Blitz gg Valorant Game Tracker Website Overview!

Valorant has more than 5 million daily active players, of which over 43% of players are in the Low ELO. The Blitz GG Valorant platform offers great tools to analyze gameplay and more to help these players and others.

What is Blitz GG Valorant?

Blitz GG Valorant ( is a website offering Valorant game stats tracking services. It fetches data from Valorant servers across regions to depict player data and other game stats. Blitz GG also offers a desktop application that live tracks players’ game performance.

Discord owns the Blitz App and should not be confused with the popular Valorant game tracker website!

The Blitz Valorant tracker is useful in multiple ways to global players by providing them access to their gameplay data. Players can use the website to check or track their Valorant Agent pick rate, map win rate, weapon accuracy, and other metrics. But that’s not all! The budding Valorant eSports players can get much more from the website!

Blitz gg Valorant

Blitz GG Valorant Tracker Features Overview

The data from Blitz Valorant enables players to get a bird’s eye view of their Valorant gameplay stats. Players can use the provided info to identify areas where they need to improve their performance. It makes Blitz GG an excellent tool for players who want to escape the Valorant LOW ELO Hell and for coaches.

Blitz GG Valorant Stats Data

Valorant players can access game data on Agents, Maps, and Weapons used in different Acts. It is also possible to filter the data based on sub-stats like KDA, ACS, First Blood Count, Win Rate, HS Percentage, etc. What’s even better is that all such data can also be accessed from the desktop app. The Blitz Valorant Tracker also lets you check the game stats of other Valorant players!

Blitz GG Valorant Valorant Leaderboard Data

The Valorant eSports VCT games fans can use Blitz GG to find stats of their favorite and top Valorant players by accessing the Blitz Leaderboard. It displays data like the player rank, RR, and Matches played, which can be filtered by region. So, hurry up and check out the top Valorant Radiants across NA, AP, BR, EU, KR, and LATAM regions!

Blitz GG Valorant Valorant Gameplay Guides

Beginners new to Valorant and anyone that is hard-stuck at a Rank can access the Blitz GG guides to discover new tactics. The Collective Guide offers great tips for playing different maps and agents and using weapons correctly. You can also expect the Guide to feature newly released Valorant maps and agents to learn them well to gain the advantage.

If you have downloaded and installed Blitz GG on your system, you can directly upload your own Gameplay guides from your PC! The global players can then visit your profile to check the Guide and learn from you!

Blitz gg Valorant

Blitz GG Valorant Tracker: Desktop Software Overview

The Blitz GG desktop app makes it easy to track all your game stats in one place, which you can also use to access the platform. As of now, the desktop supports all Riot Games, so it’s handy if you also play other games and want to check your stats within them.

Note: The Blitz GG App is not a hack tool, aimbot, or any similar add-on. Its use does not violate the Riot Games Guidelines & Rules.

Map, Agent & Weapon Stats

If you have doubts about your accuracy in your gameplay, then the Blitz app can help you check where your shots land. The data can also be classified on a map basis, in addition to tracking your Win Rate on maps like Bind, Split, Breeze, Fracture, Pearl, etc.

Players can also check out their Agent pick-win rates for these maps to see which role suits them better. Of course, all this can also be checked per Valorant Act, game mode, and so on.

Blitz GG Valorant Personalized Stats

If you have not installed the desktop app, you can still get a detailed report of your game stats. Just visit Blitz GG and access all your stats data in one place!

It is advised to install the app on your desktop to get more personalized data. Doing so enables the tool to track your stats in real-time, which you can also compare against the stats of pro players like  ScreaM, leaf, and others.

Blitz GG Valorant Post-Match Analysis

It is vital to analyze your post-match data to learn what was good and which areas you need to improve. Luckily, you can access the running Blitz GG desktop app to get its special Post-Match analysis. The reports you can obtain from it will cover everything from your bullet spray spread to your best rounds, ACS per round, and more!

The Video Guide in HD by Blitz GG can help you learn how the Pro Valorant Players make their clutch moves. Accessing the Guide can provide you with clips of classic plays, ACE moments, and more – all of which can help you add to the tactics you should try.

Interactive Gameplay Maps

Did you know you can solve the Split Attacker problem or the Defender Breeze map issues using Blitz GG? It’s true! The desktop app can also be used to access maps with interactive feedback. Regular use of this feature can help you learn new lineups, survival tips, and more!

Blitz gg Valorant

Blitz Pro Overview

When you subscribe to the Pro version, you can get more out of the Blitz app. It brings you more benefits, features, and exclusive advantages over the Blitz Lite Free version at $2.99/month!

The Blitz Pro App offers the following additional advantages and features over the Blitz Lite Free version:

  • Link 2+ Riot ID Valorant Accounts
  • Ads-Free Access
  • Spray Control Overlay
  • Statistics Overlay
  • Advanced Performance Analysis
  • And More

Alternatives of Blitz GG Valorant Tracker

Plenty of websites and game tracker apps are available in the market, but not all can offer the same experience of tracking Valorant stats. Even fewer can offer game guides and other useful resources at the same time. But, two apps or services can rival or substitute Blitz GG in certain aspects.

VLR.GG Valorant Game Tracker

The popular VLR.GG website is already a favorite choice of millions for checking Valorant esports game brackets. But you can also use it to track stats of global pro eSports teams and players, other than using it to check map results and upcoming VCT events and matches. In comparison, the Blitz GG Valorant website does not offer the latter.


It needs no introduction, but Aimlab is a well-known solution to get Valorant stats and is officially supported by Riot Games. It may not offer as many insights into your stats from past Acts, but it can help you improve your game mechanics. The simulated maps and challenges can help you improve your name, true to its name and identity.

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The Takeaway

The Blitz App can help you in various ways if you play Valorant, be it solo or in a team. Its ability to offer game data and player stats makes it a good companion to get complete analysis in one place. So, for Valorant players, the Blitz GG Valorant Tracker can help you know what is your best and where you lack to get better at the game.


Who own Blitz GG?

Discord acquired the Blitz app on November 6, 2018, which has a funding of $3.6 million across eight investors. Valorant esports pros mainly use the Blitz GG Valorant app to track, analyze, and study their performance.

Does Blitz GG record gameplay?

Blitz App can record gameplay, but as of now, it only supports Riot Games. Users are requested to keep the Blitz GG App running in the background when playing Valorant to record their gameplay.

Is Blitz a good app?

The Blitz app offers users to check their game stats in detail and access training features to get better at the game. It also lets players participate in Blitz Competitive tournaments, among other benefits, which can be unlocked with Blitz Pro. Overall, it is a good app for players globally.

Is Blitz GG considered cheating?

The Blitz App’s official website states that its use complies with the Riot Games guidelines. So, the Blitz App users should not get banned since it does not offer in-game advantages. The app only tracks the game and records gameplay to calculate performance stats.

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