Valorant Checkpoint System Explained – New Valorant Mission Rewards!

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Brings
New Valorant Account Progression Path
Called Valorant Checkpoint System.

There are plenty of exciting benefits connected with the Valorant Checkpoint System!

What is Valorant Checkpoint System?

The Valorant checkpoint system enables players to earn rewards for playing Valorant games. After completing a total of 4 Valorant Checkpoints, players can earn 4,000 XP and 600 KP (Kingdom Credits/Points) per day. Valorant Checkpoints are also known as Dailies, and the XP earned from them will be added to Valorant Battlepass Progress and Agent Recruit Progress.

Each checkpoint stage grants the Valorant Player up to 1,000 XP and 150 KP (Kingdom Credits). 

valorant checkpoint system

The dailies checkpoint progression resets every day at 12 AM (server time), so it is recommended that you finish your valorant checkpoint progress before the reset. Any Valorant games played after 12 AM or ongoing games completed after 12 AM will contribute to the newly reset Valorant Checkpoints.

Note: The Valorant Checkpoint System is not to be confused with Valorant Range Checkpoints.

What if my Dailies Valorant Checkpoint is Missed?

If you have missed completing your dailies Valorant Checkpoint Progress, there is no way to resume it as of now. Still, it’s worthwhile to learn that any earned XP and KP from the incomplete Valorant checkpoint or partially completed yet missed Valorant checkpoint will still remain yours.

Additionally, any missed Valorant checkpoint from the previous day will make the Valorant checkpoint #1 eligible for a bonus Valorant checkpoint multiplier. So, even if you cannot play regularly, for any Valorant checkpoint missed, you can still make Valorant Progression quicker to earn more rewards while you simply play!

How to Complete Valorant Checkpoint Progress?

There are multiple ways to complete the checkpoint progress, and they all require playing Valorant games to complete or earn Valorant checkpoint tracks.

Learning how to complete or earn Valorant Checkpoint tracks can help you calculate how many KPs you need to grab that “Valorant Player Card from the Accessories Store.

How do Valorant Dailies/Checkpoints Work?

Valorant Checkpoints or Dailies are made of Valorant Checkpoint tracks, which can be earned in the following ways:

Complete or Earn Two Valorant Checkpoint Track:

A player can earn, or complete two Valorant Checkpoint tracks for every game they win while playing Valorant game modes like Spike Rush, Escalation, and Team Deathmatch.

valorant checkpoint system

Complete or Earn Multiple Valorant Checkpoint Tracks:

A player can earn or complete one Valorant Checkpoint track for every game round they win while playing Valorant game modes: Unrated, Competitive, Swiftplay, and Premier. Accordingly, a player can easily complete or earn multiple checkpoint tracks by playing one game.

Note: Any number of Valorant Deathmatch Games do not contribute to earning
Valorant Checkpoint Progress or Valorant Dailies Account Progression.

However, it must be noted that one Valorant match (Unrated, Competitive, Swiftplay, and Premier) will only complete limited checkpoints. One Valorant game (ideally a win) will get you a maximum of Valorant Checkpoint 1 + ½ or One & half Valorant Dailies or Six Valorant Checkpoint tracks. (This works differently when you have the Valorant multiplier checkpoint active.)

How Many Games To Complete Valorant Checkpoint Progress?

There are two ways by which you can complete your Valorant Dailies or Checkpoints 1 to 4 every day:

  • Play approximately 2 Valorant Unrated or Competitive Games every day + 1 Swiftplay game.
  • Play approximately 8 Valorant Team Death Matches/Escalation/Spike Rush games.

What Happens After Completing Valorant Checkpoint Progress?

After you have completed your Valorant Dailies or Valorant Checkpoints 1, 2, 3, and 4, you will continue to earn XP. You also get another Valorant Dailies in the form of First Win of the Day, whose reward is 1,000 XP.

The Takeaway

Valorant has will incentivize its huge global player base via the Valorant Dailies or Valorant Checkpoint System. Make sure that you complete your Valorant Checkpoints progress as soon as you can. Then you can quickly grab the Kingdom Credits/Points (KP) – the new Valorant in-game currency. The completed Valorant Checkpoints will also help you unlock Valorant Agents quicker.

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