Get The Legendary Valorant Infantry Bundle for WW2 Vibes!

Do you want the fun of playing a classic shooter while enjoying the Valorant FPS gameplay experience? Then the Valorant Infantry Bundle is what you need! Check out if you can get it from the Valorant Store!

What is Valorant Infantry Bundle?

Valorant bundles often feature unique gun skins with cosmetic enhancements. Similarly, the Infantry Skin bundle offers collectible Valorant weapon skins at a bargain price of 2930 VP for five skins. At a glance, the Valorant Infantry bundle Price may seem steep, but it’s justified by the included SFX & ADS vision.

valorant infantry bundle

Being a Select Edition skin, it offers no upgrades to unlock. However, you won’t demand them much after seeing how the guns look once you hold them.

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Valorant Infantry Bundle Contents

The bundle contains only five weapons, but their make and finish aesthetic resembles weapons from the Soviet era. Everything about these guns screams war from the dusted wood combined with hard iron and taped gauze to hold the muzzle.

valorant infantry bundle - Guardian

All Valorant Infantry Skins

The bundle provides the following five weapons listed below with their individual costs.

  • Infantry Ghost – 875 VP
  • Infantry Spectre – 875 VP
  • Infantry Ares – 875 VP
  • Infantry Guardian – 875 VP
  • Infantry Operator – 875 VP

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Valorant Infantry Bundle Community Response

As everything that happens in the world is discussed or presented on Reddit, so did the Infantry bundle. The Valorant Infantry Skins Reddit discussions within the subreddit of Valorant Skins saw users respond positively to it.

While some compared the bundle items to match them with soviet era weapons, others naturally suspected aimbot. Irrespective of it, the response of Valorant Infantry Bundle Reddit declares the collection as a hit. Among them, the Infantry Operator was the most admired weapon, followed by the Guardian.


Q. How much is the infantry bundle VALORANT?

The cost of the Infantry Bundle is 2390 VP because it is a Select Edition Type of Skin Bundle.

Q. How do I get the VALORANT infantry collection?

If you have already missed the Infantry Bundle Sale, you can still get it in your Night Market. Otherwise, you can keep checking your Valorant Store Discount section to check if it’s available for you.

Q. What is the best bundle in VALORANT?

The best bundle in Valorant largely varies based on the select preferences of the community based on their genre. The Ion bundle is believed to be the best and the most famous futuristic bundle, rivaled by the Elderflame Bundle.

Q. What is going to be the next bundle in VALORANT?

It is unknown what will be the next featured valorant bundle, but you can find its leaks on this website.

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