Valorant Celestial Skin Collection For Fantasy Enthusiasts!

The Riot team leaves no stone unturned it seems when it’s about offering unique cosmetic items to global Valorant players. The Valorant Celestial Skin bundle is a testament to the beauty of biblical art that can still suit modern weapons. It’s not the first time the Valorant Creative team and developers have outdone themselves but wait till you check out the Valorant Fan Knife!

All Valorant Celestial Skin Collection Items

Your Valorant Collection can figuratively reach an upper echelon when you own the Celestial Bundle in Valorant. Being a Premium Edition Valorant Bundle, it costs 7100 VP, with individual items costing from 325 VP to 3550 VP.

Naturally, the cost of items lower than 1775 VP is the Gun Buddies,  Player card, and Valorant Spray. Yet, the main attraction is the Ox Club Melee knife at 3550 VP which is the only item possessing an option for upgrade.

The Valorant Celestial Knife is also called Ox Club or the Fan Valorant Knife because of its depiction and appearance. All the items within the Bundle are listed below:

  • Frenzy  (1775 VP)
  • Judge (1775 VP)
  • Ares (1775 VP)
  • Phantom  (1775 VP)
  • Fan (3550 VP)
    • Level 2: VFX – 10 Radianite Points
      • Equip Animation + SFX = Fan Opens, Spins and Closes
      • Inspect Animation + SFX = Agents Fan themselves
      • Slash Animation + SFX = Fan Opens wide when used for attacking

Valorant Collection Items

  • Celestial Gun Buddy (475 VP)
  • Celestial Player Card (375 VP)
  • Celestial Spray (325 VP)
valorant celestial skin

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Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle Purchase: Yay or Nay?

The Celestial Skins offered as collectibles belong to the Premium Class Edition, similar to the Recon Bundle and many others. Don’t mistake the Premium Edition for anything less because the Valorant Skins do get distinctive within its five skin tires sans editions.

From Select, Delux, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra Editions of Valorant Skins, several reasons pledge their cases for Celestial Valorant purchase!

Own a Valorant Fan Knife: An Oriental Regency!

Please don’t mistake the Fan knife for a user-submitted skin item because the Celestial Valorant bundle offers a hand fan as the melee knife. However, fret not because it has all the sharpness it needs for you to make frags with it.

valorant celestial skin

The beautiful composition of the Fan Melee has a fantastic, svelte, and smooth animation of opening, spinning, and closing. It is undoubtedly alluring to watch, no matter how many times you may have seen it. Adding to it is the inspect animation that lets the Valorant agent fan themselves using the Ox Club Melee.

Lastly, the stunning artwork on the surface is equally enticing to watch, proving that beauty can indeed be lethal.

P.S. The Celestial Valorant Fan Translation is “Ox turns Heaven and Earth” or “Ox turns the Universe” acc. to one Reddit user on the Celestial Fan Subreddit.

Impressionistic Raw Art!

The layered picturization on the valorant celestial skin moves autonomously upon firing the celestial Valorant weapon. Watch it go down like Whoa while the scene changes to something different yet shiny. The Ox Buddy in Celestial Bundle makes an angry face, glows, and flares its nose every time you shoot.

Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle Community Response

Right off the throne, the questions that are mostly asked around are like: Is Celestial Fan worth it? Should you Skip the Celestial Valorant Bundle?

Well, no, not if you appreciate the particular depicted art or the craftsmanship and workmanship of the Valorant team.

Sure, the Celestial Fan Valorant Points cost may seem steep but it’s worth it every day, every time the fan does its thing. Alternatively, a minor proportion of the Valorant Fans have indeed decided against getting it, despite being in awe of it.

It primarily comes down to not getting any VFX or additional upgrades to Celestial Weapons for the cost that’s asked, and that’s okay. All basic collectors, especially live streaming personalities have already obtained it. Simply because it’s legit beautiful and because it does an incredible job at being unique, with its layered textures and shifting mechanism.


Q. How do you get the celestial skin in Valorant?

Players can obtain the Celestial Valorant Weapon skins only from the Discount section of the Valorant Store. Since its feature period has long ended, you can also expect it to show up in your Valorant Night Market.

Q. How much is the Celestial skin Valorant?

The Celestial Valorant Skins costs 7100 VP for the bundle. It is inclusive of additional collectibles like Gun Buddies, Player card, and Valorant Spray. The individual cost of Celestial skins is 1775 VP per weapon, with 3550 VP for the Melee/Fan.

Q. How much does the celestial fan cost?

The Celestial Fan or the Ox Club costs 3550 VP.

Q. How do I get old skin in Valorant?

Check your Valorant Store Discount section area to get a chance to obtain Old Skins, otherwise await for Night Market to Arrive in the meantime.

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