Valorant Points Giveaway: Real or Fake?

Everyone likes to get the newest Valorant Skin, whether it belongs to the Valorant Battlepass or the Gun Bundle release. But who has enough VP to purchase them all, especially when you’re neither a full-time live streamer nor a Valorant pro esports personality? Don’t worry because a few legit valorant points giveaway participation can earn you some VP easily!

Valorant Points Giveaway

What are Valorant Points?

The Valorant game uses two types of currencies within the game, namely Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP). Apart from this, the players receive their in-game currency during their match rounds, which should not be confused with VP or RP.

The Valorant Points or VP help players purchase Valorant Store items like Valorant Gun Bundle, Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Valorant Sprays, etc. Players could also use the VP they own to unlock agent contracts besides spending them in the Daily Offers section of the store for purchasing Valorant Gun Skins at a discount.

Lastly, anyone can exchange their Valorant Points to get RP, which is ultimately used to purchase weapon upgrades like animation, VFX & SFX effects, and Finishers. Hence, valorant players are always looking to participate in free valorant points giveaway events.

Safe & Official Free Valorant Points Giveaway(s) for Max VP!

The Valorant game has already crossed the $1 billion revenue mark by the end of its first year. As it continues to grow popular each month, offering exclusive Valorant Vandal Skins & Phantom Skins in succession with new Valroant Patch updates, more people want to get their hands on VP.

So, what are your options to secure free Valorant Points without indulging in shady means? Check them out below!

Valorant Points Giveaway

→ Free Valorant Points Giveaway on Discord

Being a Valorant Player and not using discord may be unique to those who unfortunately don’t have friends in the same region. Regardless, plenty of Discord Communities exist that you can join to acquaint yourself with the local players in your country.

Besides, numerous Discord communities often host exclusive valorant points giveaway discord weekly or monthly events. So be sure to look into those, and you can reach out on the Reddit Valorant Community to help you find some!

Valorant Points Giveaway

→ Free Valorant Points Giveaway on Twitch

Twitch is a global live-streaming platform where viewers can watch their favorite broadcasters play PC, Xbox, PS, and other games. The Valorant community on Twitch represents over 46% of Valorant Players globally, so you can ideally follow top Valorant Game Streaming Personalities and pro eSports players like 100T Bang, 100T Asuna, and others.

Often players like Hiko and others have been known to feature giveaways, but there’s more! Twitch is also the official Valroant eSports broadcast partner, which lets its viewers receive exclusive Valorant drops, i.e., cosmetic Valroant collectibles!

Valorant Points Giveaway

→ Free Valorant Points Giveaway on YouTube

Like Twitch, Valorant gaming on YouTube is also pretty popular in regions other than NA and EU. Hence, numerous YouTube Valorant Streamers and Valorant Content Creators host free Valorant points giveaways or Valorant Battlepass giveaways. Thus, do look into the famous Valorant Gaming personalities who live-stream on YouTube in your country to get a chance to win free VP!

→ Free Valorant Points Giveaway via Third-Parties

When you face difficulties making Valorant Store purchases for VP, you can use third-party websites to receive VP. However, it’s not an officially supported mode by Riot Games Inc. to purchase VP even though it works. Some common examples of such websites are CodaShop, MTCgame, etc.

Caution: Risks of Fake Valorant Points Giveaway Scams!

While you want to get your hands on VP, you must not forget the risks that lurk around it. Giving away your Riot ID information is strictly prohibited according to the Terms and Conditions of Valroant game and Riot Games Inc.

If you attempt to get yourself in trouble, Riot Games Inc. will take the following actions against your Riot ID account. But, you can always write to the Valorant Support team by raising a ticket to attempt to recover your account.

→ Lost Valorant Profile Access

Never participate in valorant points giveaway discord events asking you for your Riot ID and password. Leaking this confidential information equals selling your Valorant or Riot ID account, which is a punishable offense within both the game and legally in the real world.

→ Valorant Profile Ban

Another penalty that you might face by leaking your Riot ID and Password to non-trustable sites is that you can receive a Soft ban or a Permanent Ban. Most likely, a permanent ban cannot and will not be lifted once levied. So please be cautious of entering Free Valorant Points Giveaway events to prevent losing access to your prized Valorant Account!

The Takeaway

If you cannot get your hands on the latest Valorant Gun Skins at their release price or want to get Valorant skins at a discount, you should await the arrival of the Valorant Night Market. Otherwise, you can participate in free giveaways, but only those hosted by known/verified personalities and organizations. Happy Gaming!


Can you get Valroant Points for free?

The Valorant Community and many Reddit members claim to have received approximately 50 VP after contacting their Support Desk. In most cases, players have submitted Valorant artworks, which have earned them such rewards. Another way is to participate in the plenty of valorant points giveaways hosted by global Valorant streaming personalities on Discord, YouTube, or Twitch.

How much is 50$ worth of Valorant points?

Spending $50 in the Valorant VP Store can get a valorant player up to 4750 VP depending on their player server region. It includes the Bonus purchase reward of 600 VP.

How much Valorant points is $25?

The premium currency in Valroant is known as Valorant Points (VP), which lets players purchase store items. For spending a sum of $20, depending on the player region, they can get up to 1900 VP credits. Some websites also sell them separately but beware of scammers luring with valorant points giveaway asking about your Riot ID and password.

Can you ask Riot for VP?

For earning a free Valorant Points Giveaway, you can ‘Submit’ a Ticket by visiting Please create a ticket under the General section and submit it with a feasible reason to have the VP credits. Afterward, you should check your emails to see if your ticket has been solved.

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