Valorant Skin Leaked Weekly Update June 2022!

Valorant is doing everything correctly regarding satisfying its vast global Valorant Community. Providing timely bug fixes (mostly, #savewidejoy) and releasing new collectibles makes Valorant second to none in the FPS genre. So, what can we look forward to in Valorant in June, especially in the Valorant Skin Leaked department, since the new Valorant Map is already announced!

As per the clip showcasing a festive Pearl map area, the Valorant lore will certainly progress ahead. Previously, it was leaked that the now-known Valorant Map Pearl is the same as the one earlier codenamed – Pitt. Here’s why this news matters for Valorant players who are excited to try the new map:

A New Valorant Map is always released with a New Valorant Episode or the New Valorant Act via a Valorant Patch Update.

Each time it happens, the Valorant Patch Update contains a New Valorant Battlepass and a Unique Valorant Gun Bundle!

Here’s everything new arriving on Valorant PC in June 2022!

  • New Valorant Lore Skins!


  • More Upcoming Valorant Skins 2022!
  • New Valorant Player Cards!
  • New Valorant Gun Buddies!
  • New Valorant Sprays!

Yes! Valorant Riot Games Inc developers have a tradition of releasing a new Valorant Bundle as per the Valorant Lore Chapters. Thus, the New Skin Set Valorant 2022 is set to arrive with the impressive-looking new map concept and the June 2022 Valorant Battlepass!

Latest Valorant Skin Leaked June Update 2022!

The release of the Xehohunter Gun bundle may not have stirred the expected rumble in the Valorant Community, but it’s about to change with the June Valornat Patch Notes Update! Check out all the Valorant Upcoming Valorant Skins 2022 updates below!

New Valorant Skin Leaked Releasing on June 22nd, 2022!

As per the upcoming valorant skins 2022 update by ValorLeaks, the new skins in Valorant should arrive with the Valorant EP 5 ACT 1 Patch Update, which will bring at least two valorant gun bundles in the Battlepass & one exclusive Valorant Store-Only Gun Bundle Sale!

Other Valorant Skin Leaked News!

There is currently no additional information regarding any reveals that the Valorant Players could get of Valorant Skins. Ideally, they should arrive a few days before the release of the awaited Valorant Battlepass and you can be assured we will add the updates here on the Valorant Skin Leaked Weekly update of June 2022!

New Valorant Leaks June Update 2022!

On the leaks side of things, data miners for Valorant will have a blast in the upcoming week for several reasons. From a new map to a new Battlepass to a New Patch update, check it all out below!

Xbox Game Pass Free Valorant Agents!

The Xbox Game Pass owners have yet another reason to get their hands on it after a dependable leak suggesting it will offer special benefits in the Valorant PC game!

According to the leak, the Xbox Game Pass will include support for Valorant PC Game, which will be released later this year. The leak adds that the Game Pass (the highest tier) will allow Valorant Players access to all the Seventeen Valorant Agents!

Alternatively, Valorant Beginners or new users get only six agents after registering with Riot ID. Unlocking other Valorant Agents requires activating their respecting contracts and unlocking them by earning Valorant XP or using Valorant VP credits.

Valorant Skin Leaked
FIrst Valroant Map to Feature Underwater Map Area

Valorant New Map

Aside from the short clip making rounds on Twitter about the confirmed Valorant Map Name Pearl, there aren’t any other leaks. Still, players can expect to view its images a few days before the launch of the Valorant EP 5 ACT 1, which gives the proof of the confirmed two spike sites on it.

Moreover, the upcoming valorant skins 2022 later in the year may feature a Valorant Lore skin release!

Valorant Skin Leaked FAQs

What new skins are coming to VALORANT?

The new gun skins coming to Valorant in June are speculated to be featured in the Battlepass Gun Bundle items. Global Valorant Players can expect to see two gun skin bundles in the Battlepass items as per the tradition and one Valorant Store-Only Gun Bundle Sale!

How often does VALORANT release new skins?

The Valorant Gun Skins visible in the Valorant Store Discount Section rotate the featured items every 24 hours. So, players can obtain a new Valorant gun skin every 24 hours. Still, one must note that a new Valorant Gun Bundle is usually released monthly, if not less.

Do skin bundles return in VALORANT?

No. Valorant Skin Bundles do not return in Valorant, with Magepunk 2.0 Bundle being an exception – a revamp and inclusion of different Valorant weapons. However, a Valorant Player can get Valorant Gun Skin from a previously released bundle in two ways:
1. Accessing Valorant Store Discount Section
2. Valorant Night Market

Which VALORANT skin is most valuable?

The Most Expensive Valorant Skins are as follows:
1. Zedd x Spectrum Bundle (10,700 VP)
2. Elderflame Bundle (9900 VP)
3. PROTOCOL 781-A Bundle (9900 VP)
4. RGX 11Z PRO Bundle (8700 VP)
5. Valorant Champions Bundle (6600 VP)

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