Eleven Famous Celebrities That Still Play Valorant in 2023-24

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News about any famous celebrity playing video games always excites the community, especially the global Valorant community.

Hey, the more the merrier, right?

Is Valorant Officially the Famous Celebrities Club Game by Riot?

valorant famous celebrity

In 2023, the Valorant game fans had the fortune to learn news about two famous celebrity entities taking interest in the game. Admittedly, one of the two famous celebrities was recently revealed to play the game, and the fans are already over the Omega Earth Cloud 9! 

Ben Affleck Plays Valorant? Omen – Batman FTW?

The latest to join the list of famous Valorant Celebrities is Batman himself, played by Ben Affleck. Fans reportedly spotted him at the finale of the VCT Champions 2023 event.

Seeing Ben Affleck arrive with his son to watch the finale surprised the viewers, casters, and practically everyone in the LA stadium. Although some speculated it’s his son who must play the game, fans learned only later that Ben Affleck himself plays it!

The news spread faster than a brimstone molly detonating on the ground, and the entire Valorant community felt awed to welcome their favorite caped crusader. But, it begged the question, who does Ben Affleck main in Valorant?

Although fans would have definitely loved the opportunity to ask the question to the man himself, the Billionaire-orphan playing Hollywood star Ben Affleck was spared any questions that evening.

However, after the release of a tweet ( post on X?) by a fan, it was revealed that Ben Affleck plays KAY/O and Raze as his main Valorant Agents.

Unsurprisingly, fans speculate that the recent game Patch 7.04 Nerfs was also a sore development for Ben Affleck, whom the community would prefer to play Jett or Omen. Later that evening, he was spotted graciously signing loads of merchandise for kids who were also at the stadium.

valorant famous celebrity

Elon Musk at VCT 2023

As If seeing Batman wasn’t enough of a surprise, the VCT Champions 2023 event was also graced by the presence of Elon Musk! (Surely, Valorant is indeed the game of famous celebrities, no? – Cypher must know something, perhaps!)

The Evil Geniuses Team members and the whole stadium were surprised to see the SpaceX mogul arrive to watch the VCT final B05 bracket.

While cheers hailed loud and plenty of fun was experienced besides the nail-biting moments, some game fans weren’t shy to take digs at Elon Musk.

A game fan inside the LA dome took to Twitter (X . com) to tweet (post) about sighting the owner of the social media platform. Parallelly, a handmade sign loudly asked him to rename X back to Twitter. All in a fun spirit, hopefully.

Ten Famous Celebrities That Play Valorant in 2023-24

Apart from the sightings, including the likes of ex-pro eSports players, the following stars of Hollywood and other celebrities are confirmed Valorant players.

valorant famous celebrity zedd

1. Zedd

The global fame in music production DJ Zedd has been more than vocal about his love for the game.

In collaboration with Riot, Zedd has developed a skin line in Valorant known as the Spectrum Bundle.

To date, the Spectrum bundle items are among the top three favorite weapons skins of players in the game and the biggest skin-line development project undertaken by Valo developers.

valorant famous celebrity

2. Kourtney Kardashian

A model and a TV star among the Kardashians is also a Valorant player, and it’s Kourtney. She revealed the news to her followers on Instagram with a still image of the entrance of the Breeze Map (pre-rework) A Main entrance. Her choice of agent was seen to be Raze, carrying an RGX Katana knife.

3. Mike Shinoda

The founder of the Linkin Park band and a sensational music producer, Mike Shinoda, is no stranger to gaming. His interviews have revealed he’s been an avid gamer who has found his delight in playing Valorant. Fans saw him play the game when he joined Team Liquid for a charity event on his Twitch livestream.

4. Kevin Durant

Superstar of the NBA is yet another famous celebrity to play Valorant, whose main agent is yet unknown. Contrary to the lack of information, he is known to play several FPS titles, as he also co-owns an eSports gaming organization. (It appears Valo is truly the global game of the century!)

5. Soulja Boy

The rapper & TV star was nowhere expected to be a fan of the game, but it was a joy to see him livestream as Phoenix. The story of being introduced to the game revolves around his one viewer comparing the appearance of Phoenix with him. After trying the agent, the star was visibly impressed by the design and his abilities.

6. Jordan Fisher

Who knew famous celebrities play Valorant and still bag the Immortal rank at the game? It’s none other than Jordan Fisher, who is famous for his role in the Disney series. His seriousness & interest in the game spans all the way back to the beta days. Even no, he wishes to voice a Valorant agent.

7. Antoine Griezmann

The forward athlete of Madrid – Antoine Griezmann, is already known for playing FPS titles. So,to discover him play Valo was not a complete surprise. Still, based on his gameplay skills from CSGO and other first-person shooters, you might not want to play a match against him.

8. Chrissy Costanza

Lead singer of Against The Current rock band – Chrissy Costanza, was also spotted at the previous VCT Game Changers event. Fans could see her visibly thrilled to support her team while she gave a mid-game interview. Chrissy revealed to fans in the stadium that she is indeed a Valo player who also plays TFT on the side.

9. Grace Van Dien

Learning about Grace Van Dien, as someone who plays Valo, was yet another surprise for the community. The news reveal was made during a chat show for the Stranger Things star. Based on it, fans of the series already speculate theories about her gaming duo or trio. Whom do you think it is?

10. Simu Liu

Even a Marvel superhero, i.e., Shang-Chi, aka. Simu Liu cannot resist the FPS gameplay of Valo. His active account in the game is unknown for obvious reasons, but he was pretty happy to broadcast it. The clip shows him score an ACE and use Breach as his main agent. Pretty groundbreaking news, right?

11. Ben Affleck

The final entry in this list is Batman, played by Ben Affleck, whose main agent was revealed recently. Consequently, is it now safe to assume that the game is the bridge between DC & Marvel? 

Whom Do You Want to See Play Valorant Next?

The fans are happy about sharing the community with famous celebrities. However, some names are still missing.

For example, Henry Cavill and Megan Fox are both known for their off-screen love for video games. Despite it, there is no news claiming that they play Valorant.

So, tell us which other famous celebrity face would you like as your Valorant ally! GLHF!

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