Valorant META Agent Picks After Patch 6-11 Episode 6 Act 3

The Valorant Meta Picks Have Arrived
And the Dual Controller META is Dethroned!
Checkout the latest Valorant Meta Picks After Patch 6-11!

Valorant Meta Picks

The valorant community is again thrilled to welcome Valorant Patch 6.11 and the META it reinstates for Chamber. But that’s not all. With the Viper abilities getting a Nerf, the Valorant Meta Picks of 2023 seem to benefit Sentinels again. Let’s explore it all!

Valorant Meta Picks [Patch 6-11] [EP6ACT3]

Right off the bat, the theme of the latest Valorant patch update seems to be tilting on the side of Nerfs. While half of the global Valorant community isn’t delighted with the updates, the other half seemingly appears positively pumped.

From Valorant Map Changes to Valorant Gun Nerfs to Valorant Agent Nerfs & Buffs, the patch has been live since 6th June. However, the hope of the community regarding getting the Valorant replay system is still pending its fulfillment, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the new Episode 7 is slated to bring HUGE Valorant game updates and more on 27th June! Until then, let’s oversee how the Valorant Meta Picks are truly affected by Patch 6-11!

Valorant Meta Weapons

Shorty (Nerfed)

The foremost Valorant loadout item or Valorant gun to receive a Nerf is the Shorty.

Worth only 150 credits before Patch 6-11, the Shorty was a perfect companion to Sniper Jetts. Even besides Jett, the Shorty was highly volatile yet equally explosive in close-quarter combats, usually executed with finesse by esports professionals & the like.

Unfortunately, the long-standing cheapest weapon in Valorant, still cheaper than most abilities, now demands a greater commitment. Or does it?

Valorant Meta Picks

Evidently, to the dismay of many, it does not. If we consider that its total reserved ammo has been reduced to 6 from 10, simultaneously with its pellet damage reduced from 12 to 11, the gun barely has any damage at range. An additional damage reduction at six from eight when 7m away is furthermore a test for players to crispen their accuracy with it. If there is any consolation, the Shorty does come in cool skins!

Frenzy (Nerfed)

The best semi-automatic sidearm for pistol rounds on smaller maps or congested spike sites has also been punished equally or less. Besides increasing its fire spread at a range from 0.45 previously to 0.65 today, its maximum speed and recoil now touch its roof quicker at five bullets from 6. Sadly, no consolations here unless you know how to get in someone’s face.

ALL Weapons (Rifles & Sidearms Nerfed)

It’s rare to see all valorant weapons receiving a Nerf, but it has happened, and the purpose was to prevent run & gun. Yeah, no more Neon and Raze running amok and popping heads on Split and elsewhere with the Spectre. The Nerf focuses on increasing spread while on the sprint and when shooting from the zip lines or ropes.

Round-Up of Patch 6-11 Weapon Nerfs:

  • A 65% Increase in Bullet Spread (Zip Line/Ropes, Walking, Running)
    • Rifles are now at 1.3 from 0.08
    • Classic is now at 0.55 from 0.32
    • Frenzy is now at 0.52 from 0.35
    • Ghost is now at 0.60 from 0.35
    • Sheriff is now at 0.78 from 0.35


Presently, as per the Valorant Patch 6-11, no weapon can be considered meta since everything except Ares, Odin, Bucky, and Judge are nerfed. Naturally, the latter of those two weapons cannot do much by themselves at long ranges, so it’s advised to save all the hopium copium for Valorant Episode 7.

Valorant Meta Map?

The Valorant Meta Patch 6-11 update only details changes to Pearl, and there are plenty, except they’re all at the B site. A short summary of the changes can be considered as efforts towards balancing the map, especially for helping Defenders on THE B site.

Other than that, the meta across the Valorant maps is still good about having two controllers. But, no, not really with the Valorant Meta Patch 6-11 nerfing someone that’s a lynchpin. (Hint: I’ll take everything from them)

Valorant Agent Meta Update June 2023!

