoenix heals when standing on it, whereas enemies and allies take damage.Activation places a marker at Phoenix’s location for 10s, during which he can move anywhere. Reset brings him back to the marker. Requires 6 Orb points.

9. Jett

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
#10DuelistSouth Korea
Jett: Valorant credits
Signature Ability
Bladestorm(X) Ultimate Ability
Launch a Cloud smoke, and hold the ABILITY key longer with crosshair movement to dictate its direction.Instantly launch or elevate Jett in the air.Propels Jett forward instantaneously in her direction of movement.EQUIP a high-accuracy set of knives. Set of Knives replenish after a successful kill. Requires 8 Orb points.

10. Reyna

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Reyna Valorant Agents
Signature Ability
Empress(X) Ultimate Ability
EQUIP and FIRE to launch a destructible eye. When seen directly, it makes the enemies blind.Consume a soul orb to increase up to 150 HP. Any HP > 100 gets decayed over time.Use (E) to become intangible for 3s by consuming the soul orb. When the Empress player title is active, using Dismiss can make Reyna invisible for a short span.Enter a 30s frenzy with increased fire rate and weapon equip/reload speed. Increase ability duration by killing enemies and consuming soul orb. Requires 6 Orb points.

11. Raze

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
valorant fracture meta
Boom Bot(C)Blast Pack(Q)Paint Shells(E)
Signature Ability
Showstopper(X) Ultimate Ability
Deploy a Boom Bot that travels in a straight line. In Enemy’s presence, it jumps and self-combusts.Throws Blast Pack that sticks to surfaces. RE-USE for remote detonation.FIRE throws cluster grenades, which make sub-munitions after the blast.Equip a Rocket Launcher and press FIRE to shoot. Requires 8 Orb points.

12. Breach

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Aftershock(C)Flash Point(Q)Fault Line(E)
Signature Ability
Rolling Thunder(X) Ultimate Ability
EQUIP fusion charge and FIRE to release it. It is best effective for clearing enemies that may be hiding behind walls or corners.EQUIP and FIRE + release after aiming at a nearby object/wall/floor to launch a blinding charge.Launch a Seismic Blast that concusses enemies. Range modification is possible by long-pressing FIRE and releasing it.Send a cascading Quake on a large map area visible on the minimap. It Dazes all players caught in it for 6s and pushes them 7m away. Needs 9 Orb points.

13. Skye

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
valorant fracture meta
Regrowth(C)Trailblazer(Q)Guiding Light(E)
Signature Ability
Seekers(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip the Healing trinket and press FIRE to activate. Activation will allow allies within the zone to heal rapidly until the healing pool is depleted.Equip Tasmanian Tiger Trinket and use FIRE to launch him ahead following the use of arrow keys. Press FIRE again to lunge at the enemy to concuss them.Equip a Hawk trinket and send it forward with FIRE to guide its movement with your crosshair. Click FIRE again to blast it for Blinding Enemies.EQUIP Seeker trinket and use FIRE to send 3 Seekers who will travel in the nearby enemy’s direction. Enemies hit with Seeker will be concussed. Requires 8 Orb points.

14. Yoru

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Fake Out(C)Blindside(Q)Gate Crash(E)
Signature Ability
Dimensional Drift(X) Ultimate Ability
ALT FIRE to launch an echo mimicking footsteps. FIRE to send it forward or use ABILITY to activate echo.Obtain an unstable dimension fragment that explodes shortly after hitting a hard surface to create a blinding flash.Put Rift tether using ALT FIRE or FIRE to send it forward, then use the ABILITY to teleport to tether.Enter Yoru’s dimension to disappear and be unaffected by the enemy’s fire for 8.75s. Requires 7 Orb points.

15. Astra

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Gravity Well(C)Nova Pulse(Q)Nebulae/Dissipate(E)
Signature Ability
Cosmic Divide/Astral State(X) Ultimate Ability
Activation pulls the enemies on the star to its center.Activation detonates the star to create a concussing-stun effect.Use the placed star to create a Nebulae Sphere. (Dissipate or (F) takes it back, leaving a small Nebulae Sphere for 1s)Use it to enter the Astral plane to plant stars. Use to place Ultimate ability – creating a vertical cosmic veil on the map. Requires 7 Orb points.

Note: Astra has the signature ability of STARS, through which she can use her Basic Abilities. Parallelly, using her signature ability or placing STARS requires activating ASTRAL FORM using the X key each time

16. KAY/O

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
#17InitiatorAlternate Earth
Signature Ability
NULL/CMD(X) Ultimate Ability
FIRE to throw a grenade. Enemies caught in the field get 25-60 HP damage per second.Get a Flash Grenade that can be tossed near (ALT FIRE) or far (FIRE).FIRE a suppression blade. Enemies caught in its field will be suppressed from using agent abilities. Recharges in 40s. It also provides a suppressed agent icon.FIRE emits Radianite Energy that suppresses the abilities of nearby enemies. Grants KAY/O Combat Stim and allows him to be revived after being knocked down. Needs 8 Orb Points.

