Learn How To Play Valorant: Beginner-Friendly Game Modes To Try!

If you are a new player and want to learn how to play basic Valorant games, try these game modes!

Best Valorant Game Modes For New Players Before Competitive Games!

The best way to learn anything is to put yourself in the spot.

As a beginner in Valorant, picking the right game mode can be confusing.

Sometimes, the basic Valorant gameplay can also be too much to see or understand.

So, start simple. Practice and play these game modes every day! Soon, you will be able to play the game and practice like a pro!

Learn How To Play Valorant Deathmatch + Why Should You Try It?

The first game mode everyone should start playing in the game is Deathmatch, which makes sense for three main reasons.

1. Learning Game Mechanics

In every tactical FPS game, it’s always ideal to start by learning the game mechanics!

For new players, it’s important to start by learning the basic movement, aiming, and other essential game mechanics. So, before you learn to fly or glide like the Raze or Jett, playing Deathmatch can help you get a feel of the game.

2. Simple Basic Gameplay

The Deathmatch is the only game mode where players do not use ANY Agent Abilities.

It means every player in your game round relies on their gunplay or aiming ability. Plus, the players will peek at you at random. So, expect an opponent or several to be at any corner or any elevation, as it will help you learn to be alert.

Most pro-level eSports players already practice Deathmatch game mode every day other than hitting The Range.

3. Trying Valorant Weapons

Pick anything, like an SMG, Rifle, Shotgun, or Sidearm, and remember, GO BRrrr!

Another main reason new players should play Deathmatch is to try different guns. It is highly vital to learn how different weapons work in the game. Since Deathmatch does not put buying restrictions on any weapon, by all means, try EVERY GUN. Ideally, not in the same game round ๐Ÿ™‚

Tip: Beginners in the game should purchase the Phantom when playing Deathmatch. After a few games, you can switch to any other weapon of your choice.

Once you have a better idea of how different guns work, your next goal should be learning recoil. The Range can help you better in this regard, but it’s for after you try every game mode listed here!

Here are the steps to Start Playing the Deathmatch Game Mode:
  • Click on Play
  • Select Deathmatch
  • Click on Start
  • Press the B key, and purchase a Valorant gun of your choice
  • Participate in the Warm Up Round
  • Play the Deathmatch! GLHF!
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Learn How To Play Escalation Game Mode  + Why Should You Try It?

When you are certain you can handle a weapon in match rounds, welcome to the Escalation game mode!

The best part about playing Escalation game mode is that you do not need a strategy!

It’s true! Of all the game modes in Valorant, where strategies can help you score a win, Escalation is much looser. It is also the game mode best suited to learn to play with different agent abilities.

See, the Escalation game mode is a Team Deathmatch (TDM) type of game mode, where players will cycle through 12 different weapons & abilities. It means that you will get ANY gun or ability at random as you or your team scores kills.

To score a win, your team must win the final level.

Two primary reasons make it the ideal game mode to play for beginners:

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1. Learning to take Duels Spontaneously

Like the Deathmatch mode, the enemies will spawn at random locations in the Escalation mode, so you need to learn to be alert. Yet luckily, everyone uses the same weapons initially, and you play as a part of a team.

Such an arrangement makes it a wonderful game mode for beginners because it teaches you two key aspects.

  • Take Duels with the Same Weapons or Random Agent Abilities
  • Combat with enemies who will peek at you from ANY corner, length, or elevation.

For beginners who are still becoming familiar with basic gameplay, it’s the most fun Valorant game mode ever!

2. Learning to Adjust Gameplay in Chaotic Situations

Specifically, in the Escalation game mode, the essence of the game can be enjoyed to the full extent.

Things get REAL and dangerous pretty quickly,
meaning everything can go through the roof at a moment’s notice!

In such situations, playing the Escalation game mode as a beginner can teach you how to handle CHAOS. It is a key differentiating factor between a pro & a newbie to be able to stay level-headed in panic scenarios.

But don’t be afraid. It’s easy to get a hold of how to play it and win. Good luck!

Here are the steps to Start Playing the Escalation Game Mode:
  • Click on Play
  • Select Escalation
  • Click on Start
  • Participate in the Warm Up Round
  • Play the Escalation game mode! GLHF!

Learn the Swiftplay Game Mode  + Why Should You Try It?

The Swiftplay game mode offers standard VALORANT gameplay, where victory comes to the first team to score five wins.

โ€œIf you are not a good shot today, don’t worry. There are other ways to be useful.โ€


In Swiftplay, everything that you will experience in true Valorant gameplay can be enjoyed as is.

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From starting with a fixed economy to growing it with kills or assists and spike plants or defuses – it’s the complete Valorant experience in a nutshell!

Two reasons you should regularly join Swiftplay game mode as a beginner are as follows:

1. Learn How to Play 5v5 Tactical Match Rounds

Learning how to play as a part of a team is of the greatest importance, and Swiftlplay keeps it purely real. Start as an Attacker or Defender with allies, use the buy round to get a weapon, defend or invade a site, take duels, and win.

The Swiftplay is good for learning how to communicate with the team, reposition as required, and participate in duels with the team. It is here that you can learn to trade kills, begin to learn crosshair placement, and, importantly, learn to use Valorant Agent abilities.

2. Learn In-Game Economy Management

Managing your in-game bank or Valorant economy is super important to learn early on. See, in this game, you also have to buy Abilities besides a weapon. Because there are at least two abilities you can buy for every agent across the four agent classes, money management matters significantly.

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So, Swiftplay can be your game mode to try strategies like Half-Buy, Full-Buy, Semi-Full Buy, etc. For your knowledge, here is the difference between each:

  • Half-Buy: When you purchase any weapon except a rifle and buy Light Shields
  • Full-Buy: When you purchase a rifle and buy Full Shields
  • Semi-Full Buy: When you purchase a rifle and buy Light Shields

It is vital, and a thumb rule to do the following for better in-game economy management:

  • Swap to a better weapon if safe.
  • The First round as Attacker or Defender is called the Pistol Round
  • Get a Half-Buy after winning the pistol round
  • Do not buy after a round loss to save for the next round. Full-Buy
  • A Bonus Round is when you carry your half-buy weapons from the previous round.
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There are many more tactics that can be applied in Swiftplay, but for a beginner or newbie in the game, these will suffice to learn.

Here are the steps to Start Playing the Escalation Game Mode:
  • Click on Play
  • Select Swiftplay
  • Click on Start
  • In the Buy Round, purchase a weapon or abilities
  • Play the Swiftplay game mode! GLHF!

Learn How To Play Valorant Unrated Games  + Why Should You Try It?

The Unrated Valorant game mode is where you should apply everything you have learned so far. But, even as someone who may have skipped it all, follow the Swiftplay tactics.

Only one main reason to play Unrated game mode is when you want to learn how to play different Valorant agents. Besides that, sure, you can try the unrated matches to improve your aim, learn map callouts, and other such activities.

But, gaining intermediate skills will come from playing Competitive Games. So, to play Competitive games, your game account must be level 20 – and playing Unrated games is the quickest way to become AP (account progression) 20 or level 20.

Here are the steps to Start Playing the Unrated Game Mode:
  • Click on Play
  • Select Unrated
  • Click on Start
  • In the Buy Round, purchase a weapon or abilities
  • Play the Unrated game mode! GLHF!
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Valorant Beginners Guide Roundup: Learning Basic Gameplay!

If you want to master or conquer the game, playing the four mentioned game modes is the best practice. Do it every day, and you will soon be better than 40% of global players. Collectively, these game modes offer the complete Valorant experience, and they can also help you prepare for the Premier Championship. Happy Gaming!

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