VCT SEA Teams: Where Are They in VCT SEA Schedule 2022?

The Valorant professional eSports gaming events have amassed a massive social fan following with the help of its Valorant Community. The previous year’s VCT Champions 2021 event saw amazing teams battle each other toe to toe for the Champions title. But, where were the VCT SEA teams?

What is VCT SEA in Valorant?

Global Valorant gaming is composed of different regions for competitive and server access reasons. Hence the VCT SEA term exists in the Valorant pro eSports gaming world, referring to South East Asia Gaming. It forms a part of the Asia Pacific region teams – the APAC Valorant Teams.

Their VCT Challengers’ team performances have been notably good but still nowhere near what the EU & NA region teams have shown. Alongside this, there have also been other newer events like the VCT Game Changers SEA tournaments.

The winners of such tournaments who make it beyond the VCT Challenger Series would make it into the VLCT Champions 2022 games event(s). But, in the meantime, isn’t it odd to hear less of them? Not really.

Primarily, most featurettes cover news and updates regarding teams from the EU or EMEA & NA and LATAM region because of their rivalries with other eSports titles. Still, the following teams from the APAC region have made a household name for themselves in the Valorant professional eSports gaming scene:

  • Paper Rex (Singapore)
  • XERXIA ESports (Thailand)
  • Boom ESports (Indonesia)
  • Velocity Gaming (India)
  • Enigma Gaming (India)
  • And so on.

Check out the full list here.

Which Are the 15 Top VCT SEA Teams?

You can check the list of the top SEA teams using the above link. The website is also useful for looking up news and learning about the VCT Challengers event brackets among others.

The current Ranking for the Top SEA Teams is as follows:

  1. ZETA Division
  2. Paper Rex
  3. DRX
  4. XERXIA Esports
  5. X10 Crit
  6. Team Secret
  7. Boom Esports
  8. Bleed Esports
  9. Enigma Gaming
  10. Global Esports
  11. Velocity Gaming
  13. Crazy Raccoon
  14. South Built Esports
  15. Edward Gaming

For viewing a complete list of teams for the APAC region and their performance rankings in-depth, please visit this link. Don’t forget to click on the team name to view their complete performance and ranking profile.

Will SEA Stage Matches bring a VCT Masters Winner?

To confirm that the outcome of the VCT SEA Stage Matches brings a global champion would be too optimistic. It’s not that these teams don’t have what it takes to take on the Tier-S teams in Valorant eSports Global gaming; it’s just that the competition has gotten a lot fierce and challenging over time.

So Where are the SEA teams?

Presently, the VCT SEA or APAC (AP) region Valorant teams are gearing up for the VCT Champions Tour Stage 2: Challengers Group Stage matches.

So, you can keep an eye out for your favorite SEA teams by checking the VCT Schedule. Its progression(brackets) could help you discern which teams might make it, as you parallelly Livestream the VCT matches on platforms like Twitch & YouTube.

Final Words

The VCT Global Professional eSports gaming events are incomplete without the participation of the VCT SEA teams. Moreover, earlier in Feb 2022, Riot Games Inc. did declare that the VCT SEA region teams will hold two spots in the annual VCT Champions event.

Hence, prepare yourself for beholding the ultimate Valorant eSPorts championship of the greatest in September 2022. Until then, Happy Gaming!

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