VCT LATAM Region Gameplay Styles Explained & Training Tips!

Valorant fans from the Latin America region are known to hype their teams and it’s all for valid & good reasons. The VCT LATAM Teams have shown remarkable game performance so far, continuing to be the top contenders for World Champions!

So how do they do what they do, where their team players end up making multiple 3k or 4k frags? Moreover, it’s a fact that VCT LATAM Teams get the most Thrifty rounds, especially when the going gets tough.


Top VCT LATAM Teams Gameplay Overview

Ensuring victory in your Ranked or Competitive Valorant match round requires managing certain game aspects correctly to the core. Naturally, besides survival, it’s also important to help your allies with the same objectives to really secure a win. It’s where the VCT LATAM teams shine, by pushing together.

Another defining aspect of the Valorant LATAM gameplay is they’re quick to re-center themselves after defeats. Thus, check out below the overview of how LATAM VCT teams draw their strength to whitewash other Valorant Teams.


The Valorant LATAM region team LOUD is currently the number one Valorant pro eSports team in the Brazil (BR) region. They are also the finalists of the VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022 series. Achieving such stature came after defeating numerous Tier-S Valorant teams like Team Liquid, G2 Esports, and OpTic Gaming.

The key pointers behind delivering their stellar performance can be attributed to a handful of reasons like aggro plays & teamwork. The Upper Finals bracket match of VCT Masters 2022 was a testament to it. But, there’s more to these two tactics that they are seen to deploy depending on the situation.

Here’s what aids the LOUD gameplay whether it’s when they’re fresh in a new match or facing an uphill battle.

  • Taking Site Control is led by a three-member or full-stack push to secure all entry angles.
  • Avoiding Clutch situations is possible by eliminating the lead fragging opponent ASAP.
  • Making the most impact in securing site control does not require playing on the spike site.
  • Playing retakes should compulsorily involve clearing immediate angles with ones far off.
  • Pushing Map Mid-Area as a team & then branching out in pairs help establish win conditions.

Start using the gameplay tactics mentioned above in the following capacity as tips to gain a higher Valorant Rank.

Top LOUD Gameplay Tips

  • Become a menace by opening up sites & creating space while making unpredictable lurks.
  • Let the Controllers lead the Defense with Duelists in tow for covering their backs.
  • Coordinate Valorant Agent Abilities use in combinations like Controller+Duelists & Initiator+Duelists.
  • Initiate rotations early in Match to leave room for double rotations or fake rotations.

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2. KRU Esports

The BR region teams surely have something fantastic going on for them because KRU Esports was VCT Champions 2021 semi-finalists. Despite facing a defeat from Team Gambit, the KRU Esports team is worldwide ranked at #9 among all Valorant teams. Naturally, their Valorant LATAM gameplay has plenty to do with it.

As Valorant Attackers, the KRU Esports team has won 724 spike plants from 988, establishing a 73.2% success rate. On top of it, at least two team members among delz1k, NagZ, keznit, Klaus, and Mazion have recorded an average of 200 ADR per match. Such stats are easily reflective of KRU Esports delivering explosive performance on every map regardless of the VCT series title.

Here’s a brief summary of how they demolished the enemies on both Attackers & Defenders fronts in their career history.

  • Let your Initiators first clear angles and enemies near the spike site, with Duelists then acquiring them to take space and control.
  • Have high accuracy gunplay but rely on defensive trigger control in Clutch Situations.
  • Hold cover positions post spike plant instead of taking the fight straight to the Defenders.
  • Make team member rotations using comms to switch positions to retain map control.
  • Have two agents play lurk – Controllers & Initiators with Duelists securing post-plant control.

Enacting the strategies above may be challenging to employ in regular Ranked Games. However, you can try the following tactics to even out the gap.

Top KRU Esports Gameplay Tips

  • Contest & Acquire Mid Area Map control as Attackers & lurk from spawn to Spike Sites.
  • On a larger map, always push in stack, with the latter rounds showcasing fake entries.
  • Learn the positioning of Anchor, lurk & Sniper to counter them using Abilities, or an Operator/Guardian.
  • Make mid-peeks in pairs, ideally with Smoke orbs or Flashes thrown after to make enemies look the other way.

3. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Contrary to their eccentric name, the Ninjas in Pyjamas is among the most successful VCT LATAM Teams. While they’re ranked #3 in the BR region, their global ranking stands at #12 which is still equally impressive. Despite most Valorant community fans being unaware of their performance, their dedication to the game is commendable in every regard.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas members bnj, bezn1, cauazin, xand, and John made the team prosper by achieving the #2 rank in the Champions Tour Brazil Stage 1: Challengers 1. Likewise, they’ve also succeeded in becoming the qualifying team by defeating Leviatan in LATAM/BR Stage 1: Last Chance Qualifier 2022.

Understanding their gameplay fully would require watching their games, but the brief overview given below explains their Competitive Valorant tactics.

  • Bait enemies using Valorant Agent abilities to influence them to forcibly change positions.
  • Never take solo peeks or duels, especially in post-plant situations.
  • Hold non-obvious positions for defense: Like the Window instead of the Tree on Ascent.
  • Have the Controller accompany the Initiator, to align the latter for taking risks & scoring.
  • Do not play lurks predictably or repeatedly, especially where a controller frequents the area.

