VCT NA Region Gameplay Styles Explained & Training Tips!

The NA region can be said to have played a key role in the success of Valorant. From the Valorant Beta Drops release to its globally famous Live Streaming personalities playing it regularly, Valorant is synonymous with NA as CSGO is to Europe. Naturally then, the VCT NA Teams should lead the leaderboards, right? 

Indeed, the NA region leads the Top Ranking charts, based on their collective performances so far. However, a select number of teams stand out among the rest, and we’ll get their gameplay overview to learn from them!

Top VCT NA Teams Gameplay Overview

A popular belief regarding the Valorant NA gameplay is to go Brrr no matter what, unfortunately, it was partially correct. Most Valorant NA Region teams in the past did show such performance, where it’s all just a Royal Rumble of all the Valorant Agent Abilities, but no more.

VCT NA Teams

The Valorant NA gameplay has matured and with finesse after the VCT Champions Finals, which is a contrasting achievement nonetheless. It’s super beneficial for them to begin anew like this, entering the Second Year of the Valorant pro eSports scene.

So, what exactly do the Valorant NA Teams bring to the global Valorant pro eSports stage and its audience? A truly professional class of Valorant Games where the heat of the battle will have you hooked until the end. Read on to find an overview of the gameplay of the top NA Valorant Teams.

1. Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming was formerly known as Team Envy, which already was known for its stellar performance. However, the team has emerged as a prime example of what critical changes to its strategic gameplay can achieve. It is currently the No.1 Valorant NA region team, which recently won the VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022 Trophy!

So, what separates Optic Gaming from other Valorant Teams, or what does it do better than others? The answer to all such questions is teamwork and individual participation to convert opportunities into victories.

In multiple instances, fans have seen its roster members score 3 kills and 4 kills if not Ace(s). Here’s what you can learn from the playstyle of its members namely, Marved, crashies, yay, FNS, and Victor.

  • Aligning the team stacks and rotation like clockwork to defend or push map sites.
  • Guarding against flank irrespective of the Map or their Valorant Weapon Loadout.
  • Utilizing Valorant Agent Abilities to acquire Map Control or to limit enemy pushes.
  • Following own Strategy instead of playing Anti-strats against any Valorant Teams.
  • Excellent reflexes and precision in aiming and acquiring trades or kills.

Based on the above factors, here’s what you can implement in your Valorant Ranked Games to up your MMR score.

Top Optic Gaming Gameplay Tips

  • Always have a lurk or an ally watching flank positions.
  • Stay vigilant autonomously at holding angles but take risks.
  • Double peek or Wide Swing at angles against teams playing aggressively.
  • Ensure your ally is not isolated and employ quick stack rotations.

2. The Guard

The NA team that surprised global Valorant Fans in the VCT Challengers Stage 1 series is The Guard. Beyond making a couple of roster changes, the team showcased its true potential by beating multiple NA Esports teams in Upper Brackets.

Although they lost against Paper Rex in Reykjavik, they whitewashed Cloud9 and outmatched Optic Gaming in the regional NA Series. Portraying such exceptionally professional competitive standards certainly wasn’t without correcting their previous year’s typical Valorant NA gameplay strats.

Here are the key aspects that help The Guard NA Valorant Team outperform its competitors across the VCT series.

  • Playing Retakes allows retaining Valorant Agent Abilities until later in the round.
  • Defending positions shouldn’t be surrendered unless it’s a full-stack push.
  • Converting ECO Rounds into Break-bank rounds to take away maximum enemy weapons. 
  • Using unusual positioning and peeking angles to surprise or overwhelm the opposition.
  • Getting trades early as possible but never getting out of line at the same time.

As per the factors above, you can practice incorporating the following tips in your regular Valorant games.

Top The Guard Gameplay Tips

  • Sometimes reacting to enemy tactics can fare better than always following your own.
  • Reading the opponent’s stack rotation can be rewarding for spike-plants & in later rounds.
  • Engage in aggressive gunplay but back off after one or a couple of trades are acquired. 
  • Opting less for First blood(s) yet securing and retaining map control by necessary means.

3. Cloud9

The Cloud9 franchise teams are among the top three teams in various eSports competitions, including among the VCT NA Teams. Plenty of aspects of their tactical gameplay assists them to secure victories against their opponents, especially their aggressiveness.

Its roster composed of leaf, Xeta, mitch, vanity, and Xeppa are as lethal opponents as you could find. And, if you’d like to watch a team take risks and thrive, look no further than the Cloud9 Valorant team!

So how does a team like Cloud9 go about acquiring insanely outlandish wins – Valorant Agent Abilities and other factors!

  • Using Valorant Agent Abilities to overwhelm or push back opponents from the start.
  • Accurate gunplay with any and all Valorant Weapons ensures trades keep coming.
  • Implementing tactical procedures like Crossfire, High-low elevation, to counter enemies.
  • Retaining cover at maximum times only to wide swing and then run-&-gun or crouch fire.
  • Baiting opponents and overpowering them with crossfire.

To make yourself capable of enacting similar feats, you can try the below-given gameplay tips to be like Cloud9.

Top Cloud9 Gameplay Tips

  • Learn Valorant Weapons Recoil control and use Valorant Aimlab to improve Accuracy.
  • Practice using Valorant Abilities at uncommon spots or combinations.
  • Configure or develop more than three or four tactics to push enemies from the start.
  • Practice playing different Valorant agents across all the Valorant Maps.

4. Version1

In the history of Comebacks in pro eSports games, the Version 1 team leads the charts with their top-notch executions. Moreover, it’s one of the few Valorant eSports teams from whose members you could expect to turn 1v5 into wins!

With star players like penny, Zellsis, effys, Zander, and wippie, all global Valorant teams should buckle up to face their fears. Because, as a team unit or otherwise, these players are experienced, prepared, and ready to rumble up some trouble!

So, how did Version1 become extraordinarily successful in beating the top NA & EU Valorant teams? One word, Alertness. Additionally, the below-stated reasons make them the top contenders for the upcoming VCT Champions 2022 trophy!

  • Strategic execution is always backed by contingency planning and implementation.
  • Catching Version1 team members off guard is an extremely rare instance.
  • Holding angles with extreme patience and planning to take out key players early.
  • Enacting lurks and flank plays to strike the backbone of the team.
  • Full stacking on Eco Rounds to take out maximum firepower of enemies.

Managing to raise your skill ceiling to Version1 level can seem like a challenge but consistency can get you there. Follow the below-given tips to quickly Rank Up in your Valorant games.

Top Version1 Gameplay Tips

  • Avoid planting the spike at common locations but retain a window for post plant defense.
  • Playing deep positions during the post-plant or for a retake can be a rewarding gamble.
  • Anchor the spike site with a Duelist in tow or vicinity should be backed by Controller Abilities.
  • Hold defensive positions instead of making aggro plays to bait out the opponent’s abilities.

5. Sentinels

The undisputed champions of the Valorant NA region Sentinels, unfortunately, didn’t make it to VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022. However, it does not detain their ranking because they have been the first team in the history of Valorant eSports to win a Series on LAN.

Famous players like Zombs, Dapr, Sick, Shahzam & TenZ form the Sentinels Roster, each masterful at playing every Valorant Agent. But that’s not what makes them the best. It’s their synergy and implementation that set them apart.

VCT NA Teams

While major credits go to the IGL ShahZam for accurately reading the enemies, their teamwork as a unit remains unmatched to date. Here’s what makes them acquire thrifty and flawless rounds after round.

  • Autonomy in staying vigilant for clearing angles.
  • Playing aggressively to overwhelm the opponents.
  • Reading the stacking and abilities usage patterns of enemies.
  • Anticipating unfolding outcomes countering them on-the-fly.
  • Unpredictability in terms of enacting the craziest tactical plays.

To match up to the Sentinels gameplay, you need to be familiar with Map geometry, among other things as stated below.

Top Sentinels Gameplay Tips

  • Acquire first blood(s) but approach in pairs.
  • Retain the Mid-Map Control at all times.
  • Use Valorant Agent abilities to bait enemy utilities.
  • Practicing flick shots and headshot accuracy.
VCT NA Teams

Easy Valorant VCT NA Teams Gameplay Tips

One may find plenty of gameplay tips of the Valorant NA region to be similar to the EU region. However, the NA region teams prefer being indulgent and aggressive with their Valorant abilities, setting them apart from any other region.

Best NA Tier-S Valorant VCT Teams Gameplay Tips

  • Retaining map control is the key factor assisting the Optic Gaming gameplay across Valorant Maps.
  • Picking battles selectively makes The Guard gameplay exceedingly difficult to bait at any moment.
  • Accuracy of landing the shots drives the Cloud9 gameplay, backed by their habit to keep pushing the enemies.
  • Planning two steps ahead or making calculative plays assist the Version 1 gameplay in successfully dismantling full-stack situations.
  • Executing out-of-the-book tactics using Agents’ abilities besides reading the enemy is the bedrock of the Sentinels gameplay.

The Takeaway

In 2022, the VCT NA Teams emerged as fiercely competitive & increasingly creative in securing Valorant eSports games. By stepping aside from their previously typical Valorant NA gameplay style, the competition class of NA teams has risen to meet their EU rivals head-on.

So, don’t forget to catch all the action on the official YouTube & Twitch Valorant Page and visit us to get the best Valorant Tips. GLHF!

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