Valorant Beginners Guide To Aim Better – Visit The Range Today!

Do you want to score one-tap kills? Visit the Valorant Practice Range every day!

What is a Valorant Practice Range?

Valorant offers its players a practice map known as The Range or the Practice Range. It is accessible the same as any other game mode, yet also when you are queuing for a match round.

valorant practice range

The Practice Range in the game has five primary areas, namely:

  • Shooting Range
  • Accuracy Target Range
  • Floating Target Range
  • Parkour Site
  • Spike Plant/Defuse Site

These five areas carry unique purposes, whose correct regular use can help you improve your gameplay. However, not many people know how to make the full and best use of these areas.

So, this guide will show you five uses of The Range that can help you aim better in Valorant!

How to Enter Range in Valorant?

Players can visit the Practice Range by following these steps:

valorant practice range

  • Launch the game
  • Click on Play on the game home screen.
  • Next, Click on the Practice button
  • At the Select Practice Mode screen, mark Open Range
  • Click on Enter Range

Do These Exercises in Practice Range To Aim Better in Valorant!

After you have spawned at the Practice Range, visit the following areas to perform the exercises mentioned respectively.

1. Shooting Range – For Aim Training

A variety of strategies can be tried at the shooting range to improve your aim in Valorant. But, to improve your mechanics and your shooting ability in the game match rounds, practice these exercises regularly.

1.1 Shooting Speed Exercise

You should practice quick shooting in the Shooting Range to develop your ability to score flick shots and one-tap kills. Among its three difficulty levels, you should ideally begin with the Hard difficulty and attempt to score ten kills minimum. If you are new to FPS games, hit the Medium difficulty and score at least eighteen kills.

Do not be discouraged if you cannot score ten or eighteen kills from the get-go.

The sole purpose of this exercise is to help you gain the muscle memory to score flick shots and tap heads while you’re at it. Since it takes time to develop muscle memory, you must perform this exercise every day.

Alternatively, you can also use the mentioned Valorant Practice Range score as your motivator.

valorant practice range

Pro eSports players can easily score anywhere from fifteen to eighteen bot kills at a minimum.

So, if you are thinking about playing Valorant professionally, shoot at least sixteen Valorant Practice Range bots at Hard difficulty. Good Luck!

1.2 Streak Exercise

You should hit the Streak Exercise when you want to gauge how much practice you may need.

It involves shooting 50 or 100 Valorant Practice Range bots while the stopwatch counts the elapsed seconds.

Suppose you can score 65~70 seconds on the board for 50 bots. If you do achieve it, you may reach the Silver Rank solely based on your gunplay. But, to surpass the Gold Rank, you must score 50 bots in less than 45 seconds on the board.

1.3 Strafe Shooting Exercise

Note: This is an intermediate-level practice routine, similar to Woohoojin’s routine for new players.

The purpose of doing the Strafe Shooting Exercise is to improve your ability to peek and shoot.

Over 70% of the duels you take in the game will follow a peek-and-shoot routine.

Hence, the strafe shooting exercise serves to help you practice and improve a core aspect of the game. But, it begins with some initial setup, whose steps are below.

  • Select your agent as Cypher
  • Press the F3 key, Click the Strafe button, and then click Done.
  • Next, shoot a bullet at the START (box) to see Valorant Practice Range bots.
  • Visit the highlighted area in the image and place one Trapwire on either side of the pillar.
  • Arrange your crosshair so it aligns with the edge of the Big Box.

After the setup, perform strafe movement using the A and D keys. Simultaneously, shoot the bots and ensure to keep your crosshair aligned with the Big Box and inside the trapwire lines.

Here, it is important to be able to shoot headshots without losing crosshair alignment or breaching Trapwire lines.

valorant practice range

So, take your time initially, but score ONLY headshots. After a while or a few days, you can speed it up – but maintain the alignment and stay within the lines.

Remember to adjust your Mouse Sensitivity as required at the Shooting Range!

2. Accuracy Target Range – For Range & Spray Training

It is easily the best part of the Valorant Practice Range since it offers you multiple personalization options.

Beginning from selecting the distance to your mark to showcasing where your bullets land, it has multiple uses!

valorant practice range
Stand Here

It also has a bot that displays how much damage your shot incurred to it.

However, to improve your aim, use the Accuracy Target Range for practicing spray fire.

When players spray fire, their aim moves according to the recoil pattern of the weapon. Hence, it’s vital to learn to counter it, and the Accuracy Target Range is a good place to do it.

  • Step 1: Choose the distance of your target. (Beginners should start at 5 meters.)
  • Step 2: Spray fire at the target while attempting to land maximum shots at the center.
  • Step 3: Drag your mouse down or in opposite directions to the recoil to counter it.
  • Step 4: Try different distances and different weapons as required.

Most Duels in Valorant happen at a median of 30 meters across all the maps!

The remaining duels happen either in proximity (5-20 meters) or further apart at +50 meters.

3. Floating Target Range – For Burst Shooting

Another fantastic area to practice improving your aim is at the Floating target range. Here, you can shoot the flying skeet-like accuracy boards – mainly when you are trying a gun.

valorant practice range

But, the Floating Target Range can also be alternatively used to practice burst fire and spray fire with non-rifle weapons.

The Round-Up

The Practice Range in Valorant is a fantastic area to help players across all ranks improve their game mechanics. Here, besides taking target shooting practice, players can also test the different abilities of every agent. Thus, if you are new to the game or even a veteran player, Hit The Range Every Day to learn how to play better. Happy Gaming!

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