17. Chamber

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Signature Ability
Tour de Force(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip and use (FIRE) to place a trap that counts down to create a slowing field after sensing enemies in proximity.Activation equips a Heavy Pistol with ADS. You’ll need to buy rounds from Buy Menu.Place two separate anchors and engage them in proximity to teleport.Activation summons a Powerful One-Shot Sniper. Dying by it creates a slowing field nearby. Requires 8 Orb points.

18. Neon

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Fast Lane(C)Relay Bolt(Q)High Gear(E)
Signature Ability
Overdrive(X) Ultimate Ability
FIRE two parallel energy lines forward to block enemy vision.Equip and FIRE an energy bolt that bounces horizontally, concussing the ground at impact points.Equip & engage Neon’s passive ability of increased speed, use MOVEMENT to run, and perform a slide with ALT FIRE (resets every two kills).Equip and FIRE lightning beam with high movement & accuracy to deal lethal damage to enemies shot with it. Requires 7 Orb points.

19. Fade

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Signature Ability
Nightfall(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip a prowler and FIRE to launch it. HOLD FIRE to steer it for attacking the nearest enemy, or to auto-follow the terror trail.Equip a knot of fear and use FIRE to launch it. Upon landing, it ruptures holding deafened enemies in place.Equip a haunting Eye, FIRE, to launch it so it can spot enemies nearby and reveal their location, with a terror trail leading to them.Equip the Nightmare power and FIRE to unleash it on a section of MAP. Any marked enemies in its path will be deafened, decayed, and have terror trails leading to them. Requires 8 Orb points.

20. Harbor

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Cascade(C)Cove(Q)High Tide(E)
Signature Ability
Reckoning(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip a wave of Water, FIRE to push it forward and RE-USE to stop it. Enemies in contact with the water wave will be slowed temporarily.Equip a sphere of water-made shield, FIRE to toss it. On landing, it will form a sphere, offering a 500 HP shield.Equip a wall of water that you can manipulate to create a wall by holding FIRE and guiding its direction with your crosshair. Players in contact with fire will be slowed.Summon and equip a ground-level geyser pool in a map area that will concuss enemies caught in it multiple times until 9s ability duration. Requires 7 Orb points.

21. Gekko

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
#22InitiatorUnited States
Mosh Pit(C)Wingman(Q)Dizzy(E)
Signature Ability
Thrash(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip Mosh and throw (FIRE) mosh so it deals 10-25/50 HP damage per tick, and then explodes.Equip and launch (FIRE) Wingman to concuss the first enemy it hits. When carrying the Spike, aim at the spike site and press ULT FIRE to make wingman plant the spike. Repeat the actions for spike defuse.Equip and launch (FIRE) Dizzy in the air to unleash plasma blasts at enemies who spot it and blind them.Equip and launch (FIRE) Thrash and navigate her to lunge forward (ACTIVATE). Upon lunging, she will explode to detain enemies in her radius. Requires 7 Orb points.

22. Deadlock

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Gravnet(C)Sonic Sensor(Q)Barrier Mesh(E)
Signature Ability
Annihilation(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip the grenade and FIRE to throw it. After landing, it creates a net, forcing agents caught by it to crouch and move slowly.Equip and FIRE to place the sensor on vertical surfaces. It triggers a concussion when it detects weapon noise or slight noises.Equip a barrier mesh disc, FIRE to launch it, which creates a four-arm barrier (1200 HP highest) after hitting the ground.Equip the nanowire accelerator and FIRE to unleash its ray that contacts the first enemy, cocooning them. Enemy allies can shoot the cocoon (600 HP) to release their ally. Otherwise, the enemy inside dies when they reach the end. Requires 7 Orb points.

23. ISO

Agent IDAgent ClassOrigin
Contingency(C)Undercut(Q)Double Tap(E)
Signature Ability
Kill Contract(X) Ultimate Ability
Equip a prismatic energy shield, and use FIRE to launch it forward. It paces forward like an indestructible wall blocking all bullets.Equip a molecular bolt that can pass through walls and objects after launching (FIRE) to briefly make enemies Fragile.Start a timer of focus that releases a damage-absorbing energy orb after every enemy kill or damage dealt. Orbs must be shot to obtain one instance of damage absorption.Equip an interdimensional arena and use FIRE to hurl an energy wall in the area that admits the first enemy in contact into the arena. The opponent and ISO will duel to the death. Requires 7 Orb points.

When Will Valorant Agent 8 Release?

Ever since the game’s official release,  players have been eager to learn about the identity of Agent No. 8 or Agent 8. But, despite the explored lore of other Valorant Agents, all that we know so far is that they (Agent 8) is away and will be featured once they return.

The response was obtained from a Riot team member from an AMA Reddit session but it dates all the way back when there were less than 20 agents. While we also have a few Cinematics depicting the erased existence of Agent 8, it’s still anyone’s guess when No. 8 arrives. Furthermore, whether they can join the Valorant Agents PROTOCOL team is also a question and a mystery in itself.

Hence, in the meantime, we can only assume that Agent ID 8 will arrive when the lore and game progression support their reveal, eventually!

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