Throughout the history of Valorant, certain agents have continuously enjoyed a meta status alongside the likes of Jett, Raze, and Omen. Chamber, for example, was THE META agent for playing on Breeze and Pearl, who is back with a much-needed buff.

Valorant Meta Picks

Chamber (Buff)

Improvements to Chamber abilities now again make him an indispensable part of the Valorant Meta Agent Stack, with zero time to equip weapons after porting. Simultaneously, his Trademark range is increased from 4000 to 5000, alongside his trap arm shooting quicker at 2s.

On top of all this, Chamber Ultimate Tour De Force gains a greater firing rate by 15% over its previous capacity. It essentially establishes him as a part of the Valorant Agent Meta 2023 across all the maps. Seemingly, are these improvements perhaps introduced as a counter-preparation for the upcoming Valorant Agent 8? Only Valorant Episode 7  will tell!

Viper (Nerf)

Against the will of the Valorant community, the highly picked Valorant controller Viper has once again received a Nerf. This time, it’s a critical Nerf that is aimed at making Valorant players worldwide more thoughtful about using her abilities like Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud.

The previous Viper nerfs in Patch 4.04 witnessed the agent receiving a 50% increased fuel drain
when both Toxic Screen & Poison Cloud were active. Additionally, it also lengthened the cooldown
duration of Poison Cloud & Toxic Screen by 2 seconds.

Viper is presently arguably more balanced, except for her fuel regeneration being reduced from 5% to 3.3% in Valorant Patch 6-11 update. Furthermore, the max fuel regeneration time of Viper’s abilities is extended from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.

Although these changes aren’t settling well with the community, they certainly pose to give Harbour an equal chance at pick rate. However, on maps like Icebox & Breeze (Still not a part of Valorant Match Queue in 6-11 Patch), we may get to see Viper vs. Harbor on the battlefield instead of the usual Viper vs. Viper Agent picks.

Valorant Map Meta Update June 2023!

The Valorant Map Pearl has received some significant changes in Patch 6-11, all of which are on the B Site. Citing the difficulties for defenders to hold off a spike plant and perform retakes in a post-plant scenario, the changes indeed justify addressing the matter.

Following are the highlights of the Pearl Map changes, which you should certainly check out in Valorant!

  • Readjusted B Ramp Screen + Removal of Attacker Cubby
    • The shorter screen enables Defenders to easily pick targets
    • Replacing the ramp with a Jump box requires Attackers to commit more
    • Long plant hold is more difficult and more vulnerable against flanks
  • WideJoy B Site Screen
    • Defenders have a larger pocket to gather or stack against B-Ramp Push
    • Addition of one non-pennable box (Heaven for Controllers & Initiators)
    • The adjacent wall height now matches the screen size
  • New B Hall Cubby
    • Call it Sniper Cubby, Jett Cubby, or Chamber Cubby
    • Defenders can reposition against utility
    • Contesting Long Plant is easier for Defenders
  • WideJoy B Site Pillar
    • Chonky B Site Pillar for additional cover (pennable)

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Exciting Updates Arriving in June 2023!

  • The Valorant Masters Tokyo 2023 Event kicks off on June 11th till June 25th, 2023
  • Get Exclusive Valorant Player Title ‘Unpredictable’ from Live Stream Drops
    • Available for all Valorant Masters Tokyo bracket matches (2023)
  • Get Exclusive Valorant Player Card ‘Unpredictable’ from Live Stream Drops
    • Available for ONLY Valorant Masters Tokyo Grand Finals (2023)
  • Valorant Episode 7 Arriving on June 27th with Massive Updates Ever!
Valorant Masters 2023

Closing Words

Assuming you already haven’t table-flipped, make sure to stream the Valorant Masters Tokyo Matches to support your favorite eSports teams! Also, don’t forget to grind the Battlepass of Episode 6 Act 3 before the arrival of the most exciting update ever! See you soon, GLHF!

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