Valorant Kingdom Points Currency System Explained!

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 brings an exciting new update –
In the form of a new Valorant Currency System called Valorant Kingdom Credits.
Also known as Valorant Kingdom Points, it enables players
to make Accessory Store purchases, Recruit Agents, And more!

What are Valorant Kingdom Credits?
[Valorant Kingdom Points Explained]

Valorant announced its biggest update since its release in the form of a new valorant currency system called Kingdom Credits. Although it’s commonly also referred to as Valorant Kingdom Points, the Kingdom Credits or KC is the first Valorant currency that isn’t available for monetary purchase!

valorant kingdom credits

Indeed! Episode 7 Valorant Patch brings a new in-game currency system that players can earn by playing Valorant matches. Read on to learn more about how to collect the Valorant Kingdom Credits/Points and where you can spend the Free Kingdom Credits/Points in Valorant!

How to Earn Valorant Kingdom Credits or Valorant Kingdom Points?

Since the Valorant Episode 7 Patch Notes 7, there is only one way to earn or collect Valorant Kingdom Credits/Points in the Valorant Game.

  • Users can play Valorant game matches to complete their Dailies mission checkpoints as a part of the Valorant Progression System.
    • Obviously, after completing all the Dailies checkpoints, a player can obtain up to 600 KC for free per day.
valorant kingdom credits

It is yet to be seen if the Valorant Progression system rewards Free Valorant KC after achieving the daily Valorant KC limit or cap set at 600 KC. However, the total Valorant KC limit or cap is set at 10,000 KC so any KC earned after it will not be added above the limit.

Moreover,  the 10,000 KC – if maxed out, will remain accessible to the player until any of it is used for making any purchase(s).

What Can You Buy with Valorant Kingdom Credits/Points?

For a long time, the Valorant game developed by Riot Games Inc. had only two currency systems, and both required making monetary purchases. But, the arrival of the Valorant Kingdom Points update brings new hope.

The Valorant Kingdom Credits/Points can be exclusively used to purchase Valorant store items, but there’s one small catch.

valorant kingdom credits

All the Valorant Kingdom Credits or Points can only be used for the following types of purchases from the Accessories Store section:

  • Unlock Valorant Agent [Recruit Valorant Agent]
  • Unlock Valorant Agent Collectible Items [Valorant Agent Gear]
  • Purchase Valorant Collectibles [Accessories]
    • Valorant Player Cards
    • Valorant Gun Buddies
    • Valorant Sprays
    • Valorant Player Title

Apart from these uses, the Free Valorant Kingdom Points or Free KC
earned by playing Valorant matches
serve no other purpose yet.

So, it’s not possible to purchase Valorant Gun Skins or Weapon Skins
using the Free KC or Valorant Kingdom Credits.

Note: To summarize, all the eligible Kingdom Points Valo purchase items will belong to collectibles from the previous Battlepasses. Additionally, these items will be featured only within the Accessories store, which itself will only feature items from previous Battlepasses.

Why Should You Collect Valorant Kingdom Points/Credits?

valorant kingdom credits

The Valorant Kingdom Points system is fantastic for players who have missed purchasing previous Battlepasses but still want to increase their Valorant Collection. It is also useful for unlocking any of the twenty-three Valorant Agents available since the launch of Valorant on June 2nd, 2020.

The Takeaway

Players can continue to play the game without any issues without making purchases using the Kingdom points Valo currency. But, if you still like to explore its more uses, explore the Valorant Kingdom Points Reddit threads to check the items you should get!


What are Valorant Kingdom Credits?

The Valorant Kingdom Credits system guide serves to make players aware of the new Valo currency system, its purpose, and its uses.

Can I get Valorant Credits for Free?

Players can get Valorant KC Free by completing the Dailies missions, which reset at 12 AM daily.

How to get Valorant KC or KP?

Valorant players can get Free Valorant KC by playing Valorant matches and game modes except Deathmatch. Hence, the number of KCs a player can earn per match depends on the game mode and the player’s gameplay performance.

Can I get a Valorant KC refund?

All the purchases made using KC or Kingdom Credits are final and non-refundable.

Where can I use Valorant Kingdom Points (Valorant KC)?

You can use the KC or Points/Credits in the Accessories section of the Valorant Store undeniably.

What is Valo KP or KC?

The KC or Kingdom Credits/Points is a new in-game currency that players can obtain by completing Dailies.

Is there a limit on Valorant KC?

A player can obtain a maximum of 600 Valorant KC per day and a total of 10,000 Valorant KC per account. Henceforth, the individual earning limit on Valorant KC per match depends on the game mode and player gameplay performance.

How to earn more Valorant KC?

Players can either complete their Dailies missions to obtain the max Free Valo KC or Kingdom Credits or play more games.

What can I buy with Valorant Kingdom Points (Valorant KC)?

Players can exchange their Valorant KC in the Accessories section of the Valorant Store to purchase items from previous Battlepasses. So, it’s now possible to purchase Valorant collectibles like Player Cards, Titles, Gun Buddies, and Sprays with KC currency.

Can I exchange Valorant Kingdom Points (Valorant KC) for Valorant RP?

No, it is not possible to exchange Kingdom Credits/Points (KP) for Radianite Points (RP). The Kingdom Credits/Points are a separate type of currency that you can exchange exclusively for buying items from the accessories store.

Can I exchange Valorant Kingdom Points (Valorant KC) for Valorant VP?

The Valorant Points and Valorant Kingdom Points/Credits are non-interchangeable in-game currencies, having different ways to obtain or earn them. Therefore, it is not possible to exchange or swap Valorant KC for Valorant VP.

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