These over-the-top gameplay tips can be better tried one at a time to avoid making deep plays on the surface. Alternatively, you can do as per the tips mentioned below.

Top Ninjas in Pyjamas Gameplay Tips

  • Have two Initiators defend a spike site with a Sentinel & a Controller defending another.
  • Push the Spike site with the Duelist in Charge, to take out the risks as earliest as possible.
  • Do not full stack push a spike site with only two agents. A turntable can be damaging.
  • Losing a pistol round should follow a half buy than saving to have better chances to prevent another bonus round.

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4. Keyd Stars

Also known by the name of Vivo Keyd or their former name Desempregados, Keyd Starz has earned a handsome sum from its VCT events participation. But, don’t let the word ‘participation’ make you underestimate them, as they have a better DEF Retake Win Ratio than KRU Esports with 331 wins.

Despite their global #23 rank, Keyd Stars have defeated several NA region Valorant Teams having veteran players in the past.

Although the team is itself pretty young, the ACS of every member stands high at over 220 points. This means, you can expect murizzz, heat, JhoW, mwzera, and v1xen to dismantle any defenses at any time on any Valorant map.


Here are the core tactics used by Keyd Stars that assist their gameplay in securing master retakes & multi-frags.

  • Taking 1v2 & 1v3 duels by strafing+playing cover defense to dink & frag enemies one by one.
  • Convert half buy rounds to thrifty by taking out all enemies to break their bank & steal their weapons.
  • In 2v5 scenarios, play for lineups with one ally LOS on plant site & another doing lineups.
  • Play passively and for the retake when you see or anticipate a full-stack push incoming.
  • Secure higher altitudes as possible when playing as Attackers to gain max map area control.

Some of the tactics mentioned above may be challenging to adopt in solo Valorant Ranked games. So, here’s what you can try additionally.

Top Keyd Stars Gameplay Tips

  • Winning Pistol Rounds involve dealing damage periodically rather than full-committing. 
  • Cover Spike site entries from two altitudes instead of separate crossfire angles.
  • Flooding spike sites with Valorant agent abilities can better remove enemies from the site.
  • Improve gunplay accuracy by picking the correct weapon for the situation & budget.

5. Team Vikings

Another familiar name among the Valorant LATAM region teams is Team Vikings. In the past, they’ve succeeded in retaining the #1 BR team rank between VCT Stage 3.1 & VCT Stage 3.2. But a better ranking (#2 BR) for all their efforts was acquired in the VCT Champions 2021 Final Event.

Their total team earnings are $107,836. The sum already exceeds what most NA region VCT teams have earned so far despite having famed valorant players.

Such standings are reflective of their potential, which can again rise to defeat all BR top teams mentioned above. Because Team Vikings have always succeeded to be counted within the top 10 global teams if not semi-finalists, underestimating them too, would be a grave mistake.

So, here’s what makes them dangerous and unavoidably victorious when they’re feeling the map!

  • Have two agents primarily defend the site during the spike plant, with others pushing flank.
  • Plant Spikes at unusual corners or walls so the diffusing agent has less movement room.
  • Leading duelist(s) clear the corners for site control, with controllers pushing from the ground.
  • Surround the enemy instead of taking the spike site to play for frags & initiate spike play.
  • Acquire cubby & elbow control, awaiting enemy rotation to catch them off guard.

The tips don’t seem to match the level of Tier-S gameplay, but these tactics have helped the team secure wins against teams like Crazy Raccoon, Team Secret, etc.

Top Team Vikings Gameplay Tips

  • Giving away the site control before defenders rotate to it is a good tactic to play the time.
  • Stay vigilant of common angles from where the enemies could peek.
  • Play completely aggressive as a unit or play extremely defensively as per opponent gameplay.
  • Take unusual cover positions post spike plants, go deep into adjacent areas but never too far.

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Key Valorant VCT LATAM Teams Gameplay Tips

As per the tactics mentioned above of the Valorant LATAM region teams, it’s visibly clear that they play defensively more. However, here is where their USP lies: flipping the game tactic in an instant and going in for the kills.

While most Valorant Players won’t advocate playing aggressively, the LATAM Valorant Teams are not shy of doing it when they have the momentum. So, here are some tips regarding how each LATAM team builds their momentum for their class-apart gameplay.


Best LATAM Tier-S Valorant VCT Teams Gameplay Tips

  • Pushing to a site together repeatedly like the LOUD gameplay with non-predictable ability use can be the most rewarding tactic.
  • Retaining map control is the key to having fewer pressure rounds as per the KRU Esports gameplay.
  • Plan everything out and implement it precisely irrespective of small details, just like how Ninjas in Pyjamas gameplay does it.
  • Stay mobile yet a little patient with gunplay to match up to the Vivo Keyd gameplay victories.
  • Being unpredictable is better but daring and super aggressive help the Team Vikings gameplay rounds and rounds again.

The Takeaway

Learning to defend your Spike Plant like the VCT LATAM Teams may be a task in itself, but you can get there with daily practice. Simultaneously, remember to get back to the Valorant LATAM gameplay tips mentioned above to implement them in your Ranked Valorant games to up your Rank and ACS score. Happy Gaming!

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