Valorant eSports Career – 5 Best Reasons to Be a Pro eSports Gamer!

Valorant became successful in dethroning the BR game genre as the prime eSports career option during its release. A year and several months later, the Valorant eSports Career opportunities are still aplenty, especially for youngsters.

Multiple reasons have helped Valorant, created by Riot Games Inc, achieve such success. So, let’s look into them and why Valorant pro eSports is the optimal choice for anyone looking to play professionally.

Why Choose Valorant Professional Gaming?

Gaming professionally in 2022 has many more benefits when you want to make yourself a Valorant eSports Career. Besides being in the know about your favorite game, here’s what being a pro Valorant gamer adds:

Valorant eSports Career

1. Exclusive Valorant LAN Games

The worldwide available Valorant game version can only be played online, and it does not have LAN public access. But, Qualifying team members of the Valorant pro eSports games like VCT Masters Reykjavik & Berlin events play on LAN. For any Valorant player, the LAN experience is truly worthwhile to experience the echelon of lag-free real-time gaming.

2. Amazing Rewards

Although players either sign up with a professional team or create one, the rewards they can reap are fantastic. The prize pool in Valorant eSports career goes all the way from $5000 to $1,000,000, besides earning from other products or brand endorsements. Although the prize pool may differ regionally, getting into the bigger leagues is surely worth the grind.

3. Valorant Community Support

The Valorant pro eSports events in 2021 saw an immensely faithful Valorant Community supporting their favorite teams remotely. Regions like Japan and Brazil were seen to have live public screenings of the Masters Series games, wherein the #LOUDWINS even became trending on Twitter for the day.

Valorant eSports Career

Five Reasons Valorant eSports Career is the Best!

If you already enjoy playing Valorant Ranked games or even Unrated Valorant Matches, you should try Valorant pro eSports. Here are additional reasons why building a career in Valorant eSports is better than going professional in other game titles.

1. Less EU Travel

Most pro-Esports players had the number one complaint during their pro CSGO career was traveling for nearly 365 days. It was so because every tournament, even the lower brackets, were exclusively played on LAN to allow teams better latency.

Since most events would take place in the EU, players would have to regularly travel to different EU regions, leaving little time to have a personal life. Valorant follows a different approach for its lower level brackets, where teams can participate remotely using the online game client.

2. Content Creator

It’s not uncommon for Valorant players to broadcast their live Valorant games as streamers or public personalities. For players with an active Valorant eSports Career, it’s a great way to build a fanbase besides earning some extra money on the side.

 Although such activities may have allegedly been the cause behind the poor performance of some teams, being a pro Valorant player does not restrict players from being content creators on the side.

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3. Valorant is New

Valorant eSports Career

Despite the Valorant game slated to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary on 2nd June 2022, it’s still a relatively new game title. Not to forget, CSGO eSports is still a thing in 2022 after two decades of its release.

Hence, the opportunities in Valorant pro gaming are only evolving further, especially with how the 2022 VCT schedule is planned. The addition of new Valorant agents and new Valorant map changes are further testament to the game feeling fresh even after all these years.

4. Play with Veterans

The arrival of the opportunity to have a Valorant eSports Career saw the participation of many ex-CSGO pro players. Noteworthy names like ScreaM, Hiko, nitr0, etc., tried their hands at Valorant gaming and were quite successful too.

Valorant eSports Career

However, they were not without some young talent playing alongside them and here’s where the opportunity lies. Youngsters starting with the game can play with Veteran pro-Esports players or have them as their coaches, which will benefit their career in the long term.

5. Valorant Game Changers

Another appealing aspect of pursuing a Valorant Professional Gaming career is that it’s not limited to men’s eSports events. The Valorant Game Changers series events are hosted with equal spirit, where female eSports personalities participate in delivering their best.

It’s not quite the same in other pro esports titles where such series events are mostly non-existent. While there may also be a series where all the genders could participate together, you can surely expect Riot Games Inc. to do it.

Final Words

The current exciting opportunities that become available with having a Valorant eSports Career are only the beginning. Valorant gaming & Valorant eSports fans could expect the title to increase their regional & college eSports events to provide more opportunities for the younger talent.

Beyond it, the game title is yet to host its Twitch Rivals & YouTube contests, among other events. So, watch this space or follow our page for other exciting news! GLHF!

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