Valorant Chamber Gameplay Tips & Strategies For Easy Clutch Wins!

The total playable Valorant Agents have increased twofold since the game’s official launch. Among all the additions of unique Valorant Agents into the four Valorant Agent Classes, the arrival of Chamber is non-omissible. It is because the Valorant Chamber Gameplay can tilt the game progression at any moment, irrespective of anything.

So, is it safe to conclude that Valorant Chamber Agent is the most OP and an all-time Valorant Meta? Yes, but only in the hands of an experienced Valorant Player!

Valorant Chamber Gameplay

Who is the Valorant Chamber Agent?

Chamber is a Sentinel Class Valorant Agent and a weapons expert from France whose real name is Vincent Fabron. Valorant introduced him with the Valorant Patch 3.10 in the ACT 3 EP 3.

He was introduced briefly during the Valorant Fracture map launch on a name card found near the reactor. Other clues about his existence were located across the map, including his Sniper rifle case.

It is also confirmed that the clash between Chamber and The Another Earth Timeline Chamber caused the events leading to Fracture.

Shortly after, his presence (humming to himself) could be heard on the Shooting Range, underneath the bot training area. Although it was before his official release, the Valorant Community was certain of his arrival, as one of the data leaks mentions his codename as ‘Deadeye.’

The alias suits him because of the arsenal he carries as his Chamber Valorant Abilities. The weapons expert is one lethal foe and can be a master Anchor across all the maps. So, let’s learn how to put his abilities to better use.

Valorant Chamber Gameplay Tips

The Gentleman Assassin Chamber Agent is best suited for players who can land precision shots and like controlling the map. Mastering the combat-heavy agent demands adaptability, positioning, and speed, which you can learn in time.

So, even if you’re not accustomed to meeting those criteria, there’s still hope for you, don’t worry.

Here are eight tips for mastering Chamber abilities for improving your Valorant Agent Chamber Gameplay.

Valorant Chamber Gameplay

1. Defensive Domination

Being a Sentinel in Valorant comes with responsibilities, which when borne correctly can assist the team to secure wins. As a Chamber, your purpose is to provide your team the support they need, inclusive of preventing flanks.

Regardless of whether you’re an Attacker or a Defender, your job is to have your team’s back and offer firepower. Fortunately, Chamber’s abilities kit is perfectly suited for the job, making him the Top-class Sentinel we always needed.

2. Pre Round Preparations

Those of you who are familiar with the Rendezvous ability can already speculate where this is headed. As a Chamber, you can use the Rendezvous Ability to teleport across short distances. Use this to your best advantage before the round begins.

By rotating near instantaneously, you can have your team’s back without losing the chance to make your plays. An essential one among all the Chamber Valorant Tips is to bide time for the perfect opportunities to score kills.

For example, on the Ascent map, as Attackers, you can place the Rendezvous near Mid and another one near Spawn. So, when the round begins, you can deal with the Mid Peek from the Mid Connection and quickly rotate to Spawn.

Valorant Chamber Gameplay

3. Slowing Enemies

The set of Chamber Valorant Abilities includes a nifty trap item called the Trademark. What makes it better than all other Valorant Agent Abilities traps is that it swivels 360 with a respectable tracking range.

The Trademark scans for enemies and activates when they’re in proximity to destabilize the terrain around it. The effect of the ability can slow down the entire team should they be rushing in pairs, slowing their movement to a near halt. It makes the best opportunity to kill them or knife them if you prefer.

For example, place a Trademark aside from the B Tower crate on the Split Map. It should face the Mid Mail area, which when triggered can slow down the entire Attackers push coming from the Mid Bottom. It also gives time for teammates from Vents to rotate and find trades.

4. Mobile Aggression

It’s understandable that selecting the Chamber Valorant Agent and playing passively can be enormously boring. So when we said to play support, it doesn’t translate to being in the backseat.

Being a weapons master, Chamber exclusively owns the Headhunter Valorant Weapon. It is a nifty pistol with ADS, whose ammunition needs to be purchased during the Buy Round. The Chamber can equip and re-equip it innumerable times during the Match round.

What makes the Headhunter special is that it is more lethal than Sheriff, almost on par with a Vandal or an Operator.

By using its ADS, you can land accurate and deadly shots at enemies, especially when you’re defending a position like Screens on the Split Map. Furthermore, the weapon doesn’t slow Chamber Movement, as long as it’s not in ADS.

Valorant Chamber Gameplay

5. Engage Eco Mode

One of the best aspects of playing Chamber and having the Chamber Valorant Abilities is going Eco whenever you desire. Without sacrificing much, you can obtain class Valorant Weapons that can earn you potential kills easily.

The Headhunter and Tour De Force are capable and accurate weapons that can earn you an Ace without much hassle. With their shortest equip time, adequate ammunition rounds, and better damage and fire rate, Chamber can own like no other.

Using any one of those weapons can easily save you upwards of 1200 credits within a game round. The collective savings can thereon help you or your ally get an AR in the next round. Additionally, the money can be pooled to purchase an Operator, which with Rendezvous can surely net one or more kills.

6. The Secret Duelist

Owning class weapons and managing their use adds up to being one of the critical Chamber Valorant Tips to master. Surely, you can engage their use at any moment, but their quick-equip ability grants them more value over their firepower.

The Headhunter bullets have no fall-off damage reduction + The lingering field left after scoring a kill with Tour De Force = Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Only the Raze’s Showstopper can parallel the outcomes that can be achieved by using both weapons in sync. So, having them as an alternative medium to score kills is a better strategy than relying on them primarily. (Not applicable for Eco Rounds)

Valorant Chamber Gameplay

7. Position is Everything

Chamber’s role is to position his team in favorable conditions, for which he needs to be in check himself. Playing recklessly with a Chamber is the least fruitful method to pursue wins because there’s plenty to lose.

Getting killed early can make your team lose vital abilities that can assist them with retaining map control. You also surrender significant firepower, and site presence, alongside putting your team at a 4v5 disadvantage.

Being the first one off the line is never a good tactic while playing a Sentinel, especially as Chamber. By keeping your distance, you can better instill fear in enemies, because facing either of those weapons is no joke. Additionally, when you’re set up against another Chamber, it’ll be all the wiser to play defensively for team assists.

8. King of Valorant Meta

By introducing Chamber Valorant Agent, the game developers enforce their theory about adding Abilities in a Tactical FPS shooter.

The Valorant Agent Abilities exist to help the players make favorable moves that can entail gunplay and combat scenarios. However, the Chamber Valorant Abilities completely cross the theory in every regard.

Despite it all, he hasn’t been nerfed as exceedingly compared to other Valorant agents, establishing his Valorant Meta position. The abilities kit offered by Chamber is useful to the entire team, to the extent where they can prevent selecting two duelists.

Valorant Chamber Gameplay Quick Tips For Beginners

By now, the importance of the Chamber Valorant Agent should be well affirmed in your mind. The Chamber Valorant Tips mentioned below should additionally help you escape Valorant Elo Hell and increase your Valorant Rank wins.

  • Avoid buying a weapon when Ultimate is Available and get Headhunter rounds, with a Ghost.
  • When playing Defense, place the Trademark nearby entrances but not within LOS.
  • Placing Trademark a small distance behind Sage Walls can help to limit the push by enemies when the wall disintegrates.
  • When playing as Attackers, placing Trademark behind you can help to detect and limit flanks.
  • Use the Rendezvous at positions that can score you Entry kills or at unusual spots above the ideal LOS.
  • Combinedly carrying an Operator with Tour De Force can dead stop enemies in their tracks, pun intended.
  • Always make use of Rendezvous during the buy round to set up your gameplay strategy, to stay a step ahead.
  • Placing a Trademark on a concealed site like Viper Pit or getting triggered within the Omen’s Paranoia can be a good setup to limit Attackers.
  • Practice your aiming abilities daily or frequently if you plan on playing as a Chamber for your Ranked Valorant Games. The best use of Headhunter and Tour De Force depends on your aim.

Final Words

You can pull wonders after mastering the Valorant Chamber Gameplay. As you learn, the game gets equally exciting as your rank progresses. You can also tune into VCT Valorant Champions and Masters events to check out Tier S Chamber gameplay.
Another thing to remember with the Chamber Valorant Abilities by your side, DON’T BE PREDICTABLE. A Weapons Expert is rarely boring, correct?

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