Valorant Problems: 5-Stack Queues, Insta-Lockers & Smurfing!

Valorant is already one of the best Tactical FPS shooters from the era when Battle Royale was leading the charts. From offering 128-tick servers to the whole concept of Agent-based FPS gameplay, the game has many positive qualities to it. However, in contrast to them, some stark Valorant Problems exist all the same.

Valorant Problems

Top Valorant Problems Overview

The Valorant problems that plague the gameplay do not make the aspect of playing the game a tedious activity.

Millions of players are seen to regularly play Valorant for hours and hours, if not more on popular live-streaming platforms.

Furthermore, the availability of numerous Valorant Servers across the globe, in eight segregated regions is another plus. However, despite all these advantageous features, the following Valorant Problems appear ardently for several players.

  • 5-Stack MMR Queues
  • Insta-Lockers
  • Smurfing
  • Valorant Hitboxes

By no means are these Valorant issues a constant headache, but they’re experienced consistently across all Valorant Acts & Episodes. So, is there anything that is being done or could be done about correcting it all?

Valorant Problems

Valorant 5-Stack MMR Queues

Playing Valorant games solo is not what most Valorant players do across the Eight Valorant Server regions. Hence, pairing players together with dissimilar stacks could put them at disadvantage, or incite players to engage in cheating acts.

For instance, in the NA region, players are often seen queuing in pairs or 5-stack queues. This works to the detriment of the players opposite them, yet offers them the chance to gain higher RR points.

Contrarily, in SEA or EU regions, Valorant players are often solo queuing via the Valorant MMR system. Herein, multiple players of different Valorant Ranks are often queued together based on their gameplay metrics.

The outcome of it all is losing games wherein it should never be that way in the first place.

Valorant Insta-Lockers

Every Valorant Player new or old is familiar with the issue of Insta-locking Valorant agents, especially Jett Valorant Agent. It’s a leading concern among the Valorant Problems even in Ranked games.

Some cheaters have also been caught live-stream, participating in this act, as per various Valorant Cheating Problem Reddit threads. While the Riot Vanguard system exists to prevent such events, eliminating insta-locking is near-impossible.

Three factors contribute to becoming the first one to insta-lock any Valorant Agent – Quick System, Better Data Connection & Reflexes. While the latter aspect is relative to each player, the other two factors are beyond the control of players and Valorant Developers.

Valorant Smurfing

Many experienced Valorant players are found to enjoy farming easy kills by creating a new account and playing just enough. They’re called Smurfs who will score kills and do it all, except win matches. It’s all so that they remain in the same Valorant Rank Group.

Such instances are mostly found within the Valorant Silver Rank to the Platinum Rank Group, famously called the ELO hell. Escaping this hell becomes an uphill task when Valorant Smurfs populate it so densely. It’s another of the pressing issues discussed on Valorant Cheating Problem Reddit reports.

Valorant Problems

Valorant Hitboxes

You may have experienced shooting a bullet perfectly on the mark but it never connected or missed by a miracle. Likewise, knifing Valorant Agents was also prone to having a similar issue, until the Valorant Patch 4.04.

The Valorant New Patch updated the Valorant Weapon Hitboxes, especially the Valorant Melee/Knife. Since then, the issue has evaded from rearing its head with Melee use, but it’s a persistent case with the Valorant AR Weapons.

Other Valorant Problems Overview

Apart from the critical problems that are a nuisance for many, the other issues are most relevant to the gameplay.

  • Valorant Bugs & Glitches
  • Valorant Ping Issues

One may expect any game to have such issues, but to deal with them in Valorant Matches seems a stretch. It’s mostly because the Valorant Developers have been valuing & favoring the Valorant Community.

While having such a committed and supportive developers team is nothing short of admirable, it’s making the community demands grow. Hence, here’s what the Valorant Developers or Riot Games Inc. Valorant Team have yet to fix, in addition to the issues mentioned above.

Valorant Problems

Valorant Bugs & Glitches

At various times across different locations on all of the Valorant Maps, there exist some areas where placing an ability should not be allowed. It has been a leading matter of concern for the Valorant development team, who no doubt has been working hard to balance the game for all players.

An outcome of using such a bug of using Valorant agent abilities was abused by a team in the VCT Champions Match. Naturally, their bracket was forfeited and they were disqualified from the series brackets.

Although it’s not advisable to abuse such Valorant Map Bugs or character model glitches, they’re easily accessible from looking up their relevant  Valorant Cheating Problem Reddit forums. 

Valorant Problems

Valorant Ping Issues

Lastly, even the best part of Valorant, its metaphorical armor – the 128-tick servers, has been known to have a chink. Oftentimes, players have to deal with Valorant Ping difference issues, which led to the creation of the Vandal Wide Swing trend.

Using the Vandal Valorant Weapon and swinging wide when approaching a corner has been shown to have better hitboxes than using Phantom in the same scenarios. It all comes down to the ping difference, but it’s yet another case where Valorant Developers can’t do much because it’s a case between the players and their ISP.

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Final Words

It’s easy to forget Valorant is a Free-to-play game, when focusing on Valorant Problems or Valorant Cheating Problem Reddit reports. Despite only being backed only by the Community Battlepass & Bundle Purchases, the game has registered an unparalleled success in a short span.

Valorant has reportedly made over $1 Billion in less than a year of its official release. It has also acquired a playerbase of more than 16 million active players, per month, globally.

Whether Valroant continues its ascent or not is purely up to what the Valorant Developers improve or add. But for sure, it’s the only game to have rivaled the decades-old legendary classic CSGO and revived the Tactical FPS genre.

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