Blitz gg Valorant Game Tracker Website Overview!

Valorant gaming has been crossing milestones since its release, and it recently crossed over ~1.5m daily active Valorant Players. With all these players, the competition to score the Valorant Ascendant & Valorant Radiant Rank must be high! Hence, to assist your Valorant gameplay, the Blitz gg Valorant has a special offering!

What is Blitz GG Valorant?

Blitz GG Valorant is a website service that tracks game performance statistics of Valorant servers across various regions. Additionally, the Blitz gg offers a proprietary desktop application that can track the game performance of all the Riot Games.

Discord owns the Blitz App and should not be confused with the popular Valorant game tracker website!

The website service offers a variety of Valorant game data, such as Valorant Champs Agent pick rate, map picks, etc. But there’s more that can be useful for the budding Valorant eSports competitive players!

Blitz gg Valorant

Blitz GG Valorant Tracker Features Overview

The website service offers audiences a glimpse into the valorant player stats and other helpful material. Using the data can make it possible to improve your Valorant gameplay performance to escape the Valorant Elo Hell.

• Valorant Stats Data

Valorant players can treat themselves with the Valorant game data regarding Maps, Agents, and Weapons. All of it is fetched from the worldwide Valorant servers, which you can filter to suit your criteria.

Get Valorant Agent wise KDA, Win%, ACS, FIrst Blood%, etc. stats or Map wise Atk Round Win% and Matches data. All such data is also accessible for Valorant weapons, with the Valorant EP & ACT filter applicable across the board.

• Valorant Leaderboard Data

Avid fans of Valorant eSports VCT games can find their favorite and top Valorant players by accessing the Blitz Leaderboard. It reflects the player rank, RR and Matches played data, which can be filtered by region. So, hurry up and check out the top Valorant Radiants across NA, AP, BR, EU, KR, and LATAM regions!

• Valorant Gameplay Guides

Beginner Valorant players or those who are hard-stuck on a Valorant rank can use the assistive guides to improve their mistakes. From playing aggressively to playing push and defense on different map areas across all seven Valorant maps, it can all be researched using the Blitz Valorant Guide.

Furthermore, Valorant players who want to get the most out of their game and look forward to improving their game performance can do so by downloading the Blitz GG App.

Blitz gg Valorant

Blitz GG Valorant Tracker: Desktop Software Overview

After the website, the Blitz App is one of the most useful tools in the biz, especially for Valorant Players. Anyone looking to improve their game could download the app, which adds to Valorant Game features.

Note: The Blitz App does not offer any hack tools, aimbots, or any similarly performing functionality that goes against the Riot Games Inc. guidelines & rules.

Blitz App supports nearly all of the Riot Games, but for Valorant Players, it holds a definite significance. For starters, Valorant pro esports champions like Sick, Wardell, and ScreaM use the Blitz app to quantify their game performance.

• Map, Agent & Weapon Stats

Ever wondered about your accuracy with your Valorant Weapon on a certain map? The Blitz app can offer valorant stats, including data from parameters like first blood percentage, win ratio, and more.

Get elaborate reports on your Valorant agent pick rate, win rate, map win rate, MMR valorant weapons stats, and other details by using the Blitz app while playing Valorant.

Personal Valorant Performance Stats

Get a detailed report on your valorant player stats across different game modes like Spike rush, Unrated, Competitive, etc. It’s all accessible even without running the game. However, you will need to run the game to record it in the first place.

You can compare your valorant stats with pro Valorant players like Scream, Sick, etc. And get closer to realizing our Valorant esports career dream by using the Blitz app to track your gameplay.

Post-Match Performance Analysis

After a victory, there can be some key aspects you can improve in your next Valorant games. The Blitz app offers you to work on them by allowing you to access its Post-Match analysis feature.

The analysis will report everything from your Valorant bullet spray spread to bullets fired and every detail you can think of within the valorant stats.

Video Guide

After everything is said and done, you can also use the Video Guide to learn by seeing how the Pro Valorant Players make their moves. Get HD Valorant players’ feed of classic plays, ACE moments, and more by accessing the Guide, which can solve your Split Attacker problem, or your Defender Breeze map issues.

Interactive Gameplay Maps

Beyond offering guides and Valorant player stats, the Blitz app can also bring you one-to-one combat chances! Its interactive maps are designed to challenge you so that you can make the best of the Blitz app!

Blitz gg Valorant

» Blitz Pro Overview

Valorant Players who want to get more out of the already useful Blitz App can subscribe to the Pro version. It offers a handful of exclusives totally worth the cost, depending on how much you play Valorant.

The Blitz Pro App offers the following additional advantages and features over the Blitz Lite Free version:

  • One week Free + $2.99 / month
  • Link 2 Riot ID Valorant Accounts
  • Ads-Free Access
  • Spray Control Overlay
  • Statistics Overlay
  • Advanced Performance Analysis

Alternates to Blitz GG Valorant Tracker

Although numerous websites and game tracker applications are available, only a couple can do the job. For instance, not all of them can offer both Valorant stats tracking and interactive guides.

Hence, check out these alternatives to Blitz App, which can help you improve your aim and track stats like valorant champs agent pick rate, etc.

→ VLR.GG Valorant Game Tracker

The blitz gg valorant website does not offer to check the Valorant esports game brackets. Hence, the VLR.GG website can be your go-to destination for checking upcoming, ongoing, and past Valorant match results. You can also navigate the website to find detailed Valorant player stats to learn who the top Valorant player is across the different regions.

→ Aimlab

Get all the valorant player stats tailored to your Valorant game performance using Aimlab, boasting its native Valorant support. No, it does not offer insights such as valorant champs agent pick rate, etc., but it can provide you with simulation environments to train your aim. As per its name, the software offers you scenarios and settings to improve your aim.

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The Takeaway

The Blitz App is a wonderful tool for tracking valorant stats, with its blitz gg valorant website proving handy for looking up data on the game. However, its purpose is better utilized by recording gameplay for obtaining complete valorant player stats analysis. Still, be sure to check its alternatives at least once. Happy Gaming!


Who is Blitz GG owned by?

Discord acquired the Blitz app on November 6, 2018, which has a funding of $3.6 million across eight investors. Valorant esports professionals and enthusiasts mainly use the Blitz gg Valorant app to track and analyze their performance.

Does Blitz GG record gameplay?

Blitz App can record gameplay, but it only supports game titles by Riot Games Inc. Moreover, it’s necessary to keep the App running in the background while your Valorant game is in progress. Doing so will let the app record your Valrorant Gameplay for analysis.

Is Blitz a good app?

Besides offering Valorant player stats and performance tracing features, the app can also let players participate in Blitz Competitive tournaments! While the payout isn’t much, the app is good and features plenty of helpful tracking features, which are enhanced in its Blitz Pro version.

Is Blitz GG considered cheating?

Blitz App states on its official website that it complies with the complete Riot Games Inc. guidelines. Therefore, the Blitz App users will not get banned as it does not offer unfair in-game advantages, nor does it do anything except track and record game performance